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  1. Kenny is never dropped! We all should know that by now.
  2. Indeed. There was a time when it looked like he might turn out to be a decent defensive midfielder… And then Wagner decided he was a no. 10!
  3. We might as well have signed Brian Fart.
  4. Though in Rose’s case his ankle injury was picked up at England U21 training, so NCFC can’t really be blamed for that…
  5. Both, to a certain extent. But probably more the inflexible tactics.
  6. Another rumour I’ve heard is Jack Wilshere, current head of Arsenal U18s - and obviously well-known to Knapper.
  7. According to the EDP Lampard is our man if we get rid of Wagner. Words fail me.
  8. ‘Delia’s Gone’ by Johnny Cash.
  9. I’d rather try Warner and Batth than our current pairing.
  10. So far this signing does have something of a Raymond de Waard feel about it…
  11. I’m not sure that three fixtures against Leeds, Saints, Sunderland means we can call it an “incredibly kind start”. Sadly, it’s more like a dream start…
  12. Are there any potentially gettable young attacking Premier players who we might realistically get in on loan?
  13. The blinder won't come against Newcastle this time around though!
  14. You know that it’s normal not to be fully up to speed when you start a new job, right? And it’s not like he’s in charge of the Large Hadron Collider or something, so if he fecks up the West Ham score the world is unlikely to end…
  15. Such a poetic turn of phrase you have!
  16. Why? Premier Bournemouth is a step up from us. It’s up to him to show what he can do in that league third time around.
  17. You really haven't. He would've been a good signing for you.
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