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  1. My pick : Gunn Stacey Duffy Gibson McCallum Rowe McClean Nunez Sainz Sara Sargeant
  2. Im guessing as it stands its looking like January transfer windows wasn't as successful as we would have hoped. Selling Placheta now looks a mistake as no fit out and out wingers left in squad if Sainz is out for 4 games. Idah v Van H - i'd rather have Idah off the bench right now. Poor Danny Baath really should have been moved on , even Sorenson is now in front of him in pecking order. Kamara and Tzolis .... maybe would have been worth looking at them being recalled. Thoughts ?
  3. Anyone know if we have a sell on clause ? https://www.teamtalk.com/leeds-united/leeds-united-daniel-farke-norwich-milot-rashica
  4. 18 Games played this season. 9 Goals , 3 assists . in this current climate and with his pedigree/ previous price tags 7-8 million euros seems about right maybe even cheap.
  5. Lets enjoy that , nervy at points but we deserved that. Josh made that red card and took the advantage . Is sara better forward ? I dont think we have seen his best the few games in that support role but lets see. mccallum starts against QPR for me. I like the look of Van H . Give him more minutes please. Jack Stacey needs throw in training . Wagner’s at the wheel again !
  6. Pinkun have discredited this …..but they have done that before 🥵. would make sense to try and cash out on him , can we see him signing a new norwich contract ? I cant see the club offering him similar terms
  7. Just saw this doing the rounds on twitter.I’d take the 5 million but looks like an agent fishing to me. Then again I thought the same thing about Idah to Italy initially . Transfer speculation is hotting up !
  8. If this is true it might explain Rowe not being upto scratch during Leeds / giving ball away etc. agent tells him put a performance in etc as scouts will be watching at Leeds and pressure got to him.
  9. Leeds don't like the direct approach. Sara has been a bit quiet today , 10 mins more 2nd Half if not swap for idah or barnes and start pelting that ball towards the front.
  10. Placheta sold , Baath sold , Fisher loaned Center back and Right Back loaned in. i’d also like to see Barner and Gibson sold but doubt there’s anyone out there who would want to take these big wages on .
  11. Forshaw , Hwang and Springett out … thats something. I think you’ll find we have to sell / discard before we can make any changes. Calm down and enjoy the game today.
  12. There is evidently a huge chasm between the rhetoric of the football club and what is actually happening on the pitch. Zoe Webber is still stating in match day programs that promotion is ultimate aim this season. Peal back the layers and it’s difficult to back this up. I beg you to find one other championship club who would have kept with Wagner with his two major losing streaks. Personally with the play offs being realistic achievement at the end of last season the end form / mood of the crowd should of seen him go then. But he didn't and we have suffered similar lapses in form and even worse quality in football this season. Whats different ? In the past Norwich have afforded managers time but eventually the crowd turns (Dean Smith , Worthington … even Alex Neil to a degree) and the club hold their hands and twist. But the club haven’t done it this time with two very clear opportunities , why ? I think its not down to not Delia and co but the rhetoric coming from our new american co-owners . Mark Attanisio stated during the AGM his reluctance to sack managers likening the role of manager to that of a ceo company. With some investment made already I believe they are now calling the shots for better or for worse based on this mad behaviour of Wagner still being in a job / style of football. Ben Knapper I believe has his hands tied in sacking manager as this is coming from the top. This is the only reason I can think of why we are still in this position. I like Wagner as a person but football has been awful. I don’t think he is getting the boot anytime soon so all we can do is get behind them team.
  13. https://sportsmintmedia.com/norwich-city-fc-announce-dinos-famous-as-official-club-partner/
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