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  1. I think this is the best bet. I''ve seen Josh play some development games as those art doing him any good and not helping him develop . To be fair he just really rusty - he needs to go out on loan and play football week in week out. Then we can judge him.
  2. Well now Adams has gone , maybe we should? Cant be any worse then what we have got right now. Basing // Turner // Bennet . Marts where he should be and Garrido // Ollson competing left back. Send that Miquel on loan to barnet or dover , just don''t let him play again on the left side of defense.
  3. For no reason other then to hurt Watford :) Every goal he helps stop watford concede is a hammer to us. Let him rot in reserves now he''s made is point , play him in our first team or sell him to a non championship but for god sake lets not help out our promotion rivals anymore.
  4. That formation in fist half was more effective then the 442 in 2nd half. stick to that and swap round some personal- mainly defense.
  5. I was at the game on tuesday night. We tried 4-4-2 in 2nd half. It was a COMPLETE disaster. worse then the first half - far worse.
  6. Well lets state the obvious. The people who are complaining are probably the ones sat at home watching the game from the telly. The reason you couldn''t hear the crowd is that sky have dubbed the crowd sound levels to avoid any unsavory chants filtering through live. Pretty simple...
  7. Remember this ? http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/sunderland-field-ineligible-player-relegation-threatened-side-will-not-face-points-deduction-for-playing-ji-dongwon-9236870.html . Sunderland fielded him for 4 games and a got small fine. Legia Walsaw do it and they automatically forfeit their game against Celtic 3-0. Apply the Legia Walsaw decision and Sunderland would have been deducted 12 points and been relegated. FIFA & UEFA need to come up with clearer guidelines . Bring on the championship.
  8. If your that unhappy don''t come to games , let those of us who want to see the team go. Boo from the back of your couch. Im stick of this attitude. lot of us had this reaction with Lambert. Give the man a chance , shut up and get behind the team. OTBC
  9. I was underwhelmed completely at this appointment BUT we need to get behind the team now. No more booing// silence // murmuring at carrow road.Lets get behind the boys this season and give them the best chance of going up by making Carrow Road a cauldron where championship clubs don''t want to come to. Its done lets move on. Maybe well see Paul McVeigh come in to help? He was Adams Irene Drury during the FA CUP youth wining year, played could do with some mental coaching along side the physical for what will be a long championship season. OTBC.
  10. Seems he isn''t part of the United next coaching team , been their u21s manager for a fair bit. Good links to the game , attacking football. Ok experience is their but would be hungry and eager to prove himself . Remeber what a hungry roy keane did for sunderland in the championship? With the right assistant - a ray wilkins type? could work? Just a thought
  11. :) gotta be better then ricky van petulant hamster
  12. whats the difference of being on the field and when on the field?
  13. to be fair was getting sick of all the managerial threads // useless players // why didnt we sign anyone in january :)
  14. I would take him for a season, proven goalscorer and would rip the championship apart. Him and Hooper. Just a thought :) Might get him on a cheeky loan.....
  15. Probably doesn''t help that my 2nd team is GERS.
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