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  1. Yeah possibly, he should have invested when we were pushing for promotion. Norwich have achieved with youth development or very good purchases without Delia spending huge amounts, and to me there lies the problem, Roy Keane cleared out our potential and spent unwisely.
  2. Its hugely surprising how Lambert has struggled, I strongly believe tactical he is poor, and his attitude and stubbornness doesn't help. However I feel the club has something bigger to deal with. Mcgoldrick has gone on to score in the Premier league and Mings a frankly average player for Ipswich is now an England player, neither of which managed by Lambert. Its lazy to moan about the Norwich connection, but the club has been struggling since our play off losses to West ham, its a long way back now.
  3. Its celebrating a player that made 2 appearances for you that I find strange, yes we're sxxt but come on.
  4. Sounds like straw clutching to me, 2 appearances????
  5. How Watford beat Liverpool and Norwich beat Man City is beyond me. Apart from the goals, championship level
  6. I genuinely believe Norwich will stay up, and Brighton will be relegated.
  7. He looked a little lost, the Leicester forwards didn't help though, poor offerings, Norwich defended well, and deserved the win.
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