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  1. How Watford beat Liverpool and Norwich beat Man City is beyond me. Apart from the goals, championship level
  2. I genuinely believe Norwich will stay up, and Brighton will be relegated.
  3. He looked a little lost, the Leicester forwards didn't help though, poor offerings, Norwich defended well, and deserved the win.
  4. Do you consider his performance good tonight?? I didn't make a derogatory comment about Norwich, but believe he was well below par.
  5. Maddison 60% at best!! Just proves that he hasn't got a professional cutting edge, hopefully he doesn't feature in the euro's!
  6. I had us 5th at the start of the season, although I thought Norwich would finish at least a couple of places above relegation, so what do I know.
  7. Nice to see Conor finding some form again
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