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  1. The aircraft that took the squad up to Manchester is now scheduled to depart back to Norwich at 1400 tomorrow instead of 2300, so I would say that confirms it.
  2. I think the 'King' part will be fine, but 'her' to 'him' will be troublesome! I think one guy near me still sings Worthy's Green Army.
  3. Standing on the terrace having a moment of reflection followed by singing the national anthem vs staying at home and most likely doing some DIY on the house. I know which one is more patriotic and what should be the case, but imagine it will end up being the latter. RIP Your Magesty.
  4. Far from a fool. He signed wee Billy at Brighton, so that's one less issue for him to solve at Chelsea!
  5. Championship is only paused for the group stages.
  6. I think there should be an extended window for these players to be loaned. Just a few days, a week maybe, after the 25 man squads are initially announced.
  7. The three minute videos in YouTube from Sky are great.
  8. I can remember watching the away leg of the Milan game at school too.
  9. As a season ticket holder that can't routinely get to midweek games, I'd like to see the option to get a free stream instead of the potential for £15 if the club can resell my ticket.
  10. The strike on the 30th is unlikely to have the same impact as the one a few weeks back or the 27th, but I'd still be very cautious of attempting to go by train.
  11. Don't think the club will be able to show any Championship matches in the UK, Sky have exclusive rights.
  12. It reminded me very much of our 7-0 win over Huddersfield in the crazy April snow towards the end of our last promotion season.
  13. The woman's game has improved a lot since the top leagues in Europe went professional. I'll certainly watch it if it's on, I thought last night England were a little overwhelmed by the occasion, but a win is a win, and the men's team have often struggled in the first group match of a tournament. I've got tickets for the final at Wembley, it should be a great occasion whoever makes it, but really looking forward to taking the kids to the (new) home of football, something I certainly wouldn't do for the men's senior team.
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