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  1. You must remember our defence trains week in, week out against our strike force, it's no surprise that they are flat footed.
  2. 4-0 win, just have a strange feeling it will all come together tonight.
  3. From what I understand (and this is from an exceptionally reliable source), Culverhouse and Karsa ran the show Monday to Thursday with Lambert often not even in East Anglia until Friday. It was the perfect combination of the tactical nous of Culverhouse and the motivational leadership of Lambert that brought the success. Karsa just helped to pull it all together, he was Lambert's eyes at Colney during the week. At the time Ian had no interest to manage, he was very happy as Lambert's number two and as outlined above by Kingsway he saw a future as the next Mike Phelan (to Lambert as Ferguson), in the background but known to everyone as the brains behind the success. It was only after the falling out that Culverhouse decided he needed to try to make a go of it as a manager and this took him outside his comfort zone. He didn't want to be talking to the media, or being the one to motivate a team, but Kings Lynn was the perfect way to start this. My source tells me that he'd love to manage Norwich one day and that the feeling is mutual from the club. He's very well respected in the boardroom at Carrow Road.
  4. Whilst there is the BT App on NowTV, you need a BT Sports Month pass to get access. One account allows two devices to watch simultaneously, so gone halfs with my dad.
  5. There will always be a level of false positives in this sort of screening, hopefully that is the case here. More concerning would be a case of mistaken identity where labeling or the sample got mixed up and we have Player A negative in isolation and Player B positive in team training.
  6. Makes me wonder if a sample could have been mixed up!
  7. I thought it was happening, the staggered kick off times means that there is space for everyone to socially distance themselves at VAR HQ in Stockley Park.
  8. I'm guessing the argument is the regular testing makes track and trace style isolation unnecessary, however until a set of clear results are received it could be a wise approach for a club to take with the rest of the squad.
  9. This is where things could start to get interesting. I'd imagine the results released today are from tests performed on Thursday. There is a very good chance that the player, if asymptomatic, played against Spurs yesterday and would have put quite a few people at risk. Results from the next round of tests, both for City and Spurs will be interesting.
  10. Not named by the club. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2020/june/club-confirms-positive-test-result-for-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR2oD0K4LKIJ67u2oWdS8VdAdmrvzRkiWbBTblY-QH8jFd7Cd9GhC298PgI
  11. It could also easily be played at Tottenham's training centre in Enfield.
  12. 5 and 3 at the moment, so still a few years to go!
  13. Perfect time, kids in bed and can then watch it in peace!
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