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  1. Live in Wycombe and been out walking most of today in the Chilterns. Compared to a couple of weeks back the ground is much firmer, so hopefully the pitch should be in a decent shape. Just such a shame I can't get to my local game!
  2. This one was always scheduled to be a midweek game, so part of the home season ticket deal.
  3. I believe the seats were from the East Stand at Stamford Bridge. Can only assume that Chelsea decided to replace these with bright blue ones and they old red and dark blue seats were available.
  4. Going to pay £10 tonight for the game as I'd penciled in paying for Swansea and can now watch that on NowTV. The 6pm evening games are perfect timing with a young family. We can watch the first half whilst eating dinner, get the kids ready for bed at halftime, then bedtime stories at full time! Hate 7.45pm as an early bedtime is always a failure with our two, and if the kids stay up they're incredibly ratty by full time. Friday night at 8.15pm, plus with the ability to pause NowTV for 30 minutes, should mean they'll be in bed and (hopefully) asleep so we can watch the game as live.
  5. As anticipated, it's going to be £10 tomorrow night for everyone. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2021/february/how-to-watch-millwall-norwich-city/
  6. Last time I went to a cash machine was on the way to Spurs away in the cup, not sure I'll ever really use cash again!
  7. With the Millwall game originally scheduled to be a Saturday, does anyone know whether the rearranged fixture next week will be included as a free match for Season Ticket holders?
  8. I was born pre-season in late July, so the first competitive victory wasn't for 22 days against Lincoln City in the Football League Group Cup. More recently I can remember that for my son we lost 4-0 the day after he was born, and we didn't pick up a win for 34 days. On the day our daughter was born we were cruising 3-0 up at Elland Road, but ended up drawing 3-3. Can remember Mrs J not sharing quite as much disappointment as me at full time! Was only a short wait for a win, 8 days later we thumped QPR 4-0 at home on the last game of the season.
  9. He also has a good show on Radio 5 in the evening, I believe Monday to Wednesday nights, but possibly now all week. I've had a few exchanges with him on social media over the years and he always comes across as a really decent bloke.
  10. No need for Bournemouth to be cancelled!
  11. I would happily continue to pay if the club was to offer some sort of incentive. For example building up credit with 5% interest that could be used for away tickets or retail once things are back to normal.
  12. It won't be available to purchase on iFollow, however ST holders should still get their complimentary stream.
  13. That would stop me doing my 11pm weekly trip to Tesco! Normally more staff than punters and the few people that are shopping all seem to be sensible about it.
  14. Many clubs are performing regular testing in house, however during w/c 4th January all clubs will have tests performed on behalf of the EFL from what I understand. For the likes of NCFC who I believe test weekly and have good practices I wouldn't expect it to flag many cases, however a number of clubs, especially those in the lower leagues, only follow the standard government guidelines and have those showing symptoms tested, so could pick up many asymptomatic cases.
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