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  1. Matt Juler

    VAR less on Sat

    It's just one of so many variables. The on pitch officials, the weather, injuries, the list is endless... In my mind it would be silly to have the technology at a ground and not use it, so I have no concerns* with it being used if available. It's just the same at Wimbledon for the tennis, only six of the 18 courts have Hawk-Eye, but I don't see people moaning about it like all the fuss VAR / No-VAR is causing. * Just to clarify I have many concerns about VAR regarding the implementation, not the general use of it per-se.
  2. Matt Juler

    VAR less on Sat

    I fail to see why the fact that VAR was used for some games and not for others is causing such a concern to people. All that matters is that their is level playing field for the two teams competing in each match.
  3. Matt Juler

    VAR less on Sat

    The top flight assistants are not flagging for marginal calls, the idea is that VAR will make the decision. Now when they officiate at a VAR-less stadium, they are likely to let things go that they may have called in the past. Alex Neil complained about this in his post-match interview, but it was misinterpreted by the MotD pundits to be a VAR / No-VAR in the FA Cup depending on the stadium comment.
  4. Matt Juler

    F.A Cup

    Pukki ruled out (also a doubt for the Man Utd game).
  5. Matt Juler

    Another VAR question

    Yes, that would be the case. Same if he'd have scored. With the linos told to keep the flag down when it's borderline, the system is completely flawed if a freekick or corner is awarded to the attacking team.
  6. Matt Juler

    Manchester City

    Said the same earlier, he looks 100% Rugby League.
  7. Matt Juler

    Ticket available for Wolves match

    I've just put two tickets on buy-back in the Upper River End, good seats in rows D and E.
  8. Matt Juler

    Do you think we will stay up?

    I came into the season thinking we'd do okay, but at the moment it's very difficult to be confident. With our squad we need 9 or 10 of the 11 to be on their A game every match and the reality is that just isn't going to happen. On our day we can beat anyone, but I can't see us grinding out a messy win, it's all or nothing.
  9. Matt Juler

    Advice on Prime matches

    Whilst on the topic of streaming, if anyone uses an old Xbox360 to stream NowTV, the most recent update to the console has rendered this app no longer available. Checking on the NowTV website, the 360 is no longer a supported device.
  10. Matt Juler

    Advice on Prime matches

    Yes, all you'll need is an Amazon Fire stick, about £20 from Argos or similar. We use ours for iPlayer too, we find the interface much better than through our Youview box.
  11. Matt Juler

    What Exactly Defines A Superfan ?

    Is it one who can look up from their desk and see an AVIVA Fan of the Season trophy gleaming away...
  12. Matt Juler

    Oxford United

    Similar for me, the other direction from Wycombe.
  13. Matt Juler

    Oxford United

    Is that for the bus? All match tickets are pay on the day as far as I'm aware.
  14. Matt Juler

    Oxford United

    Anyone else off to Oxford United tomorrow night for the U21s in the EFL Trophy?
  15. Matt Juler

    What cretin thought

    I also thought it was an odd choice of game to wear the black kit.