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  1. Matt Juler

    Furlough & relegation

    We must also not forget that through the employees contribution of the tax on the players salaries Norwich City are contributing significantly to the income received by the government and thus I feel that they are very much within their rights to make use of this scheme.
  2. Matt Juler

    The current season

    Lowestoft Town were screwed over in a similar way when they were promoted to the National League and ended up in the Northern division. Almost every away trip became an overnight trip and the increase in revenue didn't go close to breaking even.
  3. Matt Juler

    Eddie Howe - wise words

    You'd hope at the meeting today the EPL will come up with a number of scenarios based on when play can resume. It would be silly to place all their eggs in one basket to complete everything by June 30th since as others have said if the situation hasn't changed come 1st May, there's no realistic way to finish the season in that amount of time.
  4. Matt Juler

    Premier League meeting 10.00am today

    This is my prediction on what will happen... With the Qatar World Cup in 2022 due to start in November, I could see displaced seasons being used until then. If the 2019/2020 season starts again in September and runs until the end of October, the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 seasons can run January to October, leading into the 2022 World Cup in November 2022. It would then take a couple of seasons to get things back to the normal August - May by gradually shifting (or there could just be no 2022/23 season). Yes it would mean football during the summer, but we have that anyway with the Euros / World Cups etc..
  5. When was the last time a top flight season didn't finish? I'm guessing 1939 at the start of WW2?
  6. Matt Juler

    First Time to Norwich/Carrow Road

    Where in NC are you from? I've got work connections in RTP and Wilmington. Went to see a NC State basketball match on my last trip.
  7. Matt Juler

    Journey home

    We walked the mile and a half to Tottenham Hale station and only had to queue for about 5 minutes to get on the Victoria Line. I was back at Marylebone station with plenty of time to make my last quick train home to High Wycombe at 00:01.
  8. Matt Juler

    6th Round Tickets.

    With a home league game the weekend before, I'd imagine quite a few exiled fans (like myself) with watch the cup game on the TV. Just need to hope it's a BBC pick and not BT Sport!
  9. Matt Juler

    Belle Coaches Tottenham Travel

    I was thinking that's one hell of an odd route, until I realised the pick-up points are in alphabetical order!
  10. Matt Juler

    Norwich v Liverpool

    The game is also likely to be played in 50mph winds thanks to Dennis.
  11. Matt Juler

    Spurs family tickets

    To buy in the season ticket priority window I'd imagine all 4 would need to be season ticket holders. But as PC Til said, it will more than likely go to general sale.
  12. Matt Juler

    Looks like the Spurs then?

    Spurs have a TV game on the Saturday, so would be surprised with a Thursday match.
  13. Matt Juler

    Supporter Coaches

    The Capital Canaries offer a discounted return train deal at £28 for home matches. This can be booked up until 9am on a Thursday morning for a weekend match. http://www.capitalcanaries.co.uk/travel
  14. I agree, offside is the main issue. There needs to be an allowable tolerance so that goals such as Pukki's against Spurs are not overturned.
  15. I do wonder if it's is due to the VAR impact. There are well drilled plans in place at many grounds for crowd dispersal after games, particularly if many punters use trains (as is the case at Spurs). All you need is a couple of VAR delays and a 7.30pm k/o match is going to be finishing not much before a "traditional" 7.45pm k/o would. If the same happened with a 7.45pm k/o match, many of the trains making extra stops will be picking up fresh air.