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  1. My very primitive VAR would have him marginally onside. The two red and two purple lengths are the same, so that counter the angle of the image.
  2. Same here, my Athletic subscription will run til November and as it stands I've no intentions to renew it. Still not tempted to pay the Pink'Un subscription.
  3. The teams should agree to effectively not play the first half, just kick off and leave the ball in the centre circle. They go back to the changing room, we all watch the match on the big screen.
  4. The big question now is surely whether the club will be showing the BBC or ITV coverage on their screens?
  5. What a misleading URL... https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/millwall-kick-off-changed-for-world-cup-final
  6. I have to travel over 3 hours each way and I'd be very happy.
  7. All we need to do is cut off the water supply to Carrow Road for an hour or so...
  8. Pukki to start, sub him off in the 80th minute so he can get the appreciation that he deserves.
  9. Took a leap of faith that we'll not make it to Wembley and booked a week in Cornwall over the playoff final weekend. Yesterday confirmed that I'm pretty certain that I've made the correct decision!
  10. No more will he, won't he. Confirmed as leaving the club at the end of the season. https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/pukki-to-depart-club-at-end-of-season
  11. It's Blackburn to blame for Friday, and will be City to blame if the Rotherham game is also not on the red button. Full details here: https://www.efl.com/how-to-watch/ifollow-and-streaming/ The following Bank Holiday fixtures can also be streamed at the home Club’s discretion, excluding Sky Sports selections: Boxing Day (26th December 2022) New Year's Day (1st and 2nd of January (2023) Good Friday (7th April 2023) Easter Monday (10th April 2023)
  12. Wagner was claiming an earlier offside in the move, but I can't recall when or where.
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