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  1. Matt Juler

    Oxford United

    Similar for me, the other direction from Wycombe.
  2. Matt Juler

    Oxford United

    Is that for the bus? All match tickets are pay on the day as far as I'm aware.
  3. Matt Juler

    Oxford United

    Anyone else off to Oxford United tomorrow night for the U21s in the EFL Trophy?
  4. Matt Juler

    What cretin thought

    I also thought it was an odd choice of game to wear the black kit.
  5. Matt Juler

    Can't access radio commentary

    I'm often out and about for the away games so like having the option to listen to Radio Norfolk if in the car. The old iFollow App worked well on the decent 4G networks down south.
  6. Matt Juler

    Standard Home and Away memberships still on sale

    I have no real issue with the £50. The issue I have is that once I've paid the £50 (which I've not done), my history would be of zero value.
  7. Matt Juler

    West Ham tickets

    Good to see the other two promoted clubs have used a logical system.
  8. Matt Juler

    West Ham tickets

    There are still 8 seats left on the VIP Away Day coach at a bargain price of £270 each!
  9. Matt Juler

    West Ham tickets

    That number was from a week or so before sales finished, so I'd be surprised if it wasn't >7,000.
  10. Matt Juler

    West Ham tickets

    This was the situation as of 18th July 2019. 6,973 away memberships sold (of which 245 are Standard)
  11. Matt Juler

    West Ham tickets

    The club need to come out today and apologies for making such a fundamental error. Nothing can change this season since 7,000 people have paid up for the away membership, but to continue to claim this is the best approach is nothing short of moronic.
  12. My first game was at home to Derby County, 22nd September 1990. We won 2-1, but my only real memory from that day was Peter Shilton making a cracking save. As fate would have it this weekend is likely to be my son's first trip to Carrow Road for a match, a few months before his 5th birthday.
  13. Matt Juler

    10 years ago today

    We delayed going on holiday to Barcelona until the Sunday, so we could make the game. Seemed a stupid decision in the hours after the match!
  14. Matt Juler

    3rd kit apparently leaked...

    It was a pre-planned event. If it was just about the issue of seeing each other, they'd have just changed the shirts, not the full kit.