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  1. And 18pts from 7th so on playoffs nearly guaranteed
  2. Morsy is their Bradley Johnson.... Hutchinson scoring up top is kid on loan from Chelski...
  3. THEIR capt, got a needless 95th min booking today, one in midweek and he misses out game. Not that would make a lot of difference at the mo, we would lose to their 2nd team with wagner in charge
  4. How was his 20 mins? On a god awful game.
  5. 578 passes between the defence Pissing about
  6. Wednesday won... Again... I'm. Sure they will make it 3 against us
  7. And there was plenty thinking 3,4,5-0 and ita ended slightly different, shock
  8. Persisting down all day and 45mph wind, weather warnings..... Weather Preston could be used to more
  9. Didn't even start or bring on kalvin Phillips
  10. Absolutely just bossed man city and had over 20 sghots more than them too.. Fully deserved 3pts and take over citeh in the league. Emery has got them flying.
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