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  1. Changed got with good authority (check this later )   Rudd martin,Bennett,Bassong,Brady howson,oneil,tettey,Redmond,wes mbokani   guessing Wes just behind, worried about mane&long,clasie though.... Otbc!
  2. That we didn''t sign him, out for 6mths ruptured knee ligaments
  3. [quote user="Mr Jenkins"]Hucks was in the crowd I believe.[/quote] yeh I think its after the 2nd goal the camera pans round and hucks jumpin with everyone in blue suit :D
  4. was just thinking about how we will probably buy a new CB ... I know they have just been relegated but I think hes a pretty decent/solid CB ...... Dawson at hull ?
  5. not looking good as went on to get one for dad and says priority membership sold out so unless season tick or a member already looks unlikely :/
  6. not that it matters to me as I have my ticket and will be there at Wembley as I was at carrow road today :) my dad was trying to become a priority that''s all and its sold out...
  7. [quote user="DannyBoy"]I shouldn`t worry too much about what they are saying on there, what with their constant inbred jibes and living in the past it just shows how small-minded and ignorant those binners really are...in other words just your typical scumm3r[/quote] yeh I did see that actually every other word is how many fingers have they got again etc etc... arghhhh I HATE them!!! haha they even say even if they get thrashed they will just bring up how much squads are worth etc... 1 normal (ish) guy on there though did say they cant talk about that as its only what we worked hard for getting to prem for a little while and they spent their money on (rap when agent roy was in charge etc ;)
  8. just been (god forbid ) to see what (rap they are spouting off on twtd about us.... 1 thing they said was... Norwich fans on Saturday were no different to what they normally are though. They are not a vocal bunch. Never have been. Home or away. They won''t repeat our atmosphere on Saturday. They haven''t got it in them! I really hope this isn''t true and get carrow road rocking ! not just the snake pit and Barclay ;) ... il be there as usual and cant wait !! hope the rest of the ground is BUZZING too!!! :) OTBC
  9. I literally just copy and pasted into browser and BOOM straight in and got a ticket ! the browser I was on was up to 52 mins !!! phewwwwwwww bring on the s(ummers
  10. the ''bunn haters'' might like this tweet from him today lol... Chris Goreham Chris Goreham retweeted Mark Bunn Good to hear @NathanRedmond22''s hitting the target in training ahead of #ncfc run-in #prayforBunn Chris Goreham added, Mark Bunn @MBGKA Gonna struggle to have anymore kids after @NathanRedmond22 no mercy strike today from 3yards out !! Cheers geeZ
  11. practically full strength vs Bournemouth tonight ! I don''t know if that''s a good thing or not to be fair, as they might just concentrate on not getting injured for the arsenal game at the weekend...
  12. ^^^^ like the radio etc said though sounded like hughton had 2/3 players on him at all times to stop him, hence Redmond on soon after half time for something different :)
  13. signing kenwyne jones from Cardiff...... http://www.afcb.co.uk/news/article/kenwyne-jones-afc-bournemouth-loan-2359925.aspx
  14. he just scored the 94th min winner
  15. loving the ''vadis stars in the game'' will be like a new sigining for us :)
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