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  1. Wanted Ecuador to win too as only have valencia really, senegal have some decent players and very physical, Chelsea mendy in goal, Koulibaly, diallo, gueye, ndiaye and sarr of Watford
  2. So where abouts exactly was the ground? Near mousehold?
  3. No worse than what we have already
  4. And Burnley get a last min equaliser, their results more like ours used to be
  5. If only pukki laid it off to hernandez at the end instead of shanking with his left foot
  6. And that's without giant joao to come on 2nd half with big Andy
  7. Guess they could be making most of set pieces and lumping it up to juao and Carroll...
  8. I definitely think a tough one, considering we hardly blew away Blackpool today Some decent midfielders in hendrick, ince and especially hoilett, whipping balls in. And our defence need to be strong vs big lads lucas juao and Andy Carroll especially corners etc. I'm sure we have enough though, OTBC
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