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  1. Didn’t Beckford score 4 against Everton? We could do with a bit of that on Saturday!
  2. Our club objective is to be a top 26 team and we are. We don’t have a rich owner who can buy ready made players so we have to be creative and develop to sell. The only way we’re going to go that is by playing Farkeball. That will mean losing a fair bit at this level but once the players acclimatise, we’ll start to pick up points. The big question is, will it be in time for us to survive this season? I hope so.
  3. Sorensen hasn’t played for a while so it might take him a while to get into his stride. But what I would say is Sorensen Normann in front of the back 4 will give the team a bit more of a solid look especially as Sorensen can now appreciate the dangers for a LB when he’s covering from midfield.
  4. Sorensen did a wonderful job filling in at LB which he never played. Against Brentford of all teams and he looked the business. Unlucky to be dropped to be honest. Now let’s see what he can do in his preferred position, he’s young, he appears to be intelligent, let’s give him a go and watch him grow over the remainder of the season. If we go down we might have one hell of a player on our hands or a player we can sell. Kenny has limited use and a declining value due to his age. Time to move over and let Sorensen have a go. It can’t go any worse surely?
  5. This is a difficult one because on the one hand we need to give the squad players a run out but on the other hand we have to get the first 11 gel-ing. If it was me I would go for the following; Gunn Mumba, Andy, Kabak, Giananoulis Normann, Sorensen Tzolis. Dowell Rachica Sargent
  6. What on earth has Sorensen got to do to get a game in our midfield? He’s always been tidy, he looks like he can read a game, he can pass, he can tackle. All things that Kenny can’t. I’ve said this repeatedly on this site so don’t think I’m jumping on a bandwagon after a dire Kenny performance. Kenny isn’t good enough at top end Championship level let alone PL. Kenny wasn’t good enough in the PL last time, nothing has changed. He hasn’t evolved as a player and isn’t good enough. Time to stop messing about and given Sorensen a run out along side Normann in 4231 formation. The formation that suits our players better.
  7. Watford (h) 3 Everton (a) 0 Burnley (a) 0 Brighton (h) 1 Chelsea (a) 0 Leeds (h) 3 Brentford (a) 1 Southampton (h) 3 Wolves (h) 1 12 pts.
  8. Is it me or are we playing the wrong formation? I think the 4231 formation suited us fine last fine we just didn’t have the players/squad to carry on the revival from just before lockdown. At that point we were creating more and we’re beginning to look like we had an outside chance of survival. The 433 formation is missing the creative person behind the striker. This is probably the place that Cantwell will feel best or Dowell. And as a result we seem a bit toothless. I appreciate we’ve had 4 tough games and we probably won’t know for sure if we’ve got it right until the end of October or we need a change. I don’t feel we’ve played our best 11 so far maybe Farke is giving everyone a chance due to lack of pre season, certain people playing international matches etc. I’m looking forward to seeing Normann replace Rupp. It’s interesting where Farke sees Gilmore fitting in because with the current formation means Kenny or PLM will get dropped (if Normann plays)? As you’ll know I’m not the biggest Kenny fan so I suppose it will be he who makes way as PLM looks like he could be quite handy once he gets fitter. As for goals, I don’t feel Pukki is getting the service so I reserve judgement on what to do up front until the service picks up. With the current formation I would go for both Rachica and Tzolis for their pace. I’m not a fan of Cantwell, Dowell seems to be a luxury player without the defensive engine but with decent ability however, he can take a mean free kick and might be worth a place and take the risk? if so the Tzolis drops to the bench. Choices choices. Maybe we’re just better off putting a full strength side out for the League Cup and go for a trip to Wembley and maybe a trophy?
  9. Gilmore hasn’t played in his best position yet. He’ll stay. As will PLM.
  10. I don’t see where he’s going to get a decent level of time as he’s 3rd in the striking pecking order and looks nowhere near as dangerous as Sargent at this stage. I think a season long loan at Swansea/Boro or Blackburn or someone like that would do him a treat.
  11. I see Idah is in the press wanting more game time. Is this the precursor to him getting a loan move this season? It would make sense to me.
  12. The problem we have is when Rachica is full of running it tends to be in the first half. In the first half yesterday everytime we broke quickly there only ever seemed to be Pukki in the box. Why would you ping a ball into the box when there as 3 giants stood near Pukki? You’d be better off recycling the ball. But that then brings another problem, our midfield is too slow to make the most of the second wave attack. I think Rachica will improve as his fitness improved and when we finally get this DM in so we can attack with confidence.
  13. Apart from a back heel in the first half and his effort in the last 30 seconds plus his shot that was about it. As some other contributors have said, either the formations doesn't suit Cantwell or he’s not good enough at the moment. Personally I’d sell ASAP and get a decent DM and CB.
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