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  1. Yes please. I’d take him over Cantwell and Sinani.
  2. Danny Rose for LB anyone? He’s got good pedigree.
  3. It’s amazing how things can change in 3 matches. Prior to Sargent’s recent goal fest I wonder what people’s views were on his valuation. Fast forward 3 matches and it seems like he might be the next big hit and he’s only 22. I always thought there’s a player in there somewhere it was a case as to whether he would get the opportunity to display his talents fully.
  4. Rachica reminds me of Lee Crofts. Not quite quick enough for the type of game they are built for.
  5. With the sale of Zimmermann, Lees Melou, potential loan fees for Tzolis, Placheta etc. I was wondering how much cash we have manged to realise as part of these deals?
  6. Norwich are traditional slow starters so anything above 4 points will be a bonus.
  7. It’ll be typical of Norwich to sell Pukki to bag some cash and save £60k pw wages. This is what a Norwich have done all my life. We’ll run with Hugill as he doesn’t rock the boat and is a team player. This’ll guarantee a 10th EFL positioning next season unless, and this is the big unknown, that Idah finally comes to the party. If he does then the loss of Pukki could be absorbed (along with the midfield chipping in more).
  8. I would go strong as well but I don’t see Pukki or Hanley playing due to not having a break after international duty. Therefore, if fit, I’d play Idah up front and big Andy at RCB. I wouldn’t play Cantwell unless he’s going to commit to our EFL campaign. I’d play Josh or play Rachica on the right (just for this game) and give one of the many left wingers a game.
  9. I agree, if Normann stayed fit he would be ideal to play higher up the pitch with Hayden as security. He may even be the Stiepermann replacement. He’s got a great long shot a good passing range he just needs to stay fit.
  10. So it’s not reasonable to have a debate?
  11. Trying to shut a perfectly reasonable debate down by name calling. Interesting.
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