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  1. Anyone know why Sainz came off after 26 mins today?
  2. I’ve just seen the highlights of the match and Gunn was to blame directly for the fourth goal. The shot was virtually at the centre of the goal. Very poor.
  3. There’s more to keeping than shot stopping. What about commanding the penalty area,, communicating with the back 4, distribution. For me he doesn’t command the area and give the back 4 confidence to be a top keeper.
  4. We didn’t have a lot of choice if Wagner wanted to play two up front.
  5. Hwang’s not fit so we won’t see the best of him for several games yet.
  6. If you look at his career he hasn’t played much over the last couple of years so I’m not surprised he’s knackered.
  7. Definitely not. He can’t get in the Portsmouth team so he’s got no chance at Norwich. He’ll benefit get more from a year or two away on loan.
  8. I’ve never rated Gunn. I would have quite easily sold him after his good run for Scotland. He’s not that good and he’s on a large wage. Whether we kept Krul or sold both is a moot point. Probably the former and get a new keeper in.
  9. Apparently Plymouth just ran through our midfield and then through our defence over and over. That points to the core of our team and Kenny is one. Kenny has been guilty of not tackling being too slow etc. before and he needs someone far more mobile along side him. Sara isn’t that person. Sara needs to play in the Steipermann role further up the pitch to protect our midfield and defence. Forshaw can come in to stiffen up the midfield.
  10. Exactly. When the fringe players are needed for The Championship they won’t be so rusty so I see a decent cup run as essential. Plus we can blood some young players. It worked wonders for Arsene Wenger at Arsenal.
  11. The problem with Rhodes is he’s not very different to Barnes whereas a Billy Sharp type is. Diversification is key.
  12. Sorensen can cover at full back as well so a useful player to have in the squad. Maybe ship McCallum out on loan or sell?
  13. Or maybe we’ll take the cups seriously and we can find another 6 games this season for him to play in between the two competitions?
  14. Okay maybe not Sharp but someone else who can play the 3rd striker role. From what I’ve seen of Idah he doesn’t at present seem like he’s going to tear the division up any time soon and bearing in mind we really need to get promoted this season probably best to get a more experienced player in and loan Idah out even just until January would be something. If we don’t get promoted this year the parachute payments finish so we need to be really careful.
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