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  1. Am I going mad or didn’t Bournemouth flout FFP rules when they got promoted 5 years ago. As they have been out of EFL jurisdiction for the last 5 years this was never followed up on so they might be in for a penalty when they’re finally admitted back to EFL.
  2. The big problem this season is at the beginning we attacked with pace and one touch football. As soon as we slowed the game down we were then mirroring Farke’s first season in The Championship. Mitigating circumstances; injuries to CB’s at the beginning of the season ruined our momentum from last season. The pace of Hernandez was a big miss as was someone who can take a set piece (a fit Vrancic maybe)? Poor recruitment, Duda was awful, Rupp the jury is still out. Amadou has one decent game. Drmic has been awful but the jury (for me) is still out as to whether he can make it in The Championship next season. Non of the fringe players stepped up. Leitner, Trybull, Klose. We’ll have too see what next year brings. I’m curious what these new players plus Gilmore will bring to the party.
  3. Who do you think will be gone at the end of the season? I’m thinking Pukki, Buendia, Godfrey, Aarons, Lewis, Cantwell, Leitner, Raggett, Morris, McLean, Duda will all be gone. We’ve got a few coming in so not all bad news. What do you think?
  4. Making the assumption that crowds will be allowed back at CR in the next 2 years. Why not build the new stand. The club won’t need to remove fans during the rebuild and suffer the income loss as we’re already suffering the income loss. Building companies will be bending over backwards to get the work so the cost will probably be cheaper than in ordinary world due to the impending higher unemployment and cheaper labour costs. Borrowing will be cheap. There may well be government grants available which probably won’t be in normal world. The cost can be offset off the profit from impending player sales. It’s a risk but I think a good calculated gamble. What do you think?
  5. How about getting Culverhouse in as Farke’s no. 2 next season for his tactical nouse? He can then take over once Farke leaves in the near future (the next couple of years).
  6. McLean can’t pass, tackle, mark, assist or score. He was not good enough in the Championship and he’s certainly not good enough for the PL. best bet is to sell him to Rangers and let someone else have a go. Mario was good at the back end of last season so why not play him. He’s creative, he scores goals, he’s dangerous at free kicks. It can’t be any worse than playing Kenny.
  7. I’m wondering with all the elements at play that playing behind closed doors might be our best chance of the great escape (apart from legal action and some form of void). The reason I say that is the mid table teams and the ones that have nothing to play for are probably not going to try too hard as they don’t want to get injured and end up in hospital and be a risk to their family. I know you usually get some under performing teams at the end of the season well the virus will give a lot of teams extra incentive not to try too hard. So if we can come out all guns blazing, beat the teams around us and you never know we might just go on an unusual run of biblical proportions. What do you think? It’s a long shot I agree but you never know.
  8. Sporting events will be one of the last things to be released from lockdown due to social distancing. Clubs are in a no win situation as they lose financially if the continue behind closed doors. The bad PR of taking medical staff away from the NHS etc. Not a great option. Finishing the season now will have TV money problems. As the days tick by I can’t see the PL season finishing. In my view the best fit solution that will be to extend the PL, add WBA and Leeds (I know ). That’ll probably keep the TV people happy. There’s going to be legal challenges either way (Fulham probably won’t be too happy) I’d have thought but similar to West Ham Sheffield Utd Tevez case a few years ago the season carried on regardless. Most clubs are going to have financial problems next season (probably from Norwich downwards in the pecking order) as local advertisers won’t be able to afford to advertise, exec boxes will be harder to fill, maybe at reduced rates. This will impact on football for years to come a bit like when ITV Digital went bust a few years ago and clubs had already budgeted on that income spent on players etc. It took a few years for that to work through the system. Today’s situation is 10 times worse for the smaller clubs. We’ll see.
  9. It’s gotta be Oxford or a lower league team at home. We can still send the reserves out, get a result without impacting on PL survival hopes.
  10. For me it’s just Rob Butler and his mates show rather than a fan phone in.
  11. Buendia is rapidly becoming the most influential player we have and could potentially be our first world class player in years to come IMO.
  12. Any news on whether he’s fit for Saturday anyone? It’s all got a bit quiet over the last few days.
  13. I agree Stiepermann hasn’t been that effective so far. We seem to be missing his slaloming runs that pulls the team from defence to attack. So on the basis that his form will return plus he’s one of the few players we have that are 6ft plus to counter any set pieces we might encounter I would stick with him for the time being. Therefore, I would have the same team as against WHU. If Zimmerman’s is fit I’d go with him if not Amadou apart from that as you were.
  14. I agree. Hanley would have been sold had Klose and Zimmermann been fit IMO as he knows he’s 4th choice. With Amadou arriving you could argue he’s 5th choice once he’s fit. Hanley tries hard but is a top half Championship defender at best. Newcastle got rid as soon as they got promoted as soon as they found a buyer, Norwich should do the same and re-invest the funds elsewhere.
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