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  1. That’s a good call. Put Cantwell in the centre and Onel on the left.
  2. Kenny is not good enough for our first team in my opinion. He doesn’t score enough, create enough and can be weak in the challenge and a liability with his passing. I would give Sorensen a go as he seems to be a decent upgrade with room to improve. Vrancic is fine until Marco is fit again.
  3. I think we need to become passive Brentford fans. If Brentford beat everyone for the rest of the season (apart from us) then this will mean less chance of the chasing pack to catch us and take the pressure off a bit. If we catch Brentford or not is irrelevant it’s Swansea we need to lose going forwards.
  4. We will only have room for a certain amount of players. We’ve got Dowell for a future No. 10. Mario is not quick enough or strong enough to play next to Skipp or whoever is our DM next season therefore I would let him go and spend the wages on an upgrade of Leitner.
  5. Brentford are unbeaten in 20, but are due a bad patch. They are not going to stay unbeaten for the rest of the season. Norwich are having a blip but should be back firing on all cylinders once Emi and Steipmann are back.
  6. I still think he was the missing realistic link to virtually guarantee promotion. Last night underlines the point to be honest.
  7. It’s not a comedy performance from Steve Martin tonight.
  8. Hernandez is not fit enough IMO. I’d go for: Krul Aarons, Hanley, Gibson, Ginnoulis Rupp, Skipp Shemi, Kenny, Cantwell Pukki
  9. Not really. Players often spend too much time on the weights and find themselves needing to trim down a bit to improve their football.
  10. Is it me or does Onel need to trim down a bit? He looks too muscular at present and looks like it’s slowing him down.
  11. Zimbo is too slow for PL so best kept ax back up just in case we drop back into the Championship.
  12. I agree. He looked quite timid and a bit lightweight. There were a couple of positive attacking bits of play which was encouraging. It’s early days and hopefully he’ll acclimatise sooner rather than later.
  13. Don’t you think Millwall and other teams will man mark us to death now they’ve seen the success of Boro?
  14. He’s under contract until 2023. Maybe we could send Zimbo as part exchange as he’s probably run his course with Norwich especially if we get promoted.
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