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  1. Could we: perhaps. Should we: yes. Will we: being unable to predict the future, I can’t say.
  2. If either team is to win tonight it would be better, IMHO, for it to be Hull, as their goal difference is decently worse than ours, so if we did end up tied on 75 points with them then chances are we'd just scrape it on GD. I'm not sure the same would apply with Coventry.
  3. I have a hunch that Soton might finish higher than 4th…
  4. I'm worried that Leicester might help the Binners out this evening by not beating Plymouth. I don't know if anyone else shares my concerns about them and Leeds.
  5. Problem is that Leicester and Leeds are doing their upmost to keep the Binners still in with a decent chance.
  6. They’ll probably nick it in injury time.
  7. These days, you get arrested and thrown in jail if you say you’re English, don’t you?
  8. According to Wagner: “He is around the schedule we had in our head in terms of a time frame [for return].” Make of that what you will.
  9. That use of “some” in the first line is pretty feeble.
  10. You mean you agree with “most” of that except its main point…
  11. Interesting, perhaps, for those who can be bothered to zoom in and read small print.
  12. Webber is the Richard Madeley of Sporting Directors.
  13. It’ll be fine. Gibs can replace him. 😏
  14. Do we know he’s injured? From Twitter, I just get the impression he was subbed after 71 mins.
  15. A more uncharitable headline might’ve read: ‘Footballing Donkey Banned From Races’
  16. There is a hope in hell. If Düsseldorf don’t have the cash then they don’t have the cash!
  17. But what if the Binners bottle it and we go up! Then some points deductions next season for our rivals would be a plus… 🤔
  18. And apparently the swine had a Lancashire hotpot with Yorkshire pudding at lunch today in a brazen attempt to court Red Wall voters…
  19. Certainly there does seem to have been some tea-bag involvement…
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