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  1. I think Norwich will lose to as Dean smith has not put out a good enough team to start to get the win we need.
  2. I have watched two home game’s we need a good quality striker to get us back to the premier league or we stay in the championship.
  3. If this club is going to go back up to the premier league we need a tall decent striker as if we leave all to pukie and then then we will go down to the next league .so sort this out Dean if you don’t you will get the sack in April next year 2023.
  4. Well that’s not going to happen he is a smith he will be still at the club when we go down again
  5. Hope we put the new players on the bench not in the city stand.
  6. We need a new striker as Dean smith said the same thing last season not scoring goals and relying on one striker is not good as we saw last season.
  7. I hope Farke does well as he was treated badly on his last game in charge and I personally think we would have been still in the premier league.
  8. Hanley need’s to be sold as he is one of the players who made a lot of mistakes .
  9. I hope Delia and her husband need to sell all of there shares as it’s time to go.
  10. When we get promoted to the premier league again ,the premier league needs to cancel the parachute payments so we keep in the premier league.
  11. Stuart Webber said they is not much money left what about the parachute payments from the premier league?
  12. With the same players who are still aloud to keep here we will get relegated .
  13. There needs to be a lot of changes from the top to the bottom now.
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