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  1. Can't see any reason as to why we or Spurs wouldn't snap up a Skipp loan extension option for next season. Although I think Skipp is good enough to make the Spurs bench now, he does have serious competition ahead of him there, and we all know that Jose prefers established players ahead of youngsters.
  2. This is all pointless. All games are meaningless. Everybody knows that Troy Deeney decides the league placings at the end of the season.
  3. Superb free kick. Was going in. Stockdale pulled off a worldie. 9/10 times that goes in. Don't think we can criticise Mario at all.
  4. OP lost me on this. Placheta needs time to adjust, he's a young boy in a new land. Give him some time. He came in as a squad player and I'm sure there's a quality player in there. Also, the new LB has been excellent of late. Again, give them time to settle.
  5. Worst appointment of the season. Lampard would have been the absolute choice for them but clearly they couldn't afford him.
  6. We win, get another clean sheet, results go totally our way and still people here are moaning. Get a grip!
  7. Going back to the Kings Lynn loan affiliation thing. I think it's clear that we are now only acquiring players of a certain standard maybe slightly above Kings Lynn, and that each loan out is carefully considered player by player based on what they need... ie... technical advancement they go to the Dutch leagues. If they need to toughen up then it's the lower English leagues. It's no good sending all our kids to Kings Lynn. It's way more advanced than that these days. Every player has a development profile which is very very unique.
  8. He is in a positive of influence. You don't see teachers posting BS all over social media... for a reason. Trump did the same thing. Didn't help him either.
  9. He's a very good player on his day. Of course, but he's miles away from Max Aarons and Emi in my eyes. No doubt about it. Is he a top 4 Prem player? No. Will he play for England? Probably not given the quality ahead of him. He's the type of player that will get a big move then slide down the greasy pole into mid table championship obscurity. I'm getting fed up with these social media messages he posts. He's clearly got a playboy ego about him which rubs some up the wrong way, myself included. Something that apparently cost him a move to Leeds last Summer by the way if rumours are to be believed. He needs to take a leaf out of Max Aarons book. He needs to stop with the social media cryptic crap. He needs to stop with the camera performances seeking attention (something that Webber commented on at the end of last season) and focus on his "A game". Being humble is a life lesson that he needs to learn.
  10. Surprised Russell Martin hasn't pouched him for MK Dons in League One!
  11. If we go up, he goes. If we don't, he stays?
  12. Success stories too though... Eddie Howe, Kevin Keegan (for a bit), Kenny Dalglish got Liverpool pumped for awhile.
  13. Yeovil Town. My local club as a teen in the late-80s, early-90s when they were non-league cup giant killers. During my time in the area, they beat a dozen league sides and went head to head with Arsenal when an Ian Wright hat trick cost them a 3-1 defeat. I bumped into Trevor Brooking outside the toilets and forced him to sign my programme that day. They over stretched and bought a new stadium then almost went bust. I remember a season when they went head to head with Martin o' Neills high flying Wycombe for a place in league football. I also remember the coin buckets circulating to keep the club afloat when they lost that fight.
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