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  1. Michael Starr

    It’s not just injuries

    We'll be fine. Have you seen Watford and Newcastle right now?
  2. Michael Starr

    and there’s more ....... injuries

    Why are some writing off McGovern? He's a good third choice option. An international goalkeeper with years of experience. It baffles me sometimes. He's decent. He clearly has a decent mentality too.
  3. Michael Starr

    Where do we go from here?

    Have to agree about Aarons. He's done alright so far. He's stepped up to being a decent Premiership right back and let's not forget he's very young and was playing u23 football just a few months back. Byram always had the quality. I'm delighted mainly that Buendia finally arrived (although he has been effective this season stats wise) and Steipermann put in a good shift too. It feels like every time we have a major injury, somebody steps up. Farke has it spot on. Make it your shirt and it's yours until your form drops or you get injured.
  4. Michael Starr

    Tony Cottee

    Isn't he a Norwich City legend... oh wait no... no... he is not.
  5. Michael Starr

    Guardiola- touch of class

    He wasn't wrong when he spoke of the CR atmosphere. Got that one right too.
  6. Michael Starr

    TWTD of the day

    Are they... are they actually being... nice to us?
  7. Michael Starr


    His quote. "This will not only send shock waves through the Premiership, but across Europe"... Little old Norwich. Not anymore!
  8. Michael Starr

    Loudest I've ever heard the riverend

    Honestly, it felt like all four sides were rocking.
  9. Michael Starr

    Season hinges on Amadou?

    We still have good players on the pitch today. We still have our first choice front 4. Krul should make it, Lewis is there, we will possibly play Godfrey / Hanley double up alongside Amadou who clearly has something. Sam Byron is an experienced right back at Premiership level... that's not a disastrous situation and actually a great opportunity for him. Bring Tettey in, again, hugely experienced at this level. Suddenly we've got more experience than before on the pitch. What we then need is a real siege mentality, and for Steiperman and Buendia to step up. We really need those two to put in a top shift. It's gonna be so tough this one. I just don't want us to be humiliated. I'll be there today. I'm going to sing my heart out regardless, until the end.
  10. Michael Starr

    Max Aarons?

    I just don't want us to be humiliated
  11. Michael Starr

    The Pinkun

    Sorry guys, just an opinion, not a personal attack and, actually, I did say that I thought he'd evolve. I actually like Mr Freezer when it was the three. Let's see how it goes for them now it's a full team again.
  12. Michael Starr

    The Pinkun

    Not a direct criticism of the Pinkun but I think they are missing Michael Bailey's more "humorous" approach. Paddy is excellent and always a good honest insightful watch but I'm not convinced by Mr Freezer, who, in my opinion, comes off really wooden. I'm sure he'll evolve into a good reporter but I'm not as invested in the Pinkun as I was. I find myself watching Michael Bailey's match reports and then the Pinkuns a day later as an after thought.
  13. Michael Starr

    My Norwich City Story - Chris Sutton

    It's an odd one this. Chris Sutton is one of our own but he rarely gets that label. I think fans are generally a bit distant from him. I don't know why. He was a top player for us during a very successful period. This video was great. Maybe we will take him to our hearts a bit more. He deserves that. Huckerby and co enjoy that.
  14. Michael Starr

    Not just a physical issue

    Yes Buendia is a shadow of his 2018/19 self.