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  1. Some of those goals yesterday. He looked out of position on and got caught out. There was also no react to conceding. He just got up and that's it. Top keepers would be tearing into that defence in front of him.
  2. Going into the game potentially with Hwang and Idah as our main two. It's a huge opportunity for both. We will now find out just how good Idah is. This is the biggest six months of his career.
  3. I can see the Attannassios bringing in their own person, or at least being very hands on with this appointment.
  4. He can do what he likes, ideally without others passing judgement right?
  5. Sargent, Gunn and soon a Cannon. I see what Webber is doing here. In all seriousness, if we pull off this transfer, we're promoted. This guy is going to be a magnificent fit for us and the style we now play. I'm assuming it's being funded by big Andy O leaving today?
  6. All nations do it. Messi tapped up Buendia when he was in Spain remember.
  7. Substitution, Leeds United. Cody Drameh replaces Sam Byram because of an injury.
  8. 3 games in football is a long time. That's 7 watford coaches.
  9. Just a quick nod to Placheta last night who looked really good going forward. Seems they are trying to develop his off ball game. You could hear the bench guiding him throughout. "Track Back", "Close". If they can develop his off ball game then he could be a very decent option for us.
  10. Ferguson signed 105 players during his time at Man Utd of which he fell out with three publicly. Ince - Publicly criticised his teammates. Keane - Publicly criticised his teammates. Beckham - Publicly put himself as priority ahead of teammates.
  11. I've said this since the moment Farke was appointed to Leeds. His biggest challenge will be to maintain order in the dressing room. He cannot seem to deal with high profile players or those with huge egos. Even here, he fell out with several players. It will be his undoing. It's very noble saying what he's saying about fighting for the shirt, no player is bigger than the club blah blah, but that immediately reflects badly on the player by saying it... i.e. Cantwell and then that player gets abuse from the fans because of it which is probably never a recovery situation. He turns them into pantomime villains. There are always exceptions of course... like Pogba who was just pure toxicity and Balotelli but, for the most part, the best coaches / managers are those who can adapt with their player management player by player.
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