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  1. It's interesting that Paderborn are in that chart also. Aren't they the Norwich City of German football. Playing much the same way as us with a similar setup?
  2. He'll just get whacked off the ball at every opportunity. He'll be playing with players who won't read his passes. He won't be a great coach because what he has is unique. I'm not sure he'll make much impact there.
  3. Godfrey's price will be interesting. It could be way lower or way higher than expected because he has Ferdinand as an agent.
  4. Who remembers the era when we had nobody to cash in, just a team of journeymen and loanees? From the dark days of Doomcaster through to now, yes, last season was disappointing, but wow look how far we've come in terms of assets and growth.
  5. Murphy... what a prospect he is... he's got a big future in the game.
  6. Hmmm, don't the government have £350m stored somewhere for something? Perhaps locked inside a red bus. Maybe they could buy Newcastle.
  7. The very fact that he said "It's 50/50. Could go either way" tells me that he needs to get the hell out of our fantastic football club and shut the door on the way through. Talk about a MEH statement. Get him out now.
  8. Because Watford is miles from London... It's in Hertfordshire isn't it?
  9. Some Watford fans argue that they probably wouldn't even notice.
  10. Eddie Howe is an England manager in waiting. It's clear that Pearson lost sections of the dressing room at Watford... possibly he didn't appreciate Troy Deeney's antics.
  11. I do think it's the end of Klose but I love him still. He's been a really good servant for us, but it's one injury too many. It's got to take a toll on him mentally too. He didn't jump ship when we last went down. Nobody can argue that he wasn't a good signing for us. I hope he doesn't get too much hate because being thrown deep into premiership games when you've barely played... that's harsh.
  12. I'll be honest. I really would love Villa to go down. They would struggle without "Big G" in the middle of the park. Watford need a culture change... i'm sure manager Troy Deeney would rally the troops.
  13. Sorry if there's another thread on this. I've just got to the Webber interview where he talks about being the scapegoat rather than the staff / players. He says something really interesting along the lines of... "I've got my head around it. I'm not going to lay on a pitch with tears hoping to have my photo taken"... ouch! Is that a dig at Cantwell?!
  14. This is the problem with English football and us in general. We have this underdog fight mentality. McClean fits that bracket and so is seen by some as better than he actually is. He's bang average. He is a bang average player in the spine of the worst Norwich top flight side ever. Yes he tries and probably contributes in other ways... but we need quality... or if not quality then potential for quality... unfortunately he is neither of those things.
  15. I so badly want the model to work, and really, it could... for a Championship club... not a Premiership club. You need quality with current ability in the prem not potential.
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