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  1. Michael Starr

    Players - Take A Pay Cut

    The club have every right to furlough the non-essential staff just like any other business. I expect there will be a wider announcement regarding player cuts lead by a governing body, which will force each player to maybe reduce by a percentage across all premier league clubs... which will be activated by the payroll of each club. Asking individuals to do it is a bit ridiculous. There are all kinds of implications involved with changing somebodies earnings. I suspect a fair number of players have possibly already offered to take.a cut, but it needs to be a universal thing.
  2. Michael Starr

    Daily Mail......latest thoughts

    The lengths we all go to in order to stop Leeds United getting promoted is getting ridiculous. Bat based viruses.
  3. Michael Starr

    Lambert gone.

    It's clear now that Ian Culverhouse was actually the mastermind behind our success combined with the fact that we had top Championship players playing in League One... then as we went up, we got ourselves into a forward roll.
  4. I would imagine that there are already talks between various parties regarding worst case scenarios.
  5. Michael Starr

    Have we waved the white flag

    You're suggesting that they plan year by year?! They'll have a five year plan in place... Webber will be looking at season 2023 to 2025. Nobody would have predicted promotion last season... this is a free hit on a longer plan which helped us move on dead wood, secure long term deals for our brightest talent, thus creating high value assets and step us forward on our LONGER TERM STRATEGY. Sheff United... short term focus. This season they are doing great... do you think they'll reach these heights again next season?! Do you think that they'll be able to sustain spending at 22m for a single player? Financial Fair Play rules apply.
  6. Michael Starr

    Have we waved the white flag

    Our recruitment this season hasn't been great, but the way we operate now is to scoop up players of high potential, who perhaps have lost their way. Usually they loose their way for a reason... i.e. Injury or Bad attitude. So it's always going to be 50/50 on the signing front. For every Amadou, there's a Byram. For every Buendia, there's a Franke. It's just about playing the numbers.
  7. Michael Starr

    Best bottom of the league team ever

    If we get this miracle and survive... it will go down as one of the greatest moments in our clubs history. It'll be 24 months of absolute overachieving against all the odds. Farke will go down in folklore.
  8. Michael Starr

    What will Farke say

    Farke got it wrong tonight. Cantwell was dead on his feet with 25 minutes left to play. He should have been taken off. His lack of tracking back meant they got round the back of us and scored the winner. Watch the reply. He just jogs back behind the player with the ball. He did the exact same thing moments before. He should have been subbed.
  9. Michael Starr

    Farke getting off lightly

    Thankfully, the majority still back Farke, and rightly so. He's been brilliant for us.
  10. Michael Starr

    Poor loan signings again.

    I still have hopes for Drmic. I think there's a really good player locked in there somewhere. Idah's progression is encouraging. Byram has been brilliant. We were always only ever going to sign raw players with potential. Give them a chance to develop and grow.
  11. Michael Starr

    Model / Plan

    Happened in Italy.
  12. Michael Starr

    Model / Plan

    We're still suffering the fallout from past failures. We only managed to clear out the remaining dead wood this Summer.
  13. Michael Starr

    Model / Plan

    At some point, the bubble will burst and a couple of major clubs will go under. That will then likely spark a major movement on how clubs are run. I think at that point, we will see a re-balance of competitiveness. Clubs like ours will benefit more than most.
  14. Michael Starr

    Srbeny off?

    I'd rather see Idah ahead of Srbeny right now.
  15. Michael Starr

    Poor loan signings again.

    Maybe Tettey is just the better all round option right now. I dunno