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  1. Ben Mee is quality, an upgrade on Gibson for sure but wages would be out of orbit for us and with a certain young Irish DC coming back from injury I don't think DC roles are our immediate priority right now
  2. If we can move Aarons on it's not the end of the world. Byram and Mumba seem good enough at Champ level right now. We've just moved Bushiri on and I'm sure Sinani will have some offers. So we're fine, however... We probably need to sell Aarons to address the lightweight areas of DL and CM, which stills looks lightweight even with Hayden coming in.
  3. If he plays well against Ukraine in the play offs. I'm expecting him to be joining Man City next with a "BETTER THAN MESSI" tag
  4. In reality, I think this could be a HUGE season for IDAH, a perfect Dean Smith player.
  5. I fear for Forest next season. They may finally get to beat Derby.
  6. Burnley are now in massive trouble. MASSIVE. Double relegation?!
  7. It's his time and possibly one of our few sellable assets. We have cover in that area also. He won't be here next season
  8. Honestly, Everton celebrating avoiding relegation like they've just lifted the Premier League title is a bit OTT. Lampard talking about it being "one of his career highlights". Everton should never be anywhere near the bottom 3... they almost got relegated. Surely fans should be demanding an enquiry as to how that situation happened in the first place? Lampard ALMOST took Everton down. I mean, with their resources... that's quite embarrising?
  9. We do not need Everton in the Championship with us next season!
  10. But surely we want Burnley to go down anyway rather than Everton. Everton will destroy the Championship next season. Burnley probably wont
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