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  1. Michael Starr

    Farke getting off lightly

    Thankfully, the majority still back Farke, and rightly so. He's been brilliant for us.
  2. Michael Starr

    Poor loan signings again.

    I still have hopes for Drmic. I think there's a really good player locked in there somewhere. Idah's progression is encouraging. Byram has been brilliant. We were always only ever going to sign raw players with potential. Give them a chance to develop and grow.
  3. Michael Starr

    Model / Plan

    Happened in Italy.
  4. Michael Starr

    Model / Plan

    We're still suffering the fallout from past failures. We only managed to clear out the remaining dead wood this Summer.
  5. Michael Starr

    Model / Plan

    At some point, the bubble will burst and a couple of major clubs will go under. That will then likely spark a major movement on how clubs are run. I think at that point, we will see a re-balance of competitiveness. Clubs like ours will benefit more than most.
  6. Michael Starr

    Srbeny off?

    I'd rather see Idah ahead of Srbeny right now.
  7. Michael Starr

    Poor loan signings again.

    Maybe Tettey is just the better all round option right now. I dunno
  8. Michael Starr

    Norwich v Palace predictions

    If we don't win, we're down. It's that simples.
  9. Michael Starr

    Why oh why?

    This post is pathetic. I'm embarrassed for you.
  10. Michael Starr

    Team for Spurs

    I’d like for us to rest Pukki and use him as an impact player off the bench, ideally before the 85th minute. Start with Idah and get crosses into him. I’d love to see a Roberts / Hernandez width combo. No chance of that though.
  11. Michael Starr

    Leitner and Roberts

    I suspect it's something to do with their defensive duties not being tight enough. It seems that Farke rightly demands defensive play from his players. I look at Hernandez and Buendia's improvements at tracking back in recent times. Perhaps that's why they aren't in the squad.
  12. Michael Starr

    Frustrating, but so proud of the way we are playing.

    Sensible post. Some of the stuff being posted on here right now is ridiculous and close on hysterical. I've read comments about "Worst team in 50 years" and some personal attacks on our owners. Calm down. Relax. There's still much to be positive about. I don't think we're that far away from scrambling a collection of points. We've been so unlucky. I think we should just back the team, accept that this season is a free hit and look towards longer term growth. For clubs like us, it's about the longer game.
  13. Michael Starr

    *****Official match thread v A. Villa*****

    Hit the bar, two great saves from their keeper, one clearance off the line, another Pukki miss, a clear opportunity for Byram. It's painful at the moment.
  14. Michael Starr

    Cheer up - we could be the scum

    Honestly, I believe Culverhouse was the success and Lambert was the figurehead. Culverhouse is doing bwillewnt at Lynn.
  15. Michael Starr

    January window.

    Yes that's a great way of destroying young players of the future. Let's put 'em straight in against some of the best players in world football. That'll help em.