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  1. Oh dear, the depths to find something to get excited about and to get one over us has possibly reached a new low; https://www.suffolknews.co.uk/ipswich/sport/ipswich-town-shirts-outselling-norwich-city-as-blues-rocket-9213550/
  2. Sampdoria Vs AC Milan now live on BT Sport if anyone fancies some scouting!
  3. Unfortunately the Lotus logo on mine is clearly too far to one side, and I saw someone else comment about this on Twitter. The rubber J logo is glued on, but not all the way to the edges, so I'm not sure how long that will stay on - a bit like when they used a rubber crest a couple of seasons back and some peeled off. Why not just stitch it? Other than that, I prefer the cut to last season's, which was like wearing a tent! I'm a fan of the overall design, too.
  4. Just read this interview with Anthony Spyrou. I seem to remember him doing well in the academy, so it's interesting to read what happened to him after he left. https://www.suffolknews.co.uk/stowmarket/sport/stow-signing-opted-out-of-pro-game-9200116/
  5. Sky picked their weekend games earlier; Sheff Weds Vs Forest - Sat @ 12.30 Swansea Vs Derby - Sat @ 3
  6. Just read a nice piece on how Wes is getting on at Cambridge United - For anyone interested; https://www.cambridgeindependent.co.uk/sport/wes-hoolahan-casts-magic-at-cambridge-united-to-boost-promot-9195423/ "Seeing Wes Hoolahan glide across the Abbey Stadium pitch has an almost serene quality."
  7. Towards the end of the press conference Farke suggested there were reports of a couple of injuries to the guys still travelling back, and he'd need to wait on those before deciding who travels. Any clues yet to who those may be? All seemed to come through unscathed, although Todd was on the receiving end of an awful challenge.
  8. With The Times reporting today that social distancing and masks might have to be in place until the Autumn, possibly the end of the year, I wonder how much longer it will be until we get back to a full stadium? Incredible to think we're coming up to a year since the last one. What a great couple of nights they were, beating Leicester at home and Spurs away! Supposed to be going to see The Killers at Carrow Road in June - can't see that happening unfortunately.
  9. As the original fixture was scheduled to be on a Saturday, it means it costs ST holders a tenner.
  10. There was also an interview in the Bury Free Press back in July; https://www.suffolknews.co.uk/bury-st-edmunds/sport/matt-morton-s-story-being-openly-gay-in-non-league-football-9117180/
  11. Thanks Greavsy. I'm happy with the plan to use my full payment for next season, so works for me.
  12. Checking replies to posts you aren't interested in? Yes, I suppose you could call it obsessive. Either that, or you mistyped OTBC x
  13. Morning Greavsy - No letter in the post this morning, so if they did send them Saturday it must've been 2nd class. Probably just waiting for the £25m from Everton to clear in the account before offering refunds! If you hear anything today, please let us all know. Thanks.
  14. Possible incentive could be that they keep the full amount and it pays for next season - but if you take a refund now you might be subject to an increase in renewal price next season (entirely possible having been frozen for so long, and with a huge hole in ticket income).
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