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  1. I think Sheff Utd's game prior to playing us has been moved to the Thursday by Amazon, so they can't play Thursday then Saturday.
  2. Delayed until 12noon by the sounds of it. https://twitter.com/mjshrimper/status/1184524644906389504 4 kick off times on Boxing Day apparently.
  3. So these are well overdue now - supposed to be announced last Friday. Interesting to see the responses from various supporter groups here; http://www.fsf.org.uk/latest-news/view/fan-anger-at-premier-leagues-latest-tv-fixture-delay This guy seems to think our fixture against Sheff Utd would be moved to Sunday; We won't know for sure until they finally get announced, but the issue is apparently Amazon wanting to stagger their dates across Tues/Weds/Thurs, which impacts the weekend matches. Plus Amazon apparently want various kick off times throughout Boxing Day, which I guess then clubs have to sort with Police and local authorities.
  4. Worrying thing is that it looks like this guy is a parent himself from his other posts!
  5. I see it was a bored 1p5wich fan that made a fake bid and then trolled the club.
  6. CaptCanary

    Manchester City Tickets

    I've got an office job, but it didn't do me any favours. I've got a season ticket, but my Dad who lives a few hundred miles away has a membership so tries to get back to games and to make a weekend of it, so I can conveniently order tickets at my desk. Same as another poster in that on my previous attempt this season (Newcastle), I only had 2-3 minutes queue when logging on at 9.02am - this despite people logging on at/before 9am joining longer queues and being greeted with sold out messages. This time I logged on before 9am, joined a queue which was 45 minutes, was shown limited availability in 3 blocks (1 CIty Stand, 1 South Stand and 1 Community Stand), but when clicking there were none left. The point you join the queue appears to be entirely random.
  7. CaptCanary

    Michael Bailey

    Agree with a lot of this, but when a lot of the journalists signed up are renowned for their quality match reviews, it would be nice to see their take on the games - or perhaps an in depth interview with a player or coaching staff? Not just to read about the Norwich game either, one of the nice things about the Sunday papers, or online equivalents, is reading the match reports for the other games, so was hoping for similar I guess. There was a big song and dance about the infamous quote "“We will wait every local paper out and let them continuously bleed until we are the last ones standing,” but until they offer the whole package of reports and quality features, there appears to be a place for both.
  8. CaptCanary

    Michael Bailey

    I've enjoyed the feature pieces so far, but will there be no actual match reports? I know that sort of thing is readily available elsewhere, but I was looking forward to seeing a good quality post-match analysis from Michael, as well as from all the other highly thought of journalists for the other teams.
  9. CaptCanary

    Season ticket renewals

    [quote user="TIL 1010"]
    [quote user="CaptCanary"]It''s the same ticket as last year.[/quote]
    I am in the 3rd year of a 3 year season ticket but last week i received a new one in the post.

    Seems to be mixed then, as some have had letters saying to use the same as last season;

  10. CaptCanary

    Season ticket renewals

    It''s the same ticket as last year.
  11. CaptCanary

    Season ticket renewals

    With tickets on sale today for the first home game of the season, I wonder if anyone had a look to see how many tickets on the stadium plan were available compared to last season.

    Would give a rough indication on final season tickets numbers.
  12. CaptCanary

    A cheap replacement?

    Not referring to the playing squad, but the quality of the new shirt''s crest.

    A colleague of mine said that they had heard reports of the badge peeling off, and I thought she was joking as it had only been out a few days. However, on the 2nd wear of my own one, the badge has started to come off as well.

    It seems to be as the new rubber badge is glued on, rather than the traditional stitched crest. Guessing the glue can''t deal with the hot summer we''re having!
  13. CaptCanary

    Goal Music.

    Let''s worry about scoring a goal 1st....

    Scoring in 2 of the last 9 matches has to be more of a concern.

  14. CaptCanary

    East Anglian derby

    I remember this report when it came out.

    It''s based on a mutual rivalry - for example some Man U fans may list Man City, some Leeds and some Arsenal as their rivals. But it''s not always replicated the other way around, eg: Spurs fans might name Arsenal as their rival and some Arsenal fans will list Spurs, but there will also be Arsenal fans that say Man Utd is their rival.

    Where as we would list Ipswich as our number 1 rival and they would do the same with us.