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  1. With The Times reporting today that social distancing and masks might have to be in place until the Autumn, possibly the end of the year, I wonder how much longer it will be until we get back to a full stadium? Incredible to think we're coming up to a year since the last one. What a great couple of nights they were, beating Leicester at home and Spurs away! Supposed to be going to see The Killers at Carrow Road in June - can't see that happening unfortunately.
  2. As the original fixture was scheduled to be on a Saturday, it means it costs ST holders a tenner.
  3. There was also an interview in the Bury Free Press back in July; https://www.suffolknews.co.uk/bury-st-edmunds/sport/matt-morton-s-story-being-openly-gay-in-non-league-football-9117180/
  4. Thanks Greavsy. I'm happy with the plan to use my full payment for next season, so works for me.
  5. Checking replies to posts you aren't interested in? Yes, I suppose you could call it obsessive. Either that, or you mistyped OTBC x
  6. Morning Greavsy - No letter in the post this morning, so if they did send them Saturday it must've been 2nd class. Probably just waiting for the £25m from Everton to clear in the account before offering refunds! If you hear anything today, please let us all know. Thanks.
  7. Possible incentive could be that they keep the full amount and it pays for next season - but if you take a refund now you might be subject to an increase in renewal price next season (entirely possible having been frozen for so long, and with a huge hole in ticket income).
  8. With it looking more and more less likely of getting into stadiums anytime soon, I would be happy to use the full amount I paid in Feb/Mar against next season. If there are 3 or 4 restricted capacity games in 6 months time, then maybe the 1 in 3 scheme will work, and you just have to buy your ticket for those? That's all reliant on having full stadiums again next season though. I've got tickets to The Killers at Carrow Road in June, and can't see how they can host that, with even more people on the pitch too, if we aren't back up to a full stadium on matchday by May. Wait and see, I guess...
  9. If you add Norwich City to the list of teams you follow, it will then be on your feed. Should be the top story still.
  10. Glad you could make use of the £1 offer. Good to see more and more supporters sign up. There is a post match discussion hosted by MB on The Athletic after each game, and it's noticeable how many new supporters are now involved. This time last season there were only a few of the same people commenting. The more the merrier!
  11. No worries. I signed up last year, and thoroughly recommend it. (No, I'm not MB!).
  12. When I saw their cup game was planned for 24 hours before the league game I thought that it would be moved - quick Twitter search and some Bournemouth fans saying it's on Sunday now and that it's not on Sky now, so miss out on TV revenue. Sky also announced a new Championship game for the Friday time slot last night. Hope you're right about being free, but I'm sure the wording was along the lines of 'midweek' away games being free.
  13. Apparently this game has been moved to the Sunday now, as they are playing Man City on Thursday night on TV. Sounds like the Sunday match won't be on Sky now, so will need to be watched wirh a £10 iFollow pass.
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