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  1. £20 million - cheap? https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/sep/22/barcelona-and-norwich-hold-talks-over-max-aarons-transfer
  2. I saw a clip of fans at Blackpool yesterday, no masks and there were small groups singing, didn't think that was allowed?
  3. Let's see where we are in a few weeks, survival will be good enough for me.
  4. Watched some of the first half, dire. Ultimately though to come away with 3 points will build confidence and the losing streak is now history.
  5. Lets see where Leeds are after ten games, still a couple of quality players short IMO which could be addressed by the end of the transfer window, definitely missed Cooper at the back.
  6. I know I'm not a typical Leeds fan so when I read the blog from roblufc I just laughed, there are though 0000's who actually believe that tripe and I guess they also blindly assume that now we're back in the PL success will follow when in reality it's going to be a struggle to stay there. The club have done their best to add quality to the team so it will be a test of Bielsa's coaching ability to see whether his non-stop pressing game will work at the highest level, my fear is though if it all goes 'pear shaped' he'll just walk away.
  7. I see you've all fallen into the trap, Leeds fans revel in being hated and despised so you're just feeding their enjoyment. My take on the spending - Meslier, Koch and De Paul (if it happens) - excellent Costa and Rodrigo - too expensive Gvardiol (if it happens) - unnecessary As for Augustin, one hell of a mistake if they have to cough up.
  8. I think if they get De Paul that ought to do in this transfer window, there's a young Dutch CB who played in the last couple of games that Bielsa rates highly and he'll be the back-up to Cooper and Koch. They are still keen on Kent at Rangers but I just can't see him getting a start ahead of Costa.
  9. I think Howard Wilkinson's time at Leeds might be seen as a success.
  10. I think people are looking solely at Rodrigo and his price tag when actually he's one of several players they've brought in whilst at the same time giving long term contracts to the youngsters they want to keep. I'd see it more of a gamble if the money was borrowed but Leeds are setup differently now and a bit like Norwich have planned for the future.
  11. I believe the Leeds Adidas deal incorporates bonuses based on numbers of shirts sold and also if they stay in the PL for the full five year term.
  12. Leeds have just signed a five year kit deal with Adidas and have a new shirt sponsor, last year shirt sales were close to 150K and this year will be over 250K perhaps more.
  13. Whether you like them or not they are a big club with a worldwide fan base that has grown since Bielsa became manager, this season's turnover is forecast to be £200 million which is the same as AC Milan's.
  14. Not sure about Rodrigo, would have preferred Watkins - cheaper and younger. As for Messi to Leeds, why not? There is likely to be major investment in the club over the next few months, the San Francisco 49ers already own 10% and want a bigger stake, Leeds are now valued at £300 million. Staying in the PL is a must.
  15. Norwich currently have one of the strongest squads so should be thinking of top 6 as a minimum, a good start is essential to build confidence.
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