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  1. How can someone like this be 'rehabilitated' and is a prison the best place for them rather than some sort of mental health establishment?
  2. Last season 69 points was enough for 6th place but I think that might be nearer to 74/75 this year, given the away form is pretty poor that means winning every home game including the derby.
  3. I think there are several players that are clearly not up to full fitness and being 'managed' (Hanley, Barnes and Sargent), Duffy will likely join the list when he returns.
  4. Not a disaster because Hull only drew and Coventry lost last night but another missed opportunity, must win next week.
  5. If all the players are fit then Wagner shouldn't change the team apart from starting McCallum who continues to improve, Blackburn have lost half their home games so City have nothing to fear, keep Szmodics quiet and it could be a good afternoon.
  6. Near complete performance, Cardiff were dreadful though and I was not in the least bit concerned when City went a goal down. For some reason the away directors area was empty which I've never seen before, either they were in one of the lounges or they simply didn't turn up just like the team.
  7. Only a win will do, I assume Sargent is out so expect Barnes to be the lone striker. I'd like to see McCallum start ahead of DG as he offers more going forward but can't see that happening, so the only changes will be Nunez for Sargent and Hanley for Sorenson.
  8. Sargent was injured after about 30 minutes, I was surprised he came out in the second half but I guess they hoped he could 'run it off'. To be honest, he's not looked 100% right since he came back but he's so important to the team that I can see why Wagner is trying to squeeze as much out of him as he can.
  9. You'd like to think winning 6 out of the remaining 7 home games plus a couple away ought to be enough.
  10. If I had to use one word to describe last night it would be 'lucky'. After the second goal went in I honestly thought it could be 4 or 5 as Watford were that bad and City had total control, a defensive error let them back in the game just before half time and after the break it was all Watford. The enforced subs meant a change of formation and when the equaliser came I thought City would be lucky to get a draw, Sara was about to be subbed before he scored as Wagner intended to protect a point but the goal killed Watford and the last 15 minutes were a breeze.
  11. The majority of the negative comments are simply borne out of frustration, 2-1 up and in control Wagner completely changes the shape of the side which let QPR back into it.
  12. A West Brom win would effectively see them 8 points ahead, a draw is the best outcome.
  13. The French state pension system is very complicated, depending on your job and when you started work your pension can kick in from age 50 onwards. Last year the pension starting age for most industry sectors was increased but the latest age (67) remained the same. How powerful your union is within each sector also has a big effect, someone working in a train ticket office can retire at 57 whereas an ordinary office worker or a shop worker will have to wait until 67.
  14. This is the perfect opportunity for Idah to get a run of games as a starter in a less competitive league, if things don't work out then the club have a decision to make in the summer.
  15. Really, he's only just started at Aberdeen.
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