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  1. Leeds are struggling so this is very winnable.
  2. Would City have been able to spend so much over the summer without PP's?
  3. It took three years after the Abu Dhabi takeover of Man City for them to win the PL on the last day of the season so I just can't see Newcastle doing it inside 18 months.
  4. If the whole squad is only worth £106 million then either Webber has massively overpaid for the recent additions or Cantwell and Aarons are not nearly as valuable as people thought.
  5. I think it's still way too early to assume relegation is a certainty because there are too many teams struggling at the bottom, the biggest issue for me at the moment is the lack of creativity.
  6. Way too early to consider getting rid of Farke. The squad additions have presumably been chosen because they will fit in with the system that City play, a new manager will undoubtedly change the set up which may not suit all the players so yet more will need to be bought in January.
  7. The paperwork to gain entry into Brazil would have been done by the Argentinian football authorities who clearly must have thought there wasn't going to be an issue otherwise they wouldn't have picked him, this is an almighty ****-up and it's baffling how Buendia and the other players got as far as the stadium before this was spotted.
  8. It works both ways though, people on here don't rate Bamford but you can't argue with his form over the last two seasons.
  9. Calvert-Lewin is injured and out of the squad, with three games in such a short period and only two central strikers chosen Bamford has to play, if not why pick him in the first place?
  10. Although the actual fee is likely to be less than that it's still way too much for a player who is inconsistent and unlikely to displace Harrison in the starting line up.
  11. I watched a fair chunk of the game yesterday and Cantwell just didn't look interested at times, he is such a frustrating player as the ability is clearly there but something is missing at the moment and the team needs players to give 100% every game otherwise they won't survive.
  12. Leeds was a massive gamble though and only for someone with deep pockets, 2019/20 was last chance saloon and if they hadn't have gone up the possible losses would have been huge.
  13. I think there's a big difference between disruptive/clever fouls and bookable offences, both Liverpool and Man City are brilliant at the former yet are bottom of the league for yellow cards and have been for the last 2/3 years. Not sure who in either of those two teams can be described as 'physical' so I don't see Norwich are necessarily being 'out-muscled' more they're just being out-thought by cleverer and more experienced players.
  14. Leeds are going to struggle until they've got their first eleven fully fit as Bielsa won't start players who aren't up to the required fitness level.
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