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  1. I think that applies more to Buendia than Aarons who has a set position and will be seen as a direct replacement for an existing player.
  2. If Harry Winks leaves Spurs then Skipp will go straight into their first team squad.
  3. I would also add a keeper as back-up to TK and be looking around for direct replacements for Buendia, Aarons and Cantwell in case they all leave.
  4. I would have thought seeing the leaders 10 points ahead and seemingly over their 'blip' would deflate the confidence of the chasing pack so they start to focus on finishing second.
  5. Except that they're loans and not good enough for the PL which both Godfrey and Lewis clearly are.
  6. There are obviously several ways to look at the same statistics, two years ago City averaged 2 goals a game but so far this season it's 1.35, does this mean City have struggled for goals or are teams that much harder to break down now?
  7. Is the standard of the Championship lower than two years ago?
  8. Leeds have several injuries, three out of the four first team signings are out and Philips has also missed the last two games. Apart from Raphinha the current first XI is last years Championship side so it's no surprise they're struggling.
  9. Big game on Friday against the runaway leaders.
  10. If you're not naturally quick no amount of modern training is going to change that, the likes of Iwan Roberts couldn't be transformed from carthorse to greyhound for example, he was suited to a style of play that was effective at the time but would just look out of place now.
  11. The game is so quick now many of the players I watched in the 70's and 80's just wouldn't be able to keep up.
  12. Brentford had to replace Watkins but given they got £28 million+ for him spending a fraction of that was not a massive financial gamble. As things have turned out who would you rather have Hugill or Toney?
  13. Not in a million years, Aarons is valued at £20 million max with Buendia less than that.
  14. Despite the current poor run of results City are still top and averaging two points a game which is promotion form, given the next few games are against lower opposition I'd start Idah to see what he can do as Pukki looks devoid of confidence at the moment.
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