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  1. damn that Ralph Coates!

    Chris Hughton

    Actually, after his past years away from here, I am now forgiving him for his slightly defensive approach, desperately late substitutions in the relegation season etc etc, as tonight on Sky Sports coverage he was plainly the great guy he used to be. Very complimentary and clearly still has a massive soft spot for our club. Class act tonight in fact.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49695917
  3. damn that Ralph Coates!

    song for Amadou?

    haven't seen him live yet, so don't know if there is already a chant. But suppose rhyme with Agadoo would be reasonable? I suggest just the first couple of lines with the crowd making the arm signs?? cant make lyrics too complex
  4. damn that Ralph Coates!

    Pukki Video

    oh just what we need, someone making a video of why Pukki is effective..... suppose the other teams already fathomed it out though
  5. damn that Ralph Coates!


    agreed - deserves place, a different sort of player, offers something else. Note Buendia has had two average games, so Stieps isn't the only player "getting up to speed" in the Prem
  6. damn that Ralph Coates!

    What was the first Norwich match you went to see?

    1973 League Cup Final, Wembley. lost 1-0 sadly teams at 2mins on youtube - Peters was playing for Spurs. My favourites were the legends Paddon, Keelan, Stringer. Their damned sub scored their winner.
  7. damn that Ralph Coates!

    Talk crap at it again!!!

    I don't let it bother me - I just hope plenty of teams under-estimate us
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/premier-league/norwich-city-bring-farke-ball-to-premier-league-but-cannot-afford-resurgence-of-defensive-struggles/ar-AAF0RYZ?ocid=spartanntp not surprisingly, it's about attacking Farke-ball prowess versus defensive frailties. nice stat was that in the last 20 years, only two of the 22 teams promoted from the Championship with a goal difference of +36 or more were relegated the following season.
  9. damn that Ralph Coates!

    New 👕

    when is away kit released?
  10. damn that Ralph Coates!

    Ben Godfrey - phew

    will need Ben marking Salah next month, so major phew!
  11. damn that Ralph Coates!

    lack of quality signings

    some of those female world cup players today could do a job at Ipswich...… they have a "history" of success with Dutch players like Muhren in the 1970s, so some of those Netherland female players could fit in with the existing binner line-up
  12. damn that Ralph Coates!

    Stunning season - at a cost

    OP is a binner. Feel sorry for him.
  13. damn that Ralph Coates!

    Bielsa trying to pronounce Ipswich

    Arsene Wenger used to struggle with us, "Naw-witch"
  14. damn that Ralph Coates!

    Farke Chokes !!!

    Binner whiff in this thread.... Anyway, I actually would like all out attack now, as a 5-0 thrashing of Blackburn maximises our chance of winning the title
  15. damn that Ralph Coates!

    Is there any chance Farke won’t start Buendia?

    opposition clubs prepare for the team we have been playing week -in and week-out.... soI can't see that having some changes of tired players would be a bad thing.