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  1. lucky so-and-so's, they are now are closest rivals
  2. OP, your team In Suffolk has had an upturn in form so keep to your own binner forum
  3. we have a few anonymous players at moment so I'd make changes to anyone who doesn't mind the surface and are are eager to impress. This ref also doesn't seem impressed when we try and buy a foul.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55373546 they really are appalling
  5. crikey, when will we start posting highlights of our loan players!
  6. sadly even if they lose, they are only 5 points off automatic promotion places. This means their delusions will continue.
  7. remember those times well, and these posts certainly highlight those sorts of dilemmas. Crooky could pick a pass, like his famous "chips" behind for Bowen to latch on to, whilst Micky Phelan was a workhorse, great engine. Andy Townsend was solid, dogged and could score too. Shows the benefit of a squad.... everyone had their use. eg in the team named above, Rob "Bambi" Rosario was simply awkward for opposition defenders. Although I was never feeling happy when we posted up Rob Newman to be a makeshift striker!
  8. if Hugill coming on as a sub, surely we have to provide some crosses for him.....
  9. The customary interview with home manager wont be allowed to be "live, and will need to have bleeps.
  10. top of division after 12 games.... i'd have taken that at the start of the season
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