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  1. I hope Villa don't stay up by virtue of the goal Sheff Utd had disallowed (where the ball was so far over the line a partially sighted ref should have spotted it). ONE POINT THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD
  2. how many subs do we get today to use now? Stieperman, Josh Martin, Famewo?
  3. why not Godfrey for POTS? For his young age, has had ridiculous level of responsibility with all the others injured. Nearly scored our goal of the season yesterday
  4. we got one less due to sending off I take it, as we only used the 5?
  5. This was Webber's point, but things like the decisive Scottish league decision on Hearts make most of us feel v pessimistic now about our chances. Null and Void will not be happening anywhere else now either
  6. I agree. Sadly behind closed doors, there will be matches played
  7. sadly I think the majority of clubs want this, and our meagre squad will be forced into playing every 72hrs, behind closed doors but on TV, until they confirm our relegation.
  8. Thanks very much Til. Great that you posted this
  9. yes, he was brilliantly solid - but have we got any injured defenders now, or just loads of cramp? and will they be alright by the weekend game?
  10. binners will be slashing their wrists after the cup win - or more likely saying that we're nothing as they have FA cup history.
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