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  1. We don't appear to be missing him at Bramall Lane
  2. did they make them in Lowestoft? https://www.harrodsport.com/football/c-fbl
  3. Sargent would definitely have scored one of Haaland's headed chances today
  4. he must have something that consecutive managers see, and so I'll have him in the team if they say so. However yesterday it was clear he is not a playmaker. Toothless, not incisive, didn't have anything fast about his play sadly (and yet no one else in our team was looking to grab the game by the scruff of the neck)
  5. yes I really like the way Smith and Shaket remain so visible and involved - hopefully it inspires player commitmemnt to the cause
  6. Certainty for USA squad. Goals/game rate second only to Haaland and perhaps Mitrovic??
  7. op can go back to studying his binner team's body language
  8. yes dont see them around now, but they were a liability. Surprised anyone didnt have career-ending injuries due to the close proximity.
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