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  1. by theat time, wecould end with Dimi, Fass, Gunn, Fisher and Sydney! 😂
  2. total lottery - best to give the big characters left on the pitch their chance of glory
  3. by the time added time and extra time will have been played, the chances of Barnes being on the pitch to take one after 120+12 mins will be zero. In fact bearing in mind Wagner's favourite substitustions, we will only have Kenny and Sara on the pitch of those 5, and we will be relying on Sydney and Danny Batth to score worldie penalties (that will be worth a hundred million each in revenue). Hope they're all practising them at Colney
  4. otherwise season ticket holders would buy their friends/family members their tickets before Wednesday?
  5. if we do get the required results this weekend, who would you prefer to be drawn to play in the initial two-legs play off? Binners, Southampton or Leeds?
  6. start Sydney VH, and let Sarg sit in an armchair on the sidelines to be brought on as sub if Hull City are 5 nil up against Plymouth. start Fisher, rest Stacey. start Lungi, rest Nunez and/or Sara and/or Kenny. start Montoia, rest McCallum. give Rowe some game time from start, rest Borja. give Hanley and Baath a start, Duffy needs resting. Is Dimi ready for a few minutes? Get squad ready for next two/three matches, but have a great subs bench in case of any eventuality. We don't need unnecessary injuries like we have picked up on Onel, Gibbs and Barnes.
  7. if Mark Robins can motivate his team to give his loyal Coventry fans something to cheer about on Tuesday night with a last home win of the season, then we could hope for Agent Farke to do the necessary on Saturday afternoon against Agent Russ Martin's team who are being rested for play off duties..... Could be the perfect end to scum season
  8. remember the Fulham 6-0 on a last day of a season in 2005 when we needed an away win to stay up, so sadly we won't be planning on playing our academy players to rest our strongest ones for the play offs
  9. if SVH bags an injury-time brace in extra-time at Wembley v binners in play off final, Knapper will then be a saint, and I will personally carry him around the Carrow Rd pitch on the first home game of the premier league season of the 2025-6 season.
  10. but the annoying b*st*rd played right back for Spurs when we lost the 1973 League Cup final 1-0 to them. RIP (mind you, Martin Peters captained them that day, and I totally forgave him later!)
  11. Clarke will regret the point deduction. Great fight though.
  12. I'm really hoping Jonny Howson will grace us with his presence at an away game sometime soon!
  13. I hope that any Norwich players who played with him have told him what they thought of the gamesmaship/cheating,however commonplace this behavior has become
  14. binners have won 28 points from losing positions this season. About time we do this ourselves in these coming weeks, and then again against those scum in the play off final 🙂
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