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  1. Goodbye player of the season and all the best at Derby. Guess you were surplus to requirements and didnt fancy being on the bench. Damn
  2. Not so much send in the Wolf rather loan out the Wolf. Seriously whats the point in the guy- We could loan the guy in Januray instead? Guess we are loaning him out until his contract runs out and hope someone buys him in the meantime.
  3. Wiki page updated already. Interesting Strike rate, but not at the major leagues. Reckon  he will get some though.
  4. People on the forum seem to love this guy. His stats look awful at almost 1 in 6 strike rate for stoke/ipswich. Is this really the player we need? Can someone explain what he will bring as most I can imagine is someone to hold up the ball and sub for Jerome. Is this Elmander 2?
  5. Pigs meet fly! But since she was a little chubby she could get away.I took home a porka!
  6. The bit I read said he''s consulted the PFA because the suspension was given before a formal hearing. Does that matter?
  7. I like Grabban and he got some goals last season at some critical points so in that respect he''s ok with me. NOW we have to consider our position. If we don''t have a another striker coming in we should keep him and we need him. Jerome, Grabban/RVW, Hooper, Loza, Lafferty. Cmon purely from that listing we need him. And if it comes to selling him to bournemouth not a chance. If he is to be punished then leave him out the 25 man squad list.
  8. In Loans what  generally are the conditions for recalling a player say if we needed him back. I don''t have NA''s email address to ask our Loans manager.
  9. "Will history look kinder on Hughton?" Than a bunch of Norwich fans who are clearly annoyed and frustrated with him.Well.....Yes
  10. Werent QPR(stating they have had 2 bids so far) saying they value the guy the same as Benteke so that saying they want 32million.
  11. I liked it as it had some things going on like a stage and games for kids, but wasn''t blown away and I think as fanszone go they could do a lot better. My beer cost £4 and the mobile beer station station we queued in ran out of beer, but failed to mention there was a another in the corner with no queue. It was sunny so had some chat with home and away fans. Travelling on my own I had not seen many Norwich fans drinking around the ground so was happy this was here for that.
  12. So I want away to Carlisle and others want a home game to lower league. Fingers crossed
  13. [quote user="morty"]Literally no one is ar$ed about cup competitions any more.[/quote]But guys we could be the ones that can''t be arsed in the Semi finals! For one I would like to see a decent cup run for once. AN will be the man to deliver.
  14. Oh and also who thinks AN will field strong side that give a **** about the cups.
  15. Forrest lost 3:4 to Walsall. Who do we want in the League cup 2nd round.Since I''m a Scot I''m bias and fancy as always.... Away to Carlisle!
  16. Anyone catch the Football league show last night? Bit rubbish on channel 5, but a few ideas like having people on. Loved the Bury walk in goal though.
  17. Last season was awesome! tight close race, winning games and the playoff final. Lots of players doing well. Lets take time to remember before tomorrow when we start the season. Anyone got good memories of last season? I loved going to Norwich and watching the link up play for Howsons goal and Jeromes Brilliant finish in his goal against Nottingham. Play off final has to be mentioned we destroyed them in 20minutes and I I lost my voice.
  18. I''d post this on the Sunderland forum maybe.
  19. I hope we don''t go in for him. Hardly a name I hear thats makes me think amazing player. Looked at his stats not exactly banging in the goals. One we should avoid or like someone already stated as backup
  20. Thinking in regard to finishing 2nd which we Scots do I''ve noticed Slovakia have six wins from six in their Euro 2016 so far beating Spain in the process. Slovenia hmmmm. Should not be a problem for England though.
  21. [quote user="Herman "]Some decent places to visit in that lot. Vilnius, Valetta, Ljubljana, Bratislava and er....... Glasgow.[/quote]Err yes Glasgow...Come visit and travel to Bellshill nearby where the AN is from. Mind you I live 15miles away and can''t be arsed doing that.
  22. Does anyone know a website that contains line up from all ours games. Interested most in 99/00 season.
  23. [quote user="clarkey1972"]anyone know when tickets go on sale?[/quote]They are on sale now! Now! Now! Now! No idea what the allocation is, but good price, ticket and cabbage good price.
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