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  1. [quote user="SeattleCanary"]Agreed. Holt was 300k? BJ was free. The players are out there to be found, unfortunately we just waste the little money that we do have on players that do not suit our system or our team, and end up spending time on the bench instead. We just can''t afford that kind of luxury. I wonder what people think regarding possible outgoings in January? With the way the team are currently playing do we even care if Brady, Olsson, Klose and Naismith leave in January? I wouldn''t be too bothered so long as we signed players in their positions.[/quote] If we could sign a solid centre half that is proven at this level then Id happily take a fair deal for klose. and wouldn''t complain is naimsith went as well.
  2. [quote user="KiwiScot"]We need some experience and proven players. We are over relying on a young manager and to many young players with no experience.[/quote] agree with you, we have signed young players but not anyone proven in the championship or at any level really. its just been a very disappointing few transfers windows for us, and I think Neil has to take the main blame for that.
  3. Yes possibly, but we sold Redmond for good money and invested that money in pritchard, and we didn''t really need anyone else in that position. obviously pritchard is a good young players, but I feel that money could have been spend in areas of more importance. I agree that you don''t want to put club in debt, but signing 2/3 top players isn''t going to ruin the club. top teams are in massive debt yet still spend millions. we are in a position to spend 20million on some top players to help us.
  4. I''ve been reading all the comments about sacking Neil and feel it is time to change. My main concern is that he has at two summer windows and I don''t see any improvements in the squad he started with. As soon as we got promoted last time, every single fan said we need a striker who will score goals, that never happened and then he failed to sign another one this window. We all knew that defensively we needed improvement and yes we signed klose, but surely any scout (or Neil) should see from watching him that he isn''t quick enough at this level (let alone the PL) and he seems to get bullied by any striker that tries. That business in the windows just isn''t good enough and concerns me.
  5. i agree, midfield started well and dominated early on. then went to bits after they scored. well Hughton never has been great with subs, why he bothers with Elmander is beyond me, does nothing every time.
  6. I don''t know what Elmander brings, useless player. Surely give Becchio a go if Elmander is doing nothing every week.
  7. he possibly could of come for the ball, i did think that at the time. but hard to blame him for the goal. both looked overrun in midfield by villa really
  8. I think like ruddy, Tettey was left exposed in midfield at times completely agree, everytime they came forward after the goal, we looked scared, started to back of them and let them play. we just panicked with everything.
  9. don''t think olsson did alot wrong really, been one of the more consistent performers this season. apart from him and ruddy, no one really stood out. i thought tettey was okaay, and again when fit has been good this year.
  10. the last two games hooper has started, in both games he has been one on one with the keeper and not scored, we have created that chance for him I agree that we don''t create enough chances in games, but you''d expect your striker to score when through on goal.
  11. our centre backs just seemed scared of him. they didn''t expect to beat him.
  12. I''m not sure that lack of confidence should mean they leave in the summer, a lucky break of a couple of wins and confidence can come back quickly. we do lack a leader at times, players seem to shy away from that when we aren''t winning. in my opinion the midfield is good enough, just a matter on consistency at times. our strikers need a lucky break with a goal to gain some confidence. a confident hooper would of scored that chance to today.
  13. if you give that, you give 10 or so penalties a game for it.
  14. [quote user="Making Plans"][quote user="ricardo"][quote user="ncfcben"]Don''t think it was a foul on Bassong, Benteke just wanted to win the ball more than Bassong. we looked like we didn''t think we could get back in the game.[/quote]So much so that he had both arms on Bassongs shoulders.[/quote]It was all about desire & determination, nothing to do with "arms on shoulders". [/quote] I completely agree, bassong didn''t seem like he wanted the battle with benteke.
  15. that happens every time the ball goes in the box, I''m sure out defenders did it at some point during the game. you would be livid if that was us and a fall was given.
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