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  1. Just find it odd to be honest how anyone in that position can get so down. I''ve suffered pretty severely for about 8 years, ended up on a drip having my stomach pumped on my 21''st birthday after guzzling around 50 pills and I have quite literally nothing going for me and a very bleak future on the horizon. i know how it can affect you even on supposedly good days and when you''re surrounded by good people but I don''t get how they start to feel that way in the first place when they''re just so unbelievably blessed and fortunate. Those moments when you literally, feel like you''re in hell, your vision plays tricks on you and the feeling is so nauseating and scary that there only seems to be one option out is fu(k1ng awful, when it actually terrifies you how sick, torn apart and miserable you feel, you wonder how you can go from being a normal adolescent to being in pain literally every second but I honestly believe I''d be able to pull myself out of it if i had just one single positive to cling onto. Nevermind being a footballer, a young person who''s not trapped in poverty, having someone else to call, having just something to cling onto. It''s odd, you''d think having the same illness I''d be sympathetic but I just end up wondering how the fu(k he got to that point in the first place. Also being a high profile figure he''s had a multitude of options open to him, in my position there''s nothing. Just people telling you to man up or kill yourself, girls calling you a weird loser for not being the typical happy, confident guy, employers taking advantage of your state to trap you into insidious and draining working patterns because you''ll be called a workshy waste of skin if you don''t comply. Or you''ll be sacked and one of the other 2000 applicants for a part time minimum wage job will get my place and you''ll be forced to live on £45 a week at the government''s pleasure. I get annoyed everytime I see one of these articles. There''s having severe depression and having support and an escape route and there''s having severe depression and having nothing, no one and only voices both in your head and in real life telling you what a pile of sh1t you are and how you should just kill yourself (like a vast swathe of young men already have and will continue to that never gets reported on because it doesn''t chime in with current popular agendas) and having no hope of recovery. This may be unpopular but I have very little sympathy for him or others in such privileged positions suffering from this because of the millions across the globe suffering similarly or worse and have nothing coming but a sad ending in the future. I mean he has a wife! A lot of guys I know have never even had a partner of any kind. Most of them including myself get spat on and laughed at by women and nothing else. It''s funny to most people, because they never have that issue, but that kind of isolation and rejection will play havok with ones head I assure you I''m sure i''ll get lambasted and called an attention seeking loser but my rants never will never get in the paper so whatever. Cedric Anselin and the rest should count their fu(king blessings tbh. I''m not talking about anyone who from the outside in would appear to have a decent life. But professional sportsmen and women have it beyond good, they''re unbelievably lucky and privileged and I''ll never be able to get my head around one sinking to the same state I''m in.
  2. Tbf none of us could have predicted just how bad Naismith would have turned out. I wasn''t on this thread but in Jan 2016 I would have taken Naismith as well every single time. Scouts/management team should have seen it though, was a massive clanger on their part. But that lot identified RVW to lead the line for a PL Hughton team so I guess we shouldn''t be surprised
  3. I don''t doubt the ability of the top ref''s in this country for a second. I couldn''t do what they do, but as is usually the case, most at the top of their profession are arrogant, self important d1(kholes and that impacts on their performance. We can all accept a poor ref that gets decisions wrong for both teams, we''ve occasionally seen them at CR and it evokes more humorous criticism than vociferous abuse, it IS a really hard job. But among the refs who feel like they''ve attained celebrity status you will get biased and at times farcically one sided performances and that''s what winds people up so much. The FA now needs to work on curbing some of Ref''s personality instead of encouraging it. If we could somehow have robotic referee''s it would be much better, we don''t need them imposing their ''style'' on a game, fans have absolutely 0 interest in seeing it yet oddly if you look at the ref profiles they almost seem to champion those who impose their own style on a game. How they go about changing this behaviour I don''t know, but for the sake of all our sanity something has to be done. It may just be part of the game now, but it really shouldn''t and doesn''t have to be.
  4. Gotta love daly. Look mate, firstly not every person in one generation of people is exactly the same. Many people in mine are feckless idiots and I won''t dispute that. But it''s a minority, those of us who work hard but just find ourselves in unfavourable circumstances are never reported on or talked about. Secondly that''s Norwich, a brilliant place to live full of opportunity. Those of us stuck out in the sticks with the only metropolitan area within reach being dead, forgotten little seaside towns full of down and outs or little villages without a single place of business aren''t so lucky and certainly can''t go out spending £100 every weekend at the riverside. The reason many people in my age group find ourselves on the opposite political spectrum to you is not because we want something for nothing, an easy life, or feel entitled to something. It''s because many of us work damn hard, but still find ourselves in abject poverty. The dream of working hard to make something of yourself isn''t available to many of us and we''ll spend our whole lives spinning our wheels and getting spat on by those more fortunate. The system doesn''t work anymore, it''s not about being entitled. If you work hard and try to be a decent person in general you should absolutely not have to live in poverty with absolutely no future prospects. It shouldn''t just be the top 10/20% of people who get to escape a miserable existence. Sorry for going OT but I get so frustrated by opinions like that. Those on the J Kyle show/featured in the Daily Mail etc are sadly a decent proportion of my generation but I hate how we all get tarred with the same brush. No problem with those in attendance btw. I was simply stating that most in Norfolk are getting on a bit so it''s no surprise that any large group of people from this area will contain a lot of oldies. Wasn''t taking the mick, it''s just how things are in this county. I don''t begrudge you lot anything. It''s those at the very top who have screwed my generation and I lay the blame at their feet. Just incase you interpreted my post as attacking the older guys for what it''s worth. Anyway, sorry again for the long ramble. Enjoy the match tonight guys!
  5. Pretty much what i see every time I rock up to CR. Norfolk itself with the exception of Norwich is also completely dominated by pensioners, at most I''d say about 10% of the people I run into day to day are under 60. It''s no surprise that most in attendance were getting on a bit. Plus, most people of working age aren''t going to have that kind of disposable income, particularly younger people in Norfolk where again, outside of Norwich things are extremely tough. £100 a share? Yeah, no thanks. Not when the owners won''t put a penny in without expecting to be paid it back. Don''t give a multi million £ business owned by multi millionaires money for a useless piece of paper. Give it to a charity or something if you can afford to throw it away like that!
  6. Season isn''t over yet binboy. We''ve yet to hit second gear which is worrying in itself but at least leaves room for improvement. Your team is at the top of their game and the only way is down. to be honest I reckon we''ll finish within 5 points of each other and end up mid table. But I know for damn sure which style of football I''d rather watch and that''s with me not being particularly enamoured with short, possesion football now or ever before. Watching your team when they''re not at the top of their game is like watching a cr4ppy, low intensity Championship reserve game from 2005. When your team loses confidence or goes through a sticky patch you''ll be far too busy seething at your own club to smugly post on here. Personally I''d like to see us play like Burnley/Watford/2015 Leicester. High intensity, fast, counter attacking football with a team full of pace, power and determination. But I''d take the worst kind of tippy tappy cr4p over what you get served up at Poorman road every day of the week
  7. That style of football can be extremely effective. The problem with Mick''s football isn''t apparent when the team is in good form or on a good run, which they are on right now. It looks clever and efficient. The problem is when it isn''t working, which is more often than not with their budget it is unbearable to watch. Far worse than anything we''ve witnessed at CR this year. Imagine winning the ball back finally after only having 30% possession all game and immediately seeing our players mindlessly hit it long almost every bloody time. Our fans wouldn''t tolerate it. They''re in form and confident right now. So they''ll make a lot of teams they play look silly. It won''t last though and they''ll settle back into a rut again soon enough and after a couple of abysmal looking defeats they''ll all turn on MM/their players again.
  8. No one outside of the real loonies actually think the club/board have been siphoning money away from the most important aspects of running the team Fans grievances are Gambling on obscure managers and clinging onto them for much longer than any other club would Spending the money poorly Not having adequate scouting networks/backroom infrastructure set up Investing heavily in youth but having the academy neglected by our coaching/technical staff Completely giving up in 2014/last season after sacking the manager too late Jobs for the boys at boardroom level Pay for directors that doesn''t reflect their contribution to the club/ability in their role A refusal to let this club grow and move into the new global era Putting the interests of the club after that of their family (You could argue purposefully harming it for the benefit of one already extremely privileged young man) Among other things, I''m sure there''s more. They''ve got an awful lot right over the years and when you take our finances into account they''ve done a really good job as owners for the vast majority of their tenure. But fans right now have some very valid grievances about how we''ve been run/some decisions and the future direction of the club that''s not related to the club just not spending money and Mick Dennis/The board damn well know that. This condescending, poorly timed drivel just misses the point entirely. That article reads like it was written by someone living on a different planet. Clearly doesn''t think much of our fanbase at all.
  9. Hope he gets enough time and can turn it around, if not, then I really, really hope the board go for a manager who''s more concered with winning games than a pjilosopy or setting up positivly/attacking/defensive etc Last time we had a manager not set in a style of play or mindset was Lambert. I''d like to see us go for the style of play Lambert used, the one Burnley are doing so well with and that Leicester won the title with. Focus on winning one v one duels, keep defensive duties simple, get the ball forward quickly with fast counters, defend with your life off the ball, pace and power up front with a physical, perpetually confident striker and keep things as simple as possible, allowing players to focus on winning their battles. If this philosophy can get going and we do well off of it then fantastic and I''m still full of hope that it will. If not I want to see us try for a style that will get the best out of limited players, so counter attacking football with a team full of energetic, committed, physical players. Huddersfield was a fluke imo, we should be looking at emulating Burnley instead imo. From what I know about our fans I think they''d absolutely love that style of football
  10. Good man and good manager as long as you can keep him away from the clubs transfer dealings. If he could compromise a bit and work under a good DoF he could have a big future in the game. He likes to work as an old school style manager when his strengths really suit being a head coach. I''d be really intrigued to see how he got on in a set up like ours. When he''s not the one building the team/scouting players/telling players to move on I think he could be pretty brilliant tbh
  11. There''s a lot of good in what he''s doing, but we have got to always have someone pacy and direct in the midfield to make us less predictable. We''re close to being into something good, we just need another Tettey type player, another player who can run with the ball and beat a man and a forward with a decent finish and clever movement. Sadly i don''t think we can get any of them which isn''t really Farke''s fault. Although why he''s started some games without either Murphy or Wildschut i really don''t know, that one baffles me to be honest
  12. Just my opinion but Neil would get more out of this squad imo, maybe not the Germans but most of the others, provided he had a sporting director to temper his absolutely mental transfer urges. Farke gets more out of last years team though, we were lacking determination and team spirit under AN, we''re lacking technical quality under Farke. Switch them round and both squads do better imo
  13. I really love these posts but it just further highlights what I''m really worried about. We''ve got good people in place, but we missed the boat, we reacted instead of being proactive and now we don''t have the finances to fulfill the potential in this structure. It''s so frustrating, but I guess that comes with supporting a club like ours, we''ll always be nearly men, looking back in hindsight will be an exercise in self masochism and to go slightly OT we just can''t seem to shake the trait of being a club that just can''t rise to the occasion of beating small or poorly performing clubs. We''ll always be one of those teams that can beat Sheffield Utd away then lose abjectly to bottom of the league Bolton, I''ve only been following the club since 2001 but from what I gather this has always been a Norwich thing and it''ll never change no matter what coaching team or players we have. For me all our current problems stem from getting relegated in 2013 and not sacking hughton early enough. I''m as frustrated as anyone by our current struggles but I think Webber/Farke deserve our full support, it''s not their fault we''re in this mess and even if you have grievances with the owners I don''t think turning on the team would do us any favours. I genuinely believe if we went down to L1 now we''d stay there indefinitely. It sucks that we''ve allowed ourselves to fall to this position so easily but I think we need to stick with the team/manager this year and just accept that we''re Championship also-rans this year and results like drawing to Barnsley at home and basically just the level we''re at now
  14. Spent most of the game checking my phone for other scores and reading the pink un. Really don''t do that very often, even if it''s a poor game I like to concentrate on how teams are squaring off tactically, there was no point today because we were so far off the pace. We could''ve come up with a perfect gameplan but when the players are so lethargic and switched off it becomes kind of pointless, we had no shape, no desire to win second balls and when we got the ball back no one was brave enough to drive forward and play the fast, incisive angled passing you need to break teams down within this structure. Hopefully we were just off the pace today, it happens when the squad is full of inexperienced, young players, but damn we were poor today. Can''t comment on Farke''s tactical approach because a Lambert-esque masterplan wouldn''t have worked with the players being so far off the pace but the changes we made actually made things worse and so often we were caught out on the counter with the opposition in miles of space which was worrying. Very worried tbh. I believe in what Farke is trying to implement but we looked like a demotivated team out of ideas that gave up far too easily. You couldn''t even effectively play McCarthy-ball with players so full of fear, so hesitant and so far off the pace, after an international break it''s worrying that we came back in that mental state. fingers crossed today was just a one-off. Despite picking up a point I think that''s the worst we''ve played since Millwall
  15. How much would a revamp cost? Does anyone know? It''s fair enough not asking our owners to dip into their pockets for the ludicrous price of players/staff but surely they could spare a few 100k to get their investment up to scratch. I wouldn''t even mind us taking out a small amount of debt to get it done if it''s holding us back, without investment we need to maximise our chances any other way we can. Asking fans is absolutely not the way to go through, when our owners have wealth, let''s say a low estimate of 10 million, they shouldn''t be asking people earning 10-30k pa for help funding a football club. It''s a bit of a cheek really, especially given the substantial investment most of us already put in.
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