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  1. Idah’s got to start you would think but who knows?
  2. One of the finest songwriters of our generation. I urge everyone to have a listen to A Pair of Brown Eyes or A Rainy Night in Soho and raise a glass to his beautiful poetry in song. RIP and God Bless Shane.
  3. Can see the loan being terminated with this potential scandal hanging over him.
  4. I’d have started Idah over Hwang and Sainz over Argos. But we shall see, fingers crossed Barnes makes the difference.
  5. That’s pretty disgraceful behaviour from them. I had a recent experience with Epic Studios not nearly as bad but poor customer service nonetheless. I emailed, using their own contact form, to ask a question regarding seating/standing arrangements for a recent comedy/poetry gig. I am autistic and needed to know in advance the setup. Which I explained to them. No reply. Nothing. Very disappointing service. Due to other family issues I didn’t go anyway in the end. But I still now view them in a negative light. Hope you complain and at least get some sort of apology.
  6. Beauty of a goal by our Lauren Hemp, to put Man City 2-1 up. Just saying.
  7. Remember when we beat Manchester City not so long ago? Sighhh!
  8. We could welcome Lauren Hemp back home too, she knows where the goal is.
  9. Hayes has said she will be leaving club football and looks very likely she will become USA’s womens manager. would absolutely welcome her as Norwich coach however.
  10. Don’t think Wagner rates him for some reason.
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