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  1. ec-p

    Sky Sports Is Now Free !

    Thanks for the heads-up. Just paused mine online.
  2. ec-p

    Without using google

    1) Joni Mitchell- A case of you. Beautiful song. 2) Bowie- Life on Mars 3) ? Cohen or Dylan?
  3. Well it’s a bloody good job he was off making other loan arrangements last night or we may have had him in goal in a cup game instead of penalty king Krul.
  4. I have seen sheer desire to fight hard and give it their all by a number of players. Krul, Cantwell, Zimmerman and Pukki are generally working their socks off. Krul always barking at our defence and organising them. Tettey is always vocal after they’ve had a poor game too. As a collective though maybe you have a point.
  5. One of our own Lauren Hemp, plays for Man City women’s team.
  6. ec-p

    Liverpool Match Thread

    Emi on bench.
  7. Great strike. For me Howson either had an outstanding game or was completely anonymous, especially in his last couple of seasons. Anyone know how he’s doing at the moment?
  8. ec-p

    Looking ahead

    Should Pukki leave, I’m sure it will be with our good wishes, much like Maddison. Gave their all in their time here.
  9. ec-p

    Maddison not going to Man U

    Leicester seem very astute with their buying/selling policy. Harry Maguire! New contract will increase Maddison’s price by a good few million when he inevitably moves on and we will indeed benefit by a nice bonus.
  10. ec-p

    What's going on on the 8th and 15th Feb?

    Winter break.
  11. ec-p

    Song for Ondrej

    Theme from the Muppets surely.
  12. ec-p

    Who will miss out

    Reckon he’ll move Kenny back to midfield with Tettey. Duda as a number 10. Vrancic dropping out.
  13. ec-p

    Jordan Rhodes

    I’m really still bemused by us not getting the Rhodes deal done in the summer. I know Wednesday wanted more than we were prepared to pay but just how much did they ask? Couple of million maybe? Surely we could’ve risked that for a player that was settled here, a good influence etc, happy to play second fiddle to Pukki and still scoring a few goals. Not saying we wouldn’t have been in the same league position but just may have turned a couple those draws into wins and given us a fighting chance.
  14. Wonder if Villa will sack their manager this season. They’ll be in all sorts of ffp trouble if they go down, which I think they will.
  15. ec-p

    Scouting a Huddersfield player

    Has Pritchard been doing ok for them in the Championship? Certainly not the trajectory we saw his career going.