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  1. Think they play west ham this weekend.
  2. Seems like Kabak is still in Turkey and could be out for rest of the season with hamstring. ( or cynically he doesn’t fancy it) Didn’t really make an impact did he?
  3. Funny how teams in the lower leagues, champs and below are deducted points for ffp but teams such as Chelsea, Man City never do despite their financial irregularities?
  4. Ironically Dowell didn’t even make it on to the pitch.
  5. Grealish for Mount would be my change, but what do I know! Pickford has been solid, one of our standout players.
  6. Nice to see Emma Hayes get a mention. She’s been brilliant imo.
  7. Aarons linked with Arsenal today, according to BBC sport gossip.
  8. Thanks for the head’s up for The Hard Truth! I’ve listened to a number of them since your suggestion yesterday. Darragh MacAntony is certainly a ‘character’, and whilst I barely agree with anything he says, especially beyond football, his insight is refreshingly honest and open from an insider within football perspective. It’s an interesting and addictive listen, I’m hooked, Thank you!
  9. According to the BBC, Everton would like to sign Max but don’t want to pay £30 million asking price. Can see him fitting in there. I wonder if we’ll ask for a cash plus player deal. Anyone in the Everton squad that could fill Skipp’s place?
  10. Maybe he’s just commenting on the constant abuse players are getting on social media!
  11. That was a great line-up. Holt and Martin worked well together.
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