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  1. ec-p

    Who will miss out

    Reckon he’ll move Kenny back to midfield with Tettey. Duda as a number 10. Vrancic dropping out.
  2. ec-p

    Jordan Rhodes

    I’m really still bemused by us not getting the Rhodes deal done in the summer. I know Wednesday wanted more than we were prepared to pay but just how much did they ask? Couple of million maybe? Surely we could’ve risked that for a player that was settled here, a good influence etc, happy to play second fiddle to Pukki and still scoring a few goals. Not saying we wouldn’t have been in the same league position but just may have turned a couple those draws into wins and given us a fighting chance.
  3. Wonder if Villa will sack their manager this season. They’ll be in all sorts of ffp trouble if they go down, which I think they will.
  4. ec-p

    Scouting a Huddersfield player

    Has Pritchard been doing ok for them in the Championship? Certainly not the trajectory we saw his career going.
  5. ec-p

    Aston Villa pre match thread

    McGinn is injured too, so that’s a bonus.Be nice to get revenge after that 5-1 mauling.
  6. ec-p


    Sign him up in January!
  7. ec-p

    Leicester match day thread

    Give Argos a run at them.
  8. ec-p

    Is this the best team ever?

    We did bring in new signings though. Amadou, Byram, Drmic, Roberts. Jury’s out if they are upgrades as yet. Certainly Byram has performed ok, Amadou hit and miss, the other 2 have barely played.
  9. ec-p

    Team for today

    I’d go with that too but can’t see Vrancic starting. Hope he gets some considerable minutes today.
  10. Freddie Ljungberg as interim coach.
  11. ec-p

    Moritz Leitner

    I do wonder whether Roberts and Byram have had words about Farke too, may explain their lack of game time. Could all be unfounded rumour though. It does feel like the squads sense of togetherness is lacking at the mo, could just be down to our poor run of form however.
  12. And yet they were ‘bored’ with season after season in the Premier League with Pulis or Hughes grinding out results. be careful what you wish for.
  13. ec-p

    Where is Mario?

    Maybe we’ll go back in for Rhodes in January?
  14. ec-p

    Alex Neil

    I would imagine Stoke are offering him a very lucrative deal. Wouldn’t be amused if I were a PNE fan.
  15. We did bring Amadou in to be a potential ‘mid-field enforcer’ , unfortunately circumstances dictate that he’s playing in a role that he doesn’t prefer. We’d look stronger/‘bigger’ with Zim or Klose back with Amadou in midfield.