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  1. ec-p

    Praise from mancity.com

    There are a number of comments on their forum Bluemoon, praising us.
  2. ec-p

    Match Thread V ManC

    De Bruyne on bench for them, that’s a bonus. Sterling and Aguero start.
  3. ec-p

    Raheem Sterling

    Yes, it’s a bonus for us that Laporte is out and Stones can have a mistake in him. We may get a consolation goal (or 2). Though our defensive crisis is far more of a worry than theirs.
  4. ec-p

    Trybull injury

    We’re quickly running out of players that are able to take their “opportunity “.
  5. ec-p

    Martin Skrtel

    Could be a decent temporary solution but wages?
  6. Game was crying out for a hardworking goalscorer, good from set pieces etc. Someone like Jordan Rhodes.
  7. ec-p

    Manchester City Tickets

    Tried and failed yet again to get tickets online.
  8. Although as of yesterday the Rhodes deal was off, does anyone think we may offer them a sneaky million to finally get the deal through at the last minute. We must already know/ agree to his wage expectations etc.
  9. ec-p


    It’s one ticket per membership.
  10. ec-p


    Sadly I wouldn’t bother. I have a premier membership and failed to get a ticket for either home game so far, despite logging on at 9am on the dot as soon as they became available.
  11. Getting Drinkwater in would be a brilliant bit of business, hope Webber can pull that off. I have t heard anywhere he has a bad attitude, only that he’s frustrated at Chelsea not playing.
  12. ec-p

    Are Norwich good enough

    I think we may be the surprise package, bit like Wolves when they went up. I fully expect us to take some hammerings along the way though.
  13. ec-p

    Andre Dozzell

    That last comment is utterly disgraceful.
  14. ec-p


    I’m sure lots of you may be aware of the stories in the media of “that gay footballer” bravely coming out in the coming days. I’ve just been listening to talk sport and Amal Fashanu has been speaking of another player who has been in touch with her, who’s twitter handle is @ThatGayPro who’s a premier league player, about to also bravely come out on Friday. This player happens to be a current Norwich City player. i would just like to say how proud I would be if this is the case and hope all our supporters get behind our player and give him all the support in the world. OTBC.