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  1. Maybe he’s just commenting on the constant abuse players are getting on social media!
  2. That was a great line-up. Holt and Martin worked well together.
  3. I’d love to see Maddison start but Southgate is almost certain to play Mount or Grealish or both instead.
  4. I’d play Placheta ahead of Onel, only a matter of time till those near misses turn into goals.
  5. More than happy with Barden, though we do need a backup, not sure Nyland is the right answer.
  6. We really don’t have much luck with injuries do we?!
  7. Can’t find it on Sky red button. Presuming it’s not on?
  8. The majority of comments on there think we will win.
  9. Virgin media wi-fi, on iPad. Virtually unusable.
  10. Would love him here, he’s looks like a fabulous player, but Brentford paid £10 million for him and you can guarantee they’d want far more for him after a great season. I can’t see us spending £15million or more on one player even if we do go up again.
  11. 1-0 to us. Placheta to score, he’s due one.
  12. As above and for the sake of the young lad’s mental health, give him a break.
  13. I think we need Kenny around for the rest of this season, we know the impact injuries have on the team and he is a versatile, experienced player to have in the squad, either as a starter or on the bench over a long, difficult season. I would imagine he is well liked in the dressing room too and one of our original core group of players when we were promoted and good for morale. if he really has his heart set on Rangers, promise to let him go at the end of the season, regardless of our position.
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