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  1. Congrats to Tim, our best player this season by a country mile. Really hope he stays with us, though I’m sure there will be interest from other clubs, has a young family so I hope they’re nicely settled here.
  2. I think Pukki will be off too. All does not seem well with him.
  3. Felt sorry for Vrancic sitting on the bench and watching that woeful display at set pieces from Duda.
  4. Think he was our only player to have a shot on target on Friday.
  5. I would guess a few of our youngsters will now make the bench to make up the 9 subs. We don’t seem to have much strength in depth beyond the regular starters. On the plus side, Vrancic may get used more often.
  6. Just out of interest, is there anyone here that has young children , that has sent their kids to school this morning? Or do you know people that have? If I had any, they certainly would not be going back.
  7. Troy Deeney is saying that he will refuse to go in for training due to his concerns of it not being safe for his young family. I wonder if any others will take his lead and refuse to play. Their prerogative imo. But it will surely impact their teams should this season be resumed.
  8. Will the fa cup be abandoned, can’t recall hearing anything regarding resuming it?
  9. Thanks for the heads-up. Just paused mine online.
  10. 1) Joni Mitchell- A case of you. Beautiful song. 2) Bowie- Life on Mars 3) ? Cohen or Dylan?
  11. Well it’s a bloody good job he was off making other loan arrangements last night or we may have had him in goal in a cup game instead of penalty king Krul.
  12. I have seen sheer desire to fight hard and give it their all by a number of players. Krul, Cantwell, Zimmerman and Pukki are generally working their socks off. Krul always barking at our defence and organising them. Tettey is always vocal after they’ve had a poor game too. As a collective though maybe you have a point.
  13. One of our own Lauren Hemp, plays for Man City women’s team.
  14. Great strike. For me Howson either had an outstanding game or was completely anonymous, especially in his last couple of seasons. Anyone know how he’s doing at the moment?
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