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  1. “It is hard to say,” he said. “It really depends on, one, if I can attract the calibre of player I deem Robbie to be. That is extremely difficult and, two, if I can get a deal done because I can’t let Robbie leave the club unless we sign a suitable replacement. Potentially we will have players coming in and going out. It is really difficult to say. We are trying to do work but it will depend on players leaving the club.” That doesn''t sound like "likely" to me chaps, it sounds like Morty is using a little poetic licence for dramatic effect
  2. Having closely examined Billy''s avatar I am convinced it is modelled on Waveney. I fear for his trousers should he let one rip.
  3. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Now we''ve cleared that up I was just wondering...Does a vegan sausage get a blanket for Christmas?[G][/quote] Well it''s not on santas list for this year, if I do get chilly I normally get a capon.
  4. Ah ah, so the type of fan we are is not determined by the type of ticket we have. I think that must be right. Merry Christmas everybody
  5. Norwich is renound for its fan base across the country. When people talk about what great fans City have I have never heard them break it down into superior fans and casuals. It''s always good to learn. What I would like to know is what I have to do to become a superior fan if indeed I am a casual, as far as I''m concerned I''m a City fan and that''s it.
  6. Sounds like this Morty character is a bit of a "self baster", if you excuse the expression.
  7. It''s an interesting OP, I was aware that we hadn''t beaten any of the. top sides but this is pretty surprising. Will all become chip paper tomorrow.
  8. Steak and chips tonight. Nothing too expensive, just a well hung sirloin.
  9. Home made beef and vegetable soup with crusty bread. Home made crumble and one of those little tubs of ambrosia custard. The little tubs are excellent if you haven''t tried them.
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