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  1. Mr Jenkins

    Do we have another Jamal?

    I love seeing the youth and pace in that team, there’s plenty there to build upon.
  2. Mr Jenkins

    The scum match thread

    Very pleased to see both unbeaten runs extended, one to 11 games and one to 2.
  3. Mr Jenkins

    The scum match thread

    Back in the box Tractor boys
  4. Mr Jenkins

    Game live here

    Drazen Muzinic, you have to come on the Pink Un for a game against Ipswich.
  5. Mr Jenkins

    The scum match thread

    Granted it’s not a great game but we are the better team by far. We have considerable pace in this side, maybe this will prove to be the difference in the second half and grab us a victory.
  6. Mr Jenkins

    Ipswich v Norwich

    BroadstairsR wrote the following post at 30/08/2018 8:29 AM:

    We are inconsistent in our attacking intent and fragile defensively .... what''s changed.

    We can reach the heights and plumb the depths in the course of one game and who can have confidence in a defence which has already crumbled entirely this season, once breached, on two occasions on their own turf?

    I feel that our strength on Sunday will be the weakness of the opposition but, like you say, we would need to start with positive intent as an early goal should win it.

    They might come at us from the start buoyed by an unusually high crowd, but I feel that they lack any hint of class, are fundamentally naive and lacking in any other than the basic "gung-ho" confidence.

    I would expect to see lots of blue tomorrow. Empty seats all over the ground, apart from where we are of course.
  7. Excitement is rising, usual sleepless night before the big game. I think a winning margin of 2 goals. OTBC
  8. Mr Jenkins


    Best place for him, will feel equally at home as he did at Portaloo Rd.
  9. Allegedly" really doesn''t help.

    I wonder if Ian Hislop knows that, yes maybe he does.
  10. Exclusive The search for a successor to Niko Kovac is in full swing. According to SPORT1 information Eintracht Frankfurt deals with a former BVB coach.

    Coach Niko Kovac''s departure for FC Bayern has been on hold for weeks, and Eintracht Frankfurt has been looking for a successor ever since.

    The Hesse have also thrown an eye on Daniel Farke after SPORT1 information. The 46-year-old coached since 2017, the English second division Norwich City.

    "We see a lot of coaches on the market, including Daniel Farke, doing a very good job and developing very well at Norwich City," said Frankfurt sporting director Fredi Bobic about SPORT1.

    Farke himself commented on his future at SPORT1: "I still have a contract in Norwich until 2019 and I feel comfortable here." Basically I do not say anything about rumors and speculation. "

    Successful work in Dortmund

    Farke worked successfully before his engagement in England over a year and a half as coach of the second team of Borussia Dortmund in the Regionalliga West, where he finished the season 2016/17 as runner-up.

    With Norwich Farke was at the beginning of the season temporarily on promotion course, the season with the Canaries he finished in 14th place. To the squad of the East German count some former Bundesliga and second league players, such as Moritz Leitner, Timm Klose, Marco Stiepermann and Tom Trybull.
  11. Mr Jenkins

    O/T Beers

    Always enjoy a good pint the Reverend James. He does need to be properly looked after though!
  12. Mr Jenkins

    Zimmermann.....a hero

    Scores our first goal then sticks his head in where only boots should go. Love the guy!
  13. Mr Jenkins

    We've still not beaten....

    It was fantastic at the game last night, great drama and entertainment.

    A number of our key players are hitting form just at the right time, Ruddy, Wes, Tettey, Cams, all the guys that did it for us before.

    With the string of injuries we seem to have a key player going forward imo is Naismith, if he gets back soon and plays at his best I think he could be the difference between top six and the also rans.
  14. Mr Jenkins

    Great goal from Citeh

    Their second goal was a beauty
  15. Mr Jenkins

    Neil's comments on Shrodingers cat

    I blame the man in the high castle.