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  1. The little old Norwich view is held by others who see us as a pleasant provincial day out. Norwich fans in my experience want the best and success, but we are not totally daft, we know we’re not going to challenge the big conurbations. Sure, we are successful at finishing above bigger places than ourselves, e.g Stockport etc, and clearly we have had real success for a club of our size and city located where we are. The brutal truth about Gippeswyk is they did take it to another level, F.A and UEFA, and sadly we never quite got there, 3rd in 93 should of been First- but that will never happen again. Cook was sacked much to early.
  2. I have a vague memory of this happening at Carra but it was short lived and many decades ago. Cringeworthy. It may even of been of the same era when the main stand used to riot by throwing on their cushions - we always loved this exhibition.
  3. I’ll do same but only within my clique
  4. Williams is reportedly on 65k per week. I’ve always naively believed that the pay gap between the boss and the shop floor should not be excessive. Similarly the gap between the watching punter and the players. These days of any kind of equity are gone, with rampant capitalism now king, but I’m not sure if psychologically we have caught up with the modern disconnect between player and supporters (a relatively recent phenomenon).
  5. I’m going to see my first First Team game on Saturday. Every Friday I meet my mate for drinks, he’s lifelong WBA , season tick, and I’ve never known him so disillusioned. I fear many of us will be in his shoes come next December - 3rd in Champs but not happy. If we are going down I’d rather it was Farke style 18/19, rather than a pragmatic but ultimately failing descent.
  6. Clearly we are certainly not a joke. We are probably one of the best clubs to follow in terms of exciting times and pure enjoyment for about 30 years now. The media are one phenomenon. Their bias against us is inbuilt and personally I find it a great motivator. As for other people, fans, as someone who has lived outside of Norfolk for over 35 years, I’m constantly met with respect for our club. I could give numerous examples, football fans intrinsically respect clubs like ours. Last Sunday I went to a local bar in east London, locals always well sozzled and blunt, banter, abuse swearing. I tried to follow the football, tv, keep a low profile, but eventually an Irish chap spotted me - who do you support? I answered. Fist out, fist pump- nods of acceptance .
  7. I seem to remember that fans used to chant her name at away games. One in jest was , “ Lilly Kemp’s a soccer hooligan”
  8. Reviving the original post, or should that be Rivival the original post - decent point and spot. I’m ok with Freezer et al but that’s a well made point clarifying the Bees days. I’ll now review this. In terms of other agendas; we’ve had a few. I didn’t want Daniel to go, but now I’m not against a West Bromwich reggae takeover.
  9. For chuckles I prefer the guardian sports page - Nuno described as looking like a kindly sheep farmer!
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/nov/07/social-media-fuels-narcissists-worst-desires-making-reasoned-debate-near-impossible
  11. At least we won’t hear the silly trope anymore that the club is run by “softies” and luvies. This was a ruthless decision. The truth for me is 99% of us fans don’t know the whole picture, and most of us don’t really understand football. I certainly don’t, football is a passion for me, it’s not my day job, and Norwich City fulfils a special place in my identity. For a number of reasons I don’t get to first team games now, so even more out of touch. I’ve never wanted a manager out, that’s probably a foolish trait, built on my experience of Saunders, Bond, Brown and Stringer. So, I disagree with the decision. One day I hope to meet Daniel and thank him for these special years. For now maybe a pint outside the Fat Cat.
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/JamesGheerbrant/status/1456906357274198020?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  13. Better off reading an article in Times today by James Gheerbrant.
  14. Always liked Russ, and happy to take on anyone who boo’d the lad, cowards all
  15. I’ve got quite fond of brum over the last few years, enjoyed the Jewellery quarter. Good memories of going there in the 18/19 promotion season also, drinking there with my wba mate before trip to Hawthorns. Super railway line from city centre to Hawthorns, via the Jewellery Quarter. City centre drink after.
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