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  1. I do my job for money. I’m a nurse by trade; but it doesn’t stop me remembering old colleagues who have served, and contributed to the cause.
  2. I can’t remember the game but in a return to Carrow road, Townsend got some crowd banter, and persistently made puking gestures at the Barclay. It stayed with me. He was in a good team when playing for us, but he was always a player I never warmed to. I may be wrong but he seemed to be one of those English players who wanted international football so choose Ireland.
  3. Worth dipping into again, football tactics discussed etc. I stopped viewing for a few years when it became contaminated by references to “people happily applauding”.
  4. No team deserves it more than Brentford, and most neutrals would prefer The Jack to us; time for a scrappy 1-0.
  5. Only the cricket has brightened this weekend. Scots deserve that win. It’s made me thankful to City for giving such cheer for most of this odd season.
  6. Things have gone amazingly well, but the spectre of our collapse post lockdown last season still haunts me. Hopefully it won’t bother the players who have been heroes so far this season in my mind.
  7. I loved 85, my first trip to Wembley. As the cup was held aloft I thought I’ve seen us win at the home of football, I’ll never want for anything else - ever. Little did I know that in the early 90s I would be leaving Carra after the West Ham game knowing we were in the F.A Cup semis and we were top of the football league- realistically we were on for the double. The Double. Simply put that scenario will never ever reoccur in any of our lifetimes. I still remember 85 fondly, loved those players, but I know we should of won the league (and would of done if we had strengthened the team with a loan towards the end of the season to mitigate against injuries). Ian Dowie was available....
  8. Noticed he was Hornets top earner, 3 m plus a year
  9. Rotherham must have completed a master master class to bash the mighty boro at home 3-0, and to nullify the maestro Colin. His days are numbered, poor recent record.
  10. Probably the best supported team in England if you go via size of population, catchment area ( not to mention the demographic as considerable Asian population). Maybe least fashionable club in division also which should make me like them, but it doesn’t.
  11. https://throughitalltogether.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2010/1/4/2911484/manchester-united-0-leeds-united-1
  12. I thought we left Europe, so why have we got all these foreigners about, can’t we have a good British manager like Julian ****
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