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  1. Have I got time to say I lived in Meldreth briefly, near railway stop, No? Ok I’ll get me coat….
  2. They never passed to Phil Boyer, also v Wales, and I’ve never quite forgotten that, - England. Anyway Josh not starting, not that I’m watching THIS tournament.
  3. I’m no economist but it seems to me that if you want to make money and if you want to make it quick, then football is not the obvious path to take. Leaving aside the fact that football isn’t really big money in terms of global opportunities, my take is other motivations are at hand, and these are not necessarily transparent. Football does offer a fairly unique vehicle into a community and into a network of contacts than can enable more than the obvious wealth, status and power.
  4. Best fans so far this season, Coventry. In the shadow of all those neighbours, good luck to the sky blues.
  5. It pointless and maybe self indulgent but I’m boycotting the tournament completely. Mainly because I think sport should be more political.
  6. I was in the pub recently listening to a Gooner who said he never goes to Arsenal anymore, prefers to watch Orient or Millwall. His reasons, maybe best not to go there. But I did mention to him that I thought in days of old it wasn’t uncommon for some football fans to watch Ipswich one week and Norwich the next, as usually home sat games were not on the same day. I’ve no evidence for this but word of mouth conversations. I assume we have become more tribal and factional, or maybe the rise of 70s terrace culture leading to members and season tickets eroded this minority pastime.
  7. Appears to be a sub in an admittedly strong spurs team. EMI beginning to establish himself in lower premiership. Meanwhile Jacob doing well at Newky.
  8. Generally positive, if cautious and tempered. I’m pleased the owners have gone down this route. The most interesting aspect for me was the references to analytics, not my strong point, which I linked to the possibility of a newer approach on the recruitment side. Also liked their ‘punch above our weight’ experience at the brewer’s .
  9. Mowbray has impressed me as a manager, at wba especially.
  10. If I was to ever be elevated to the position of manager at the club I’d do things as John Dixie Deehan did, that’s the truth. I’ll get me coat.
  11. Is that really the case. This trope seems to dog Norwich, maybe because we are a medium sized provincial university city in a relatively affluent region. The sacking of Farke wasn’t nicely nicely to me, in fact it smacked of Webber and a Ruthless streak. Sure, on the pitch I’ve often wished for the second coming of Duncan, but off the pitch I actually suspect part of our decline is the hierarchy in the club is not treating its employees and partners with the respect they deserve. As I watch Smiths deputy at Brentford enjoy a good run, my impression is that their success is built on similar values to ours, but they have stayed true to their beliefs.
  12. I can’t help thinking that bar a miracle (finding another Farke) we are not going to easily improve on the Shakey 2, and may have to adjust to a period of mid table football, either under Smith or someone like Robins, or Russ - and on a positive note seeing some youngsters bed in, Rowe, Springett, Dickinson, McCallum, Gibbs, Idah (?) etc
  13. To many stories to re-count, the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there. in 78 I went to visit a friend in south bank poly, and his pal said he could introduce us to F Troop Millwall. The next day we attended the Lions v Ipswich FA cup quarter final at the Den, Cold Blow lane; the most violent game I’ve ever been to (and we did stand next to the infamous F Troop). Before the game we went to some local grim boozer, mainly older men (although much younger than I am now). One guy stand nearby casually remarked “ I heard they’ve bricked the Ipswich coaches already “ ! No one seemed interested, as if he was stating the obvious, the only surprise being the timing.
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