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  1. Perhaps Todd is just playing a bit of hardball around his contract…. (Let’s hope so…)
  2. Nicely taken, but we won’t see defenders standing off him like that in the Prem…..
  3. American politics at play…. dirty… Hasta la Victoria siempore!
  4. I’m mildly surprised - I thought he could be useful as a squad player ... gotta have throughput to keep things feeling fresh I guess ... a good servant to the good tho’ ... I wish him well ...
  5. I thought I would miss Michael Bailey’s post match reviews big time but I think Dave Freezer has really grown in to the role ... (so I haven’t signed up to the Athletic...)
  6. Having sold Buendia we’ve got some leverage to play hard ball on this one with Spurs now tho’ … Sorry as I would be to see Maxi go, to get Skipp in permanently would go a long way to ease the pain… Skipp was the crucial cog in the machine last term
  7. Well if he plays on the left, I wonder if this moves Cantwell central behind Pukki … (also wonder where this leaves Hernandez…?)
  8. Quite a ‘traditional game’ Scotland are playing ... I’m enjoying this ...
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