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  1. The fact he is now 32 is perhaps also worth noting …
  2. Will they sing this before or after ‘The Red Flag’ ? or perhaps mixing them in as a medley?
  3. Nigel Worthington’s cousin - keeping’ it in the family !!
  4. I think we should make Kings Lynn FC a kind of feeder club …. Nice and close by ….
  5. Am I alone in thinking we need a second Hayden for use while the first is intermittently crocked ?
  6. Nobody fancied him coming here that’s for certain - I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that if he gets the Brighton he’s going to do well …
  7. Black armbands, minute’s silence fine… but do they really have to cancel the game?
  8. I think we possibly used up our entire ‘luck quotient’ for the season there today ……
  9. Yes - we sure could of done with one Isaac Hayden today …
  10. Pukki originally signed to play behind the striker … could be time to give that another go now…
  11. My daughters a mascot tonight so I hope they do the business for her !
  12. Alan Irvine didn’t do badly in his brief time in charge if memory serves me right
  13. ‘My first game…’ could make an interesting thread …
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