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  1. Next three games will sign and seal it one way or the other …….
  2. Didn’t we beat them already this season ? Bring it on ….
  3. Don’t forget Neale Fenn ! (though easily forgettable)
  4. I’d hate to see Grant’s reputation with us suffer from a failed managerial stint - but it ain’t gonna happen is it … fantasy football … The new man is going to appoint somebody he knows via his arsenal connections … or alternately Narcis Pelach will be given a chance ….
  5. Iwan Roberts being pretty blunt in his Pinkun article this morning, both about the players and the new sporting director appointment … He implies Rob Newman wanted the job … but says the club overlook proper football people for this and prefer ‘school teacher’ types … yikes
  6. Players and tactics, but mainly tactics (and then there's … recruitment…)
  7. Worrabout Worthy ? Where’s Mike Walker when we need him ??
  8. Personally I think people who wish Delia to be gone should ‘be careful what they wish for’
  9. I’d happily give a penny for the new guy’s thoughts ……
  10. Sporting director ? Can’t we have him back as manager ?
  11. Quite a lot of Palestinian refugees in Jordan … Having driven them out some decades ago Israel won’t let them back and therein lies some of the roots of the current conflict … Some in Israel might like the populace of Gaza (many previously uprooted from land now in Israel) to be moved to Egypt permanently - hence the Egyptians reluctance to open their border ….
  12. Rowe has been the difference between concerningly under/whelming and complete disaster this season ….
  13. Would now be the moment to mention a certain Ben Godfrey ??
  14. Anyone know what’s going wrong at Kings Lynn FC ? I was looking forward to … a) seeing another Norfolk team playing at a decent level (and yes I think the fifth flight is a reasonable level) b) seeing Lynn play play south of Doncaster - and a few more London area (where I live) games I’d want to go to And c) seeing a few Norwich youngsters playing for them on loan ……
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