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  1. Another big article in praise of Ben in today’s “i” newspaper. Not much about City progressing his career though. More about his starting at York.
  2. Scored again tonight. Still wish we had kept him.
  3. Pukki not getting enough sleep because of new baby.? Idah’s season unfortunately stop start because of Covid isolating then injury.
  4. Interesting article on BBC website. Says under current new regulations we wouldn’t have been able to sign Pukki.
  5. The Norwich City Historical Trust will have information about the days at The Nest. I have a photo of my dad at a Cup match there in 1924. Forget who it was against. Definitely Russell Colman kicking off? Looks a bit like Herbert Chapman.
  6. He’s a Swiss international player so cannot be completely inept.
  7. Yes it is a shame but he’s doing well at MK with Jerome too. Good goals from Canos and Toffolo too today.
  8. The reasoning behind the £30 ticket charge has been explained in previous posts.
  9. Lots of costs involved to allow fans to attend. Stewards, temperature testers, providing hand sanitiser, etc, etc all need to be covered so need some income.
  10. Duda playing for Slovakia but where was Idah? Not even on bench?
  11. Are we the only Under 21 team to qualify from Groups? All the others seem to have lost tonight.
  12. When they showed the fans in the stadium at Middlesbrough they were much more distanced from each other than at Carrow Road. Many were just single not the large groups as shown in this photo.
  13. Not that we needed to know but table on BBC sport website.
  14. Didn’t he also have an injured toe for quite a bit of his time here?
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