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  1. Never forgot his Mulbarton roots despite moving to the big city. One of the few local players to play for England. RIP Monty.
  2. Local Press always stirring with polls for this and that regarding the Club to try and sell more papers. Newspapers are dying unfortunately with young people getting all the information they need from phones etc. Archant were taken over recently I believe.
  3. "Cleared by FIFA's own investigation " says it all.
  4. His statement today about never wanting World Cup in Qatar is unbelievable!
  5. Do corners count as set pieces? 9 today, more last Wednesday I believe.
  6. Stephen Graham from ticket office was another Club employee I saw running. (Why does every post on here always seem to turn into a slanging match?)
  7. He reads the game so well. Always anticipating what might happen and be ready to take advantage.
  8. Good to see Stuart Webber and Zoe supporting CSF by running the 10k in the rain this morning. Excellent organisation and well done to all runners and volunteers. I was lucky enough to have Adam Drury and Simon Lappin as my section heads.
  9. With the success that followed most have forgotten how dire the football was during Farke's first season. I recall not looking forward to games then.
  10. He must have made millions from the pay offs from all the clubs he’s had to leave! No need to work again and retire to the Med - or sunny Whitley Bay.
  11. Interesting article in today’s “i” newspaper by excellent Daniel Storey - “Managerial Merry go round is now spinning out of control.” Clubs desperate to reach the Premier League and solve their financial problems.
  12. If you can’t post something sensible why bother to post at all?
  13. Good article in tonight’s Evening News by Chris Sutton saying fans should give Smith more credit. As much as I liked Farke He is history now. I don’t forget the 9 PL defeats after lock down. Where was the motivation then? Smith has good experience of English football and was well liked at his previous clubs - even Villa. Shakespeare was a coach at Leicester when they won the Premier League!
  14. I was in the Barclay for this match with many Leicester supporters. I remember being very disappointed we lost and Leicester fans singing after the game and rubbing it in - something about bluebells but I don’t think they have an actual club song?
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