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  1. I can't say I remember that but do remember how quickly after the match Pink'Uns came out. We used to have ours delivered.
  2. Still can't pass to the right though. As before Stacey often available in acres of space but didn't even look to the right. Same with Sorensen.
  3. A sensible post once again deteriorating into childish comments.
  4. Interesting to see how their various careers have developed.
  5. Good to see three of our FA Youth Cup winning team playing for Premier League teams yesterday. Murphy for Newcastle and Morris and Toffolo playing against each other for Luton and Notts Forrest.
  6. Two goals today for Minnesota in their 3-2 away win in Orlando. Hope he has a good season. Will probably be in UK when Wales play Finland in Euro play off.
  7. Shouldn’t really complain with a 5-0 win but could’ve been more perhaps if Stacey had been given the ball in the second half. Many times he was free on the right but other players either didn’t even look to the right or ignored him. Ironic cheers from South Stand when he did get a pass. It was a similar scenario last Saturday too. Is it more difficult to kick to the right?
  8. I was wrong!! Rotherham were so poor. 4 goals in the River End too. 😀😀😀
  9. As things go, Rotherham aren’t going to lose 5-0 again and are probably due a win. I predict a draw because we’ve seen it all before!!
  10. Interesting article about City by Alex Neil on BBC Sport web page. He was, of course, at Sunderland but left them for Stoke and eventually got the sack. Wouldn’t mind him back. Much more experience than when originally here.
  11. Why does every post on here degenerate into nasty remarks and people trying to be funny. Starmer obviously a guest of our ex chairman Ed Balls. No reason why he shouldn’t come to Carrow Road on a Saturday.
  12. He was so frustrating, especially in first half. Had a lot of the ball but hardly a telling pass. Stacey free several times in acres of space and Kenny not even looking right for options. Hanley the same. Is it more difficult to kick to the right?
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