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  1. Lost count of the number of Clubs that Bruce has managed. Occasional success but many sackings.
  2. Man of the Match for Scotland according to BBC web page report.
  3. I agree. Instead of a sort of review about the inaugural Premier League season it developed into a love in for Man Utd and Ferguson as if they had a right to win the League. Other than showing League table with us top, we didn’t get a mention. Typical!
  4. Man of the Match for Scotland apparently.
  5. Looks as if season ticket holders have until Monday to claim their seat so not much time for casuals to apply.
  6. Depends which Away Sales group you are in as to whether or not you definitely get a ticket for your chosen match I believe. Brentford’s new stadium isn’t that big so number of tickets may be low.
  7. Buendia ‘s corners not much better either!
  8. Man of the Match for Slovakia. Strange that he never did much when here.
  9. Everyone who booked through England Fans follow my team have had a refund from UEFA for all tickets. England Fans have conducted a ballot according to how many caps a fan has and results have been sent to fans. Unfortunately despite having tickets for three group games I’ve received email saying I wasn’t lucky in the ballot. There will be a second ballot for any returned tickets. The round of 16 and games thereafter will be balloted on a match by match basis. That’s what I understand.
  10. As long ago as that was it. Whatever happened to Neilson? Was there some court case somewhere?
  11. It’s a shame we’re not able to go to the last game of the season away at Barnsley. I remember going there for the last game several seasons ago. I think around 30 coaches travelled and we had a great time in the crowd with inflatables being thrown around etc. I can’t remember the score but I think Barnsley were relegated?
  12. Another big article in praise of Ben in today’s “i” newspaper. Not much about City progressing his career though. More about his starting at York.
  13. Scored again tonight. Still wish we had kept him.
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