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  1. Here is a map of the available land near Carrow Rd avaiable for redevelopment. This includes Carrow Works, the Deal ground, the utilities site etc. There's a lot of land available.
  2. As I've mentioned before, the council are now asking the government for the money to purchase the Anglia Square site. Therefore NCFC wouldn't need to purchase the land.
  3. The council are asking the government to give the council the money to purchase Anglia Square and therefore no cost to the council. It would mean the possibility of NCFC building a stadium on Anglia Square without the need to buy the land as the land would be council owned.
  4. Here's a video of the Carrow Road site. The listed building is at the end of the video. There's plenty space for a stadium. It could even go lengthways alongside the river. See
  5. The latest regarding Carrow Works is that the council planning dept are against the housing plans for nearly 2,000 houses on the site as not enough provision for local school places etc. The decision is due to be made tomorrow. Therefore a new stadium and music venue etc. would likely be approved on that land. See https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-norfolk-68605010
  6. Carrow Works has a listed building on a small part of the site but the rest of the site is easily big enough for a new stadium. It would be great to have bars, gym etc as part of a new stadium with views overlooking the river. The Anglia Square site is also easily big enough. The council now want to buy the land - which would mean NCFC could sell the current stadium including land and then use the money to build a new stadium at Anglia Square without having to incur the cost of buying the Anglia Square land as it would be council owned land. It makes a new stadium far more affordable.
  7. Here you go, how about Carrow Works for a new stadium. It is on the opposite side of the river to the current stadium and could have stadium bars etc overlooking the river like at the new Everton stadium? https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/24191907.norwich-city-council-set-reject-carrow-works-project/
  8. Here you go, how about Carrow Works for a stadium on the opposite side of the river to the current stadium and have stadium bars etc overlooking the river? https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/24191907.norwich-city-council-set-reject-carrow-works-project/
  9. The council are now looking to purchase the Anglia Square site. Doing so would vastly reduce the cost of building a new stadium on that site as the club wouldn't need to buy the land. Another option, Carrow Works could soon become available again. Building a new stadium on that site could include a conference centre etc. with views over the river.
  10. Anglia Square is close to the railway station, bus station, and Castle Mall stops. It is also more central in the city so more people could walk. The site is available and the council willing to forgo some development costs.
  11. The council are willing to wave some development costs for the Anglia Square plot. It is more central so more people could walk. It is hardly any further from the train station than Carrow Rd. New stadiums have lower maintenance costs. Football funding is available towards new stadiums. A new stadium would solve the problem of knocking down the City stand and where to house those fans as we'd move to a new stadium instead.
  12. Anglia Square is available. It would be a good location for a new stadium.
  13. Onel puts good passes into the box. Not his fault others miss.
  14. Lose at Bristol Rovers then at least it won't be at home, not on TV and can focus on promotion.
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