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  1. Hanley is one of the fastest players in the squad.
  2. Some players give their all no matter who they play for and no matter what the level. I would class Pukki as that type of player. Pukki played whilst injured for nearly all of the last match.
  3. I think Hanley plays better on the right side of central defence but is on the left when Omobamidele plays. Which is the best left or right?
  4. Onel provides some width so defenders move wide to mark him. It would also mean our make-shift left-back can focus on defending rather than making forward runs. On the right, Max provides the width so don't really need a winger on the right. Krul Aarons Hanley Omobamidele Gibson Sinani Nunez Gibbs Hernandez Hugill Pukki
  5. Krul Aarons Hanley Omobamidele Gibson Sinani Nunez Gibbs Hernandez Hugill Pukki
  6. are to crowd out the midfield in the centre around Pukki. The width to be provided by our full-backs. However, Pukki is better with midfielders going wide so that they take defenders with them and so create space for Pukki in the middle. That is why we look better with Onel even if he were to stand on the touchline doing nothing as it stretches the defenders. Cantwell, Rashica, Dowell, Sargent are not very fast and don't go wide so the centre becomes too crowded.
  7. Onel, Aarons, Hanley and Pukki unsettle the opposition. We haven't got enough players with the grit, determination and attitude to unsettle the oppo particularly in central midfield.
  8. I agree about Gilmour, RVW, Leroy Fer, Howson, Normann. At the top of the list I'd put Russel Martin.
  9. I think Hugill should have come on at the same time as Onel as Onel got in good positions with nobody to cross too.
  10. None of the goal they conceded were his fault.
  11. We need a player such as Pearson in CDM who is awkward to play against and knows the dark arts of the game..
  12. I wrote that last summer. It will be interesting to see what happens in the January transfer window.
  13. Williams is a lot better at defending. I would have selected Giannoulis on the left-wing.
  14. Earlier today I was thinking there are not many Italian players in the Premier League
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