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  1. KeiranShikari_2

    Great performance tonight

    Would rather win the FA Cup anyway.
  2. KeiranShikari_2

    Team tonight

    Lots of pace in that side.
  3. KeiranShikari_2

    Home Grown Player Rule v Sheffield Wednesday

    Adam Idah not in the squad for the under 23s tonight.
  4. Going to miss this emote.
  5. KeiranShikari_2

    Can we keep Timm?

    If we are promoted I could see him signing a new deal. If we aren''t I doubt the club would even attempt to make an offer.
  6. KeiranShikari_2

    Team for Bournemouth...

    I''d take Klose out too and play somebody from one of the youth teams. Cotton wool and bubble wrap for the first 11.
  7. KeiranShikari_2

    Glenn Hoddle In A Serious Condition,

    Wonder what he did in his previous life.
  8. KeiranShikari_2

    Ricardo's report v Brentford

    Fairly even game, yes. They were on top in the second half but rarely looked like scoring.
    To me it felt as if we were scared to concede in the second half, having missed the pen.
  9. KeiranShikari_2

    Next likely Youth Product?

    Spyrou or Idah perhaps.
  10. KeiranShikari_2

    Ben Marshall

    [quote user="KeiranShikari"]Just being kept out of the side by really good performances from the attacking midfielders and Aarons.
    Scratch that. It seems he''s had a bad stomach illness which apparently caused him to lose a load of weight. Saw him play in the under 23s a few weeks ago so I guess he isn''t back to full strength yet.
  11. KeiranShikari_2

    Ben Marshall

    Just being kept out of the side by really good performances from the attacking midfielders and Aarons.
  12. KeiranShikari_2


    Sadly I can''t see it happening unless we''re promoted.
  13. KeiranShikari_2


  14. KeiranShikari_2


    Nah, our current striking and attacking midfield options are better, younger and presumably quite a bit cheaper.
    Kyle Lafferty''s goal per game ratio is even better than Naismith''s. Anyone want him back?
  15. I saw Shakira Martin on Politics Live the other week. That was something.
  16. KeiranShikari_2

    Lewis signs new contract

    Cantwell''s is out in 2019 so I''d imagine a new one is being worked on at the moment.
    Certainly exciting times and it must be added motivation for other players in and around the academy. Spyrou and Idah next?
  17. KeiranShikari_2

    Team for stoke

    I''d probably put vrancic in over cantwell and perhaps rhodes over pukki.
  18. KeiranShikari_2

    Klose to go ?

    No way Tettey would take a third of the wages if he could match his previous somewhere else just because Norwich is a nice city.
    Klose is a couple of years younger and a higher quality caliber player than Tettey, he''ll have plenty of offers.
  19. KeiranShikari_2

    Klose to go ?

    Only way I can see Klose signing up again is if we are promoted.
  20. KeiranShikari_2

    Manager of the month

    Frank Lampard for me.
  21. KeiranShikari_2

    Ipswich Middlesbrough

    Almost missed this. Thanks.
  22. KeiranShikari_2

    We are above

    Derby, Stoke, Forest, Villa and Brentford. Safe to say October will tell us if we have what it takes to be challenging at the top of the table long term.
  23. KeiranShikari_2

    U23 v Man U

    Rubbish match, only bit of real quality was their goal. Oliveira didn''t play well, Marshall was okay. Odusina was our man of the match by quite a bit and Spyrou was decent too until he petulantly threw the ball at the ground and got sent off a few minutes after getting his first yellow.
  24. KeiranShikari_2


    Thought this was about Ryan or Rossi, had forgotten all about the other one.
  25. KeiranShikari_2

    Team v Wycombe

    No chance that one is legit. Don''t think this game is being streamed anywhere.