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  1. There is a football double decker bus from cromer which goes directly to carrow road. I have taken it many times , from the bus stop on the Norwich Road just before turning to Cromwell road. https://sanderscoaches.com/timetables/1
  2. You could see the passion from Max when he got booked at Birmingham and then was in the front row with Onel celebrating the goal at the end with the fans - the passion was screaming from both of them
  3. I actually think putting Pukki into that 10 role is the way to get he and the Sarg in the same starting line up
  4. Excellent work rate had never been in doubt with Josh but seems he has finally found the confidence and even more importantly his feeders aka Dowell, Sinani and Nunez are finding the needed through balls and connections, Dowell had been really critical in the past two games
  5. Not without new owners and serious cash investment combined with a new head coach and sporting director
  6. Condolences to his family, always a familiar face around the ground over the decades. RIP
  7. I think if they fail to win either of the two upcoming home fixtures the pressure will be very high. Still stand by the 10 game rule but they are on borrowed time at the moment
  8. Agreed, I would sell Rashica and put Sargent out on loan, Gibbs and Sinani and Ramsey all ahead of those 2
  9. Agree, all the flair was from Emi and the solidity in front of the back two was Skipp. We have not replaced these two and thats the primary problem
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