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  1. Still not working for me , currently in the U.S . Neither audio or video working - rubbish like the team
  2. 47 yrs for me - first game v Arsenal 3-1 to City 7.2.1976 First away game Filbert Street 18.3.78 2-2 draw
  3. The whole team have looked a shambles, fair play rotherham who have looked far more up for it and been in our faces from the 1st minute. Rollicking at half time.
  4. I watched the game live and at the time thought the penalty for handball was soft but seems there were little complaints and now the replay seems it was not intentional but his arm was raised. The most contentious issues were our disallowed goal which clearly was NOT offside as others have said , the only offside occurred when the original freekick was taken but he didn’t interfere with play in anyway, the second penalty was extremely soft but we will see them go either way this season. In summary the result should of been 4-5 - horrific defending from both sides to be honest which means Martin clearly will struggle in this league if he doesn’t tighten them up at the back.
  5. It was actually Duffy who stuffed up for the goal, but both he and Gibson clearly got drawn out of position by the fast and agile Delap - Andy looked his usual composed self when he came on - we clearly need to keep him
  6. Yes , this was what I thought, no offside though
  7. A significant upgrade on Aarons from what I have seen so far. Physically much stronger and a better crosser of the ball and positioning much better in defense.
  8. International pass holders should be able to see the game on Canaries TV today unless the country they are in are showing it on the local paytv such as Viaplay. It seems atleast in Finland Viaplay has chosen Blackburn v WBA as its 3pm kickoff match so our game should be on Canaries TV
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