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  1. Overall I agree Farke ball is great to watch in the Championship but it clearly doesn’t work in this league. Do we as fans really want to live this 1 year of pleasure and 1 year of pain for ever? Maybe we should do a deal at the end of each championship season when we romp home as champions whereby we give away our promotion spot to the third spot team and agree to split the promotion (Premier league income) 50:50 and stay as happy champions for a few years until we have earned enough money this way to build a squad which can really play it out in the premier league and actually stay there more than 1 season. I for one have had enough of this continued yoyo strategy
  2. This project is perfect for a top level championship team as we have seen but it is not compatible with the current premier league. Our best hope of this project working went out of the window when the new super league was cancelled, that would of enabled a levelling of the playing field and our project would of been a success in the new premier league.
  3. If we have no points on the board after the Brighton game , the fan pressure will be so strong that he will be sacked the following Monday morning.
  4. I agree that parts of the team lacks physicality, especially the case of Gilmour and cantwell. Normann, Sargent and William look to have the needed strength, on a skill level I think we do have a team capable at this level though so its upto the coaches to set up dependent on the opposition, this is what Farke cannot do.
  5. How ever much I appreciate and like Farke you finally have to look at results and track record at this higher level and it is not acceptable, some tough decisions will be need to be made soon.
  6. Agreed, he looks a great buy and gives us some good strength up front with Pukki
  7. Fully agree about Normann and Gilmour, unfortunately the coaches are not upto this league and we need to change them fast
  8. Fully agree, Andy had earned his place based on the last game’s performances , Kabak and Hanley have not been a good pairing today
  9. 15 games with no points in this league is absolutely not acceptable and the manager has to take the blame. This team is good enough but not with this manager
  10. Crazy substitutions, would of understood Tzolis for Raschica and cantwell for gilmour
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