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  1. Didn''t Kevin Reeves pay for the River End (in part. If not totally)? Maybe a Hooper or RVW will become just too valuable to hold onto and a chunk of transfer income could go towards ground redevelopment? I know the focus is on the playing squad and that''s absolutely the correct thing to do ATM, but if we ever did have a £20m plus player on our hands it could perhaps be an option?
  2. [quote user="a1canary"]Ugh. It''s depressing how often i am reminded how much i hate the premier league and all it stands for. Makes me wonder how i feel about us trying to establish ourselves there. If we do so, i hope we can remain aware of the circus around us rather than become aborbed into it as one of its hideous acts. Yes i''m glad we got promoted because we''ve reached the highest league in the land, i can see much more of my heroes, and we get a bunch of money to get us out of our horrible indebted mess. Doesn''t mean we have to like the PL circus though and that vile ringmaster Scudamore. Because i don''t. If i hadn''t made that clear. Good article by the way. [/quote] Brilliantly put. Agree with every word and sentiment here - I truly hope as a club we retain some sense of morality and appreciation of the bigger picture should we as a memebr of the sacred PL be in a position (as I''m sure we will) to vote on matters that affect ''smaller'' clubs (ie anyone not in the PL at that particular moment in time) whose fans look upon their own club as every bit as importnat to them as NCFC is to us.
  3. I like it. Simple, classy. And kudos to CUSDP - insider knowledge ahead of time yet again!!
  4. [quote user="YankeeCanary"] In my view too many of you are allowing your emotions to cloud your thinking. Paul Lambert knows that right now ( meaning from now through the coming weeks ) is probably the peak moment to avail himself of greater career/financial opportunities for the future. If we get into next season and, like most clubs new to the Premiership, find ourselves struggling then Mr. Lambert realises that will not be a greater negotiating position for him with either Norwich City or any other club than is the case right now. We all know that, historically, Norwich City are  "careful" with how much we are willing to pay our managers. Also, let''s not forget that Paul has personal issues that will cause him to take a good hard look at any opportunity for a significant salary/bonus increase within a long-term contract that presents itself.   [/quote] Very good point well made. I still fully expect this story to die a death, but I think it''d be naive to think Lambert wouldn''t at the very least consider all options and eventualities, both from an emotional and dispassionate viewpoint.  
  5. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"]Surprised we are doing business with Colchester...[/quote]   ASTONISHED we''re doing business with Colchester...
  6. If you go to the EEN website and click on "E-Edition" it brings up an animated graphic of the paper scrolling through the pages - the front page has a headline at the top of "American Dream for Canaries?" You have to pay for the online edition, there doesnt appear to be any report of it on the website at present.
  7. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote]“He merely asked us about ten questions and failed to bring in accountants or auditors,” said Sullivan. “It’s a bit like me buying a house and failing to conduct a survey and then moaning when the damn thing collapses.”[/quote] Is Sullivan admitting to selling a collapsing house here ? [/quote] Precisely what I was thinking. I think he would have been better off keeping his mouth shut if this is the only defence he can mount against some pretty serious accusations. I''ll be watching this story develop with some interest.
  8. [quote user="When Saturday Comes"] All idiot football fans are like this. If you''re incapable of having a mature conversation in life, you''re incapable of having one about footy. I''m sure we have hundreds of fans just like this. [/quote]   Spot on.
  9. Surely Robins would be just another ''bleeds green and yellow blood'' appointment? I''m hoping the new faces on board will be a little less inclined to repeat the mistakes of the recent past.
  10. CUSDP is saying its true on another thread....
  11. [quote user="Beauseant"]Presumably you didn''t notice the numerous threads dedicated to slagging off Stefanovic, or perhaps you felt that your particular brand of mordant wit merited it''s own special showcase?[/quote] Scythe...Duncan Forbes would be proud of you Beausant.
  12. Lets hope these lads have more going for them than being tall / built like a brick privy. I can understand a need to get more height and power into the side for next season, but not at the expense of real footballing talent. I can think of quite a few players who look the part (ie impressive physical specimens) but fall down in the attitude dept - a more physically imposing player will lose out to a player of more diminutive stature every time if the mental toughness / will to win isn''t there.
  13. [quote user="we8wba"] Saturday 9th Aug 1997 - a legend was born the team news for the opening game filtered through with a unknown kid named Robbie Keane in the line up playing his debut in midfield the kid destroyed norwich with two goals one of which was from 30yrds out this is defiantly the 2nd best goal at carrow road ever [/quote]   Remember it well. Keane tore us to pieces that day, he looked a star from the word go. Very occasionally you just know a young player will make it to the very top, he was clearly one of those. Best goal (and probably the most ludicrous, given the player involved) has to be Rosario against the Saints in the early 90''s. It fair flew into the net.
  14. [quote user="CT "][quote user="Shyster"][quote user="CT "]Of course we have to wait and see how our 3 summer signings turn out but it looks to me as if Gunn knows exactly what we need and instead of messing about, is going out to get his targets. He has picked up 3 very well respected LEAGUE 1 players and instead of picking up reserve premierleague players we are signing people that have the ambition to get out of league 1. Whilst Gunns other management skills are still questionnable (the season hasnt started yet) on the transfer front he is doing well. Keep it up Gunny. I''m behind you [Y][/quote] Faggot. [/quote] Did my post really deserve that? [/quote] No it didnt CT, and it should be removed imo.
  15. [quote user="TheMarshmallowMonkey"]Good shout, but for me we need to be spending our limited resources not on loans but getting contracted players. [/quote]   Spot on.  And the need for a target man for our smaller strikers to play off is far more pressing.
  16. Loathsome individual. Wouldn''t want him within a billion miles of this football club.
  17. It was a curious thing, wasn''t it? Announcing a new manager is usually the precursor to fresh hopes and dreams for the fans, but this just reeked of doom and gloom  from the word go. Gunn''s appointment proves that we truly, truly have no money in the coffers. I''ve always taken the prospect of administration with a pinch of salt - believing that even though we may have been mis-managed in spectacular fashion, we were fundamentally solvent at the very least - but now I''m really not so sure. I wonder just how much further we can fall tbh.
  18. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]It is a no-brainer but I think deep down, we all know what is going to happen.[/quote]   Yep, I think we do.
  19. Our dithering until the close season transfer carcass has maggots crawling out of it''s eye sockets always hacks me off. Year after year we do it - even when we actually had money to spend we fannied about - leaving us to bed in new players (we would probably not have been interested in 2 months previously) after the season has begun. I''m hoping against hope this year will be different.
  20. Eloquently put. The pressure that''s building day after day - from fans, ex-players,supporters groups, successful local businessmen - is almost tangible. This really is a pivotal time for our club. I hope to god those in charge get it right.
  21. Good post Jim. That horrible resigned feeling had been with me for some time too, and yesterday''s result left me feeling strangely numb. And like you say, when I heard Korey Smith was being given a full debut in such a massively crucial game...granted, he played well, but just wtf were the management team thinking?? Words fail me. Our failure this season has left me exhausted and pretty much sick of football. I never, ever thought I would say that and truly mean it - but the way this club is being throttled to death from the inside out right now makes me want to weep.
  22. Neither, for wildly different reasons of course. However, Keane does have that footballing gravitas that will help lure PL players down a league, which will give Ipswich an edge next year, I''m certain of that. Keane still has loads to prove, I suppose we''ll soon see if his only talent is in throwing wads at the problem and eventually hitting on a winning formula. Or whether he has learnt a bit from Fereguson and can actually ''manage.'' Still neither for me tho!
  23. [quote user="LinkNR9"]Of course it will be Gunn. He''s the cheapest option.[/quote]   Precisely. Rightly or wrongly, I fully expect Gunn to get the job permanently, relegation or not.
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