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  1. [quote user="True Citizen"]Not much evidence that we''re going to try playing the Norwich way. When the chips are down or we''re under pressure we resort to long balls up front rather than passing it on the deck. Instead of booing, the plastics cheer every hopeful punt upfield and remark on how exciting, adventureous and attacking our play is.Those who can remember what quality really is will be getting restless. But it won''t be until we miss out on the playoffs and our best players are sold off that the happy clappers and plastics to realise that this was yet another false dawn. Adams out.[/quote] Did you have the same feelings after the last few games? It''s just I never heard you mention this then?
  2. I would personally take the money, On his day he is unplayable but he is not consistent enough in my opionion. His end product is frequently woeful and u can''t see him becoming more consistent in the future. If we don''t cash in on him now I feel he may miss the boat
  3. [quote user="Kidderminster Exile"]Now for Christ''s sake get off Adams back, 2 wins in 3 days is beyond Hughtons dreams[/quote] Not to mention 6 goals!!
  4. [quote user="Mike "]Disagree, he has turned us down because we did not impress him enough. But hey McNally is great in the transfer market... not impressed at all to be honest. One of our targets thinks he''ll progess more at Bournemouth more than us. Howe established manager, Adams a youth coach... [/quote] Lewis Grabbon thought the same, oh wait.....
  5. Me thought so to but sometimes things take while
  6. It makes me wonder how much faith Adams has in players like toffolo and Gefaiti. If Olson was to leave would toffolo be seen as a good back up to Garrido? I wonder how many centre backs Adams is looking at getting in? Will Gafaiti be used as one of the four centre backs? I agree that at the right price snodgrass would not be a major dent with the players in our squad but I can''t help but think he would rip teams apart on his own in the championship.
  7. Who do you think will play the most next season from the youth players? My money is on Josh Murphy as I fear we may not see Snodgrass play at Carrow road this season. Do you feel we will see a big injection of the youth players? Rudd? Toffolo? McGeehan? Jacob Murphy? Jamar Loza? (I really hope he gets 10 goals) Gafaiti?
  8. [quote user="crabbycanary"]There''s a spine of a team right there[/quote] Bit more of a curved spine at their age
  9. Not that I would ever think of it this way as much more stranger things have happened but when you look at the average points per game no team in the bottom three should be able to make above 32 points, assuming they carry on at the same average points per game....   Cardiff : Played 32 and have got 26 points = 0.8125 points per game. Therefore in theory they will be 4.875 points from their last 6 games giving them a total 30.875 points. Sunderland : Played 30 : 25 Points = 0.8333 per game. They should get 6.67 points from their remaining 8 games which gives a total of 32 points. Please also note they play four top six teams in the their next four. Fulham should only get to 28.5 points at their rate of points.   We should never take our foot off the pedal but I cannot see any of them teams getting much better so the way I see it we need 35 points to definitely be safe.
  10. Players have to hold their hands up today. This performance isn''t CH''s fault
  11. [quote user="JF"]So the only player in the team capable of scoring is Hooper being supplied by 2 of the slowest wingers and probably the least creative midfield pairing in the league. Also going stubbornly with the tried and failed 4-4-2 again. This clown will take us down.[/quote] Not that I want us to play 442 but this tried and failed has got us 4 points out of 6
  12. I''m pretty sure there was a point where all that I mentioned were injured at the same time
  13. [quote user="City1st"][quote user="Butterbean_Canary"][quote user="City1st"]odd that so many players are ''not performing''what key factor would you suggest here ? [/quote] I''d love to know what you are suggesting CH is saying to these players.   Do you think he is saying to them to slow everything down.....pass to their players....make ridiculous mistakes....when you get the chance to cross it, kick it out for a goal kick.....when you see a through ball, turn around and pass it backwards or sideways???   [/quote]nopehe has them playing an absurd kind of zonal play which leads to this sort of stuffno too difficult to spotwhat does appear difficult is for you to recognise the responsibilities of a manager and his coaching staff [/quote]   I''m not saying CH doesn''t need to stand up and be counted. See my first post on this where I say he is not fully to blame.   We have had a good few players come out and say they are behind CH and that the players should also take blame.   Also, see my posts about certain key players being injured. This is a massive factor to why we are not performing as well as the start of the season.   Either way around we are joint 10th in the league with a bit of breathing space
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