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  1. Bruce Eats Walkers!

    Elliot Omozusi Jailed for 2 & 1/2 years!

    For witness intimidation!

  2. Ian Murray, another world beater who did nothing, I remember pulling out Juan Velasco in the sweepstakes on Club Canary to Coventry, and almost bursting in to tears lol
  3. Bruce Eats Walkers!

    Holt on Football Focus - Saturday

    Thats Sir Grant Holt to you
  4. Bruce Eats Walkers!

    who's the hardest in our squad ?

    John Ruddy all day long, reminds me of "The Monk" from Mean Machine!
  5. Scaremongouring at it''s best! "were coming to get you so make sure you don''t have the game on when we come"

    I looked in to this for a friend quite alot recently and from what I read it seems that European courts started that no one was to face prosecution from any one until they had reached a verdict (expected to last well in to next year) and then that there would be an appeal (at least another year) and that this was how it had become so common.
  6. Bruce Eats Walkers!

    The Banner!

    I''ll chip in for a tenner
  7. Bruce Eats Walkers!

    ....And now Lansbury..!!!!

    Or just with Fabregas
  8. Bruce Eats Walkers!


    I''ve had mine since 2008 so my record stands at Relegation - Promotion - Promotion - ?????????4 years 4 different divisions!
  9. Bruce Eats Walkers!

    ....And now Lansbury..!!!!

    It''s been looking ominous for a while now!

    "@haych_3: @HLansbury why are ppl saying u changed shirt number is this true?!" Don''t think I have one so don''t get my name or number lol

    Twitter for BlackBerry® • 11/07/2011 23:02

    Not playing tonight I did ask to but they said no

    Twitter for BlackBerry® • 15/07/2011 17:09

    "@ohmyfabregas: @HLansbury Gutted Henners, hope you get fit soon! x" I''m not injured

    Twitter for BlackBerry® • 15/07/2011 17:15
  10. Bruce Eats Walkers!

    Norwich 11-0 Regional German side

    And nearly everyone has hit the back of the net, a goal is a goal and the confidence it creates cannot be gained on the training ground
  11. Bruce Eats Walkers!

    So the Final 25?

    2 players for every position covering 2 formations, 7 out of 7 signings completed on 21st July. No injuries. Looking very good to hit the ground running against Wigan! We seem much better prepared than our direct rivals at the lower end of the premier league.
  12. Bruce Eats Walkers!


    I''m sure I read that Adam Drury missed the Gorleston game through A slight knee injury and that Simon Lappin had just become a father, that would suggest to me that they have a place for the season. I wouldn''t be so optimistic for Steven Smith, Steven Hughes, Oli Johnson, Anthony MacNamee, Owain Tudur Jones and, dare i suggest it, Cody Macdonald who''s absence remained unexplained. I didn''t see any of them at Gorleston. Adam Drury was there sitting with Elliot Ward first half and Simon Lappin has a pretty good reason for his absence. Not looking good for the rest though!
  13. Bruce Eats Walkers!

    Gorleston Saturday

    I''ve been told that it will be a strong first team squad including all new signings Holt etc. Curiously Chris Martin is not in the squad!
  14. Bruce Eats Walkers!

    Neil Adams

    Does this mean he will finally be able to find out what goes on at Colney then?
  15. Bruce Eats Walkers!

    Norwich city tattoos?

    Just got a price to have. Canary on the ball from the badge on my right calf, just need to muster up the courage to get it done now!