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  1. Good to see the topic has got back to point, and not of spelling, asda sightings and ketchup!
  2. Can''t say unfortuanetly, but i''ve seen the blueprints....
  3. Confirmed to me that these are to be constructed in front of the corner fill between jarrold, and barclay. Dates unknown but the plans to build are with the club to sign-off before being built. Seems as if they''re not temporary seats either.... Also, it''s 100''s not 1000''s which surprised me a little.
  4. Got mine, but the club have even managed to cock this up. Application for 5 tickets, 5 canary coach tickets, 4 match tickets! I hope they restore my faith and sort it out. I have a bad feeling they won''t though and someone will miss out!
  5. The draw is to be made this week for ballot in group 3. If you''re as desperate to find out as I am, give them a call late in the day on Wednesday, and they should know by then.
  6. Looking at their decimated squad, would we want any relegated players to make the jump? Would Lambert take a gamble on Joe Lewis. Does he warrant a place back at his beloved club between the sticks? Could Maclean or Mackail-Smith come in as a genuine championship foil for Holt? Personally, i''d welcome Joe Lewis back with open arms. Would probably set the club back £1.5m, but there could be a buy-back clause, or maybe a good deal for ''boro as they won''t have to pass on a seel-on clause! I also think Maclean would be a quality addition....
  7. To add to this post, I got an un-provoked headbutt near the train station after the game. No chanting, or intimidation, no yob like behaviour, just on phone sending message. The guy was with a large group who scarpered straight away. Leeds Utd fans are the most hated fans in the world for a reason.
  8. Lambert goes, I go..... to the pub and drown my sorrows. Championship mediocrity awaits
  9. Great read, and unfortunately, wholly true. http://anthonyvickers.boroblogs.co.uk/2010/03/second-class-ci-1.html    
  10. +1, still nothing online for me.   [quote user="can u sit down please"]Anyone got a link? I cant see owt online![/quote]
  11. Response from Stephan Phillips on the live web chat regarding ''Investment from America'': ''The club were approached by an agent and we have refered them to deloittes (in charge of finding investment)'' What''s interesting is that today of all days, the owner of archant and host for the web chat, this story is published. Could a potential investment rumour actually be true???
  12. Just walked past a news kiosk in town with a front news headline of ''Investment for NCFC from America emerges'' from the EEN, but nothing on any internet sites, forums or anywhere! Has anyone bought, and read the story?
  13. There is a god after all. Most over-rated pile of tosh ever to grace the RB berth.
  14. Can someone close to this let me know whether the technology underpinning this will work on mobile devices? (specifically smartphone). Thanks.
  15. With no football league show, anyone have a link to highlights from yesterday? (except for canaries world). Thanks.
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