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  1. Hodges is the key middle man. At Aviva, he lobbied strongly for the NCFC sponsorship deal when other directors weren''t so sure. Delia will remember that.
  2. Towergate Insurance Group will float. This will raise a lot of money for Peter Cullum and his new-ish CEO Mark Hodges (ex Aviva UK CEO and a big Norwich fan). They will buy and run the club. That''s one option.
  3. Shearer has very little in the way of original thought. In all likelihood, a researcher passed him some notes in large capitals that he slowly lip-read off camera and then blurted out when it was his turn to talk. Good footballer, hopeless pundit. Time for a change please.
  4. Aviva former UK CEO Mark Hodges instrumental in agreeing deal. He has since left to join Towergate, home of Peter Cullum...
  5. Shouldn''t he be charged with assault? If that took place in Tombland on a Saturday night he''d be arrested
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