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  1. That''s why I make regular commutes to Germany just before kick off most weeks
  2. Thing is though we failed to beat Fulham in three attempts at Christmas, two of them at Carrow Road
  3. Agree about the problem with getting the ball to the head of a single target man.  Man City played two up against Newcastle which is why it worked, I guess they will try 4-4-2 against weaker teams (or maybe not after the weekend!) but use something more modern for the top 6 teams.  In the end though, so far RVW has had his only chances from crosses (one goal, one miss and one great save if my memory serves) so it seems that more crosses will probably equal more joy...
  4. I was at the Hull game (only had to travel from Sheffield) and was really disappointed, so much so I could only bear to watch the MOTD highlights last night, couldn''t face it on Saturday.In the cold light of day, the highlights show we were clearly piling the pressure on and creating some chances in the second half, wolfies header, the two Howson efforts etc.  Also Garrido was pretty much playing at the corner flag for the last part of the game, in line with the piece to video about how to chase the game.Sure, we should have passed much better and created more, but against a supremely motivated organised and ultra defensive Hull we lost the game because fer, wolfie, howsen, and redmond failed to convert, as much as because of any tactics.Also the penalty was well soft and we should have had one ourselves, 1-1 or 0-0 we all go one happily to the next game I reckon...My main worry is that it is a bitter pill that we have lost our width to injury, badly need Pilks back.  The key problems I saw was that both Snodgrass and Redmond cut in, which leaves the middle of the pitch too congested.  Also we need to free up the midfielders to try and play RVW in, he was making a fair few runs, but we seem to nervous to lose possesion to try and hit him, without taking that chance he is going to be under-utilised. 
  5. Agree, I''m 6 foot tall with long legs and it was impossible to sit in a normal fashion.  As the stewards were enforcing a no standing policy this made it bloody uncomfortable.  The whole experience was flat compared to other "big" Premier grounds, no comparison with Anfield, and Man City felt much more of an event too.  Gap around the pitch is massive at Old Trafford which seemed to really affect the atmosphere, and the fans were waiting for Madrid (to give them a footballing lesson hopefully!) .  Also, the announcer repeatedly saying "Welcome to the home of the Worlds Best Football Team" was pretty unecesary and grating.  Lots more new scarves and posing for photos going on too.Also the five seats next to me were taken by Manc fans, saw them texting "we are 1 nil up and they attacking us next half; sick!".  They were harmless enough but took seats from some NCFC fans, god knows how the club sold them tickets.Glad I don''t have that as my regular ground, a handful of important games each season, and apart from that a pretty souless day out with an hour queue to get out afterwards.
  6. Looks like an instinctive 6 yard box poacher.  Also a good penalty taker but that won''t help us much.  Lots of the clipped goals look like the pass made the goal, allthough the finishes are super sharp no doubt.  Will he get that much space in the Premier and cope with tight marking and physically aggresive defenders?
  7. Or we could be boxing clever and publically showing that we have other irons in the fire to stop the price escalator
  8. Cheers Sussexyellow! You got it...I know I shouldn''t be joking or misspelling, this is serious stuff, and I shouldn''t view it as just a way of livening up a dull day at work with some inoffensive mildy funny NCFC banter.  I will learn and improve.
  9. The difference between Lennons and our view of the value of the last bid lies in how much you think Morrison is worth!
  10. Much easier to buy them online, got mine in a couple of minutes half and hour ago.Will involve a round trip from Sheffield to Norwich time off work petrol etc, but the cheaper ticket prices compensate a bit.And...its villa!
  11. No defending from the front at all, we lose possession, we drop right off and on Chelsea go. Last season we used pressing very effectively.
  12. Or did he deliberately take the heat off the players and lower expectations, while privately reading the riot act? Will be amazed if we turn out like that again this year.
  13. Watched it on a poor "small river" last night, we defended well, showed good fitness and were extremely committed, lots of bodies on the line blocks going in during the 2nd half, which reflects players trying to secure places in the team.  As mentioned above, the passing was below par, except for a few short passages.  The main thing I noticed was a big gap between midfield and the attackers, and an over-reliance on longer passes or through balls to the strikers, which were very easy for Ajax to deal with.  Am hoping this was not deliberate, and CH will encourage us to get up the pitch and be bolder in possession.  The way I look at it, that performance would secure a home draw against all but the top 6 from last season, which is not bad for a below par day at the office.
  14. Got mine too, bloody expensive, 56 quid for the Jarrold Block L (I value view over atmosphere for the home games, must be getting old!) Total piss take to have QPR as a A game,  fair enough to pay this for Man U etc. but is well OTT for QPR.Still, couldn''t resist, will need the petrol for a round trip from Sheffield as well, more fool me!
  15. Agree, I got points doing 43 or so in a 30 too under similar circumstances, wide road, early morning etc, so am not claiming to be a saint!53 is a fair bit quicker again though, enough to definitely get points in a 40.Don''t think any worse of the guy, but probably for the best that the wrist slap is enough to stop it  becoming a regular habit.  
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