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  1. Yes Rusty comes across very well, and explains what happened, very fairly both to himself and the club. I feel a bit bad about having a go at him for appearing not want to play in the third division,it looks to me Gunny messed him about. When he comes back we should remember what he did for us last season and cheer him not boo him. A 3 year deal was probrably unrealistic and reading between the lines I think he realises that now. But I trust in Lambert decisions to allow Rusty & Docs to go even though they surprised me. I do not think we will look back with the same regret that we did with Nigel after he catastrophically let Malky & Robbo go just before our Premiership season.
  2. I think todays Huddersfield v Millwall game is in some ways is more important than our game at Charlton. If Millwall fail to win, with the exception of Leeds, all our rivals will be at the very least 6 points behind us after Saturday''s games with only 9 points to play for. I think even the most pessimistic City supporter (of which i am one ) must view this with optimism. With 2 home game to come i couldn''t see even us mucking that up. Leeds could still catch us for the title but the important goal of promotion would all but be achieved. So c''mon Huddersfield !
  3. Well said. Gunny could have proved a lot of people wrong if he had done his badges and then took a job in the lower leagues. I said on these pages that Gunny''s appointment would be a disaster, it gave me no pleasure to be proved right. I dont blame Gunny for taking the job, it should not have been offered to him, to manage the club he loves must have been beyond his wildest dreams after years in Hospitality. But he as all us "amateur managers" on here would be..out of his depth. No my problem was 1) That he stayed on after relegation and 2) That in an interview with Archant when he should have apologised he stated that given his time again he would do the same thing ! This was the time for some humility. However saying all this i agree with Tim Allman now is the time to move on, I have had very difficult times in my life but nothing like Bryan Gunn and his family have gone through. And it is a testimony to Gunny to how he has dealt with all this and it shows what a lovely fellow he is. He loves this club and to rename the "Gunn club" would be petty, so leave it be.
  4. Even if Millwall, Charlton etc win 5 draw 2 lose 2 of their remaining nine games, (which would take some doing) we would only need 2 more wins & a draw to go up ! Now the thing we have to go for is the Championship and Saturdays game is much bigger and more nervy for Leeds than us. Has anyone else noticed the "crowds" at Middlesborough lately, to have a half time chat with you nearest supporter you will need a mobile phone or be conversant in semaphore. Our fans put them to shame.
  5. No Club has a divine right to be anywhere. Man u , Chelsea, Spurs etc have all been relegated from the top division in the years i have been watching football. You have to earn the right to be in any league and more so to get out of it. This is the kind of "big headed attitude" that i think is annoying Lambert at the moment. I think the booing on Tuesday night really got to him and comments like this do not help. I also think his comments yestarday were aimed at a lot of contributors on here who moan if we ain''t 3-0 up after a half an hour in every game. Make no mistake without Lambert replacing Gunn we would not be top of the league. If "supporters" keep this up we could lose him. Our points record in the last 30 odd games is possibly the best in Europe if not the world so lets stop this moaning and get behind the man.
  6. Justin could have been better than John he had more natural ability. Had he not got caught up in the Clough/Taylor situation and gone elsewhere who knows how far his career could have gone. On Matt Holland, I thought the first week he had just happened to be walking past the studio and they were a man light....he was that bad but give him due he is getting a lot better. I thought Stockwell was honest, do we really think that a professional footballer who is gay would willingly "come out" . Rightly or wrongly can you imagine the stick they would get ? How would they then be able to concentrate on the game they are paid to do ?
  7. I for one wish Jamie all the best, to me he was unlucky not to be with us at the peak of his career. But he always gave 100% and he was a great character to have around the place. I always loved it when the club said "do not talk to the press about this" days later we would get a Curo statement...great...how it should be. I think age has caught up with him and he can have few complaints re- Lambert and our last few managers have not used him either so all the best Jamie.
  8. Couldn''t agree more Smooth, that season for what ever reason Nigel "lost it" with his signings which only now all these years later are we recovering. I don''t blame Ashton for leaving, lets be honest he would be up front with Rooney in this this years World Cup with England. Heskey & Carlton Cole are nowhere near as good. I feel it very sad for the boy especially when your Joey Barton''s of this world seem to have all the luck going.
  9. Pay up basically, I suppose being a long term Norwich fan you always think if something can go wrong something will go wrong. Ask the League Manager''s association to mediate or whoever does that. There must be precedents in tha past where this has happened so a realistic figure must surely be out there somewhere. I agree Cowling is being an "arse", if Liverpool, Celtic or Man City came in for Lambert I would understand him wanting to leave and that is how we are in comparison to Colchester. So Cowling should realise this is a guy just wanting to better himself. But my worry is, and I do agree that points deduction is very unlikely, is that we are acting very smug in saying "off the record" that this definately won''t happen. Do we have inside information as to what the Panel will do, perhaps we do and that would be great the only thing I am saying is wouldn''t it be better to sort this out now rather than take the risk however small.
  10. The club, with the exception of the debt, is iin the best shape it has been for years. Paul Lambert and his staff are doing an unbelievable job, the fans turn out in force week in week out and Delia is letting the "Football people" run the club. However there is one cloud on the horizon and that is this dispute with Colchester over Paul Lambert, the club must sort this out now. Sources in the club are saying it is very, very unlikely that we will be docked points I for one believe they are probrably correct, but do we want to put this to the test ? Imagine the scenario at the hearing, Colchester the little club versus mighty Norwich who "stole" their manager, Cowling will also point to how well we have done since Lambert''s appointment. The point is if there is even 1 chance in 100 it is not worth the risk that some commitee will decide to make an example of us and dock us points. So Mr Chairman do the deal, lets be honest Lambert has been our best "signing" for years so if it costs a bit more than we want to pay so be it.
  11. Good god, so he would still get us relegated if he had his time all over again.....priceless. The ego of some people is astounding . We all make mistakes, take Delia & Michaels catastophic management appointments do they learn from it, yes and let Mcnally & Lambert run the club. Come on Bryan you were a great keeper but admit it as a manager you were worse than Mike Bassett !
  12. Our debts are that bad, we are deluding ourselves if we don''t realise. Any comparison to Man Utd is ludicrous. Read Mick Dennis''s column on Waghorn, if a company like Delloite''s are in volved it must be bad. Mcnally is trying his hardest to sort this mess out.
  13. I stand by what I was told. ( A very good source who I do not wish to get into trouble by naming them) Yes I suppose  Gunny actually "signed" them but from what I am led to believe John Deehan did all the  " leg work"  and the signings were made on his recomendation. These players, among others, were earmarked well before we were relegated from a dossier compiled by Deehan.  I am just saying  that when supporters give Gunny all the credit for these signings I do not believe that to be the case. 
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