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  1. Lambert worked a miracle for us - got 120% out of some mediocre players.
  2. Think we need to get behind Mr Nice Guy for Saturday as we must win this game. Hoping & praying that there a 3 worse teams than us in the division. Then we''ll part ''mutually''.
  3. When i heard this lunchtime that ''The King of Spain'' was leaving the club i was really sad that one of my alltime favorites would leave us. I can recall visiting the training ground a few years ago when Lappin was going out for training with the youth team. Doherty shouted to him through an open window ''Why are you going out early Lapps''. Lappin''s reply was simply (and with a smile) ''The gaffer''s making me train with the kids. At the time Roeder was making Lappin train with the youth team for refusing a salary cutting move back to Scotland.  A model professional through and through who will always stand out as a role model for his perseverence and dedication to the cause.
  4. I wonder if we''ve ever had a better ''model professional'' at the club then Simon Lappin AKA The King of Spain. A few years ago i watched the players training at Colney in the Glen the Rodent era. Docherty shouted out of the window to Lapps to ask why he was out training at 9.00. The response from Lappin, with a smile, was that he was training with the youth team. At the time Rodent was trying to force him out of the club. Lappin has given nothing but maximum effort and has been a great ambassador for the modern player during his time at Carrow Road. Tough game for him at the Arsenal but he stuck to the task and played a great role in our success on the day.  
  5. I am delighted to be among the first half dozen City fans to don the old flat cap for City matches. Delighted that the sky sports camera''s picked us out waving our hats in response to the Norwich goals - like a cross between Pathe News and vintage footage of the 59 cup run. I invite all city fans to invest in a cap to follow the City home and away with the farmer boys!!! Having secured our premier league status i''m also looking forward to a party like none other at home to the Villa on Sunday - bring it on.
  6. [quote user="Harry"]james norwich if you really are a Norwich fan (which I doubt) we can do without fans like you, the players need support after a defeat like yesterday not idiots like you spouting garbage on message boards.[/quote]
  7.  Without doubt Ruddy will cost ud dearly by the end of the season - we should have bought Fraser Forster in the close season rather than the panic buy Ruddy from the previous year. JR was all at sea at Man City and gives little confidence to his defenders. Why does he go through a warm up routine pre-match catching crosses when he never comes for a cross in a match. Man City''s 2nd goal was a joke - there was no one anywhere near the free kick. Please PL can we have a new keeper for January.
  8. Well that''s rattled a few cages.... Keep Ruddy as backup for Forster - Declan can''t be second choice. And by the way - the only time Ruddy came off his line was when he sprinted to the snakepit to celebrate Jackson''s 96th minute winner against Derby!!!!
  9. Cheering from the stands as my sons were on the pitch - one of our greatest family experiences!!
  10. Whilst Ruddy has given his all this season, we need FF back between the sticks in the premier league. FF is a different class and would serve us well in the top flight.
  11. Indeed David McN is the man that made it all happen. Great to see him and the board enjoying the celebrations on the pitch. This will lift the whole city.
  12. Roy Kean was taking scum down - fact. Sadly teams tend to do better after the manager leaves and when the new one arrives - fact. So lets bombard the scummer websites with ''Bring back Keano''.
  13. Lets hope Lambert & City stick together. He should be on a very long contract, anyone else would have had us still in Div 1. In Lambert we trust - Keep the faith!!!
  15. Yes i heard this on 606 last night where Robbie Savage made some nice comments about him. Part of the Bournemouth exodus to Norwich under John Bond, he was a key player for us in the early 70''s and later in the management team.
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