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  1. Regretfully true I think Jim. Unfortunately, it;s not just Norwich but all teams that don''t have either billionaire owners or generate large amounts of revenue, sad days indeed. If WHU weren''t leaving Upton Park for a bigger stadium, I think we would be classed the same as you. Good luck.
  2. Stranger things have happened. Remember Carlos Tevez scoring the winner at Manure on the last day of the season? They were crowned champions but, WHU won and stayed up. Nobody gave us a chance that day. Never say never maybe? Good luck
  3. Get in touch with Big Fat Sam and he''ll show you his master plan, "parking the 19th century bus." Oh, and if you want a new Manager, hopefully he''ll be out of a job soon. Good luck for staying up
  4. Size of ground and capacity is/will play a bigger part going forward too, do you think? Spurs,WHU,Liverpool,Man City all looking to increase crowd numbers or go to a new ground. Throw in Celtic and Rangers who I think The Premier League would love to have and the likes of Norwich and WHU at Upton Park can''t/won''t compete. You don''t have any chance of increasing capacity at Carrow Road do you? Good luck for staying up
  5. Just might be able to help you out there. He goes by the letters BFS, Big Fat Sam! Only drawbacks are he likes to park the 19th century bus, play up and under football, forget about using tactics and demand a big salary for doing it. Interested? Apply to Upton Park in the not to distant future hopefully. Good luck for staying up!
  6. Looks like I''ll be on an away day to Norwich next year. Goodbye Sunderland, who wants to come right up North to watch you?
  7. Drop those shoulders and breathe out now. You can look forward to entering the crazy world of........ The Summer Transfer Window!!!!!!
  8. Thanks. Squeaky bum time in The Norwich households at the moment with 75 mins gone at WHL?
  9. Please leave Mackay alone as I''d like him to come to West Ham. Many thanks. lol
  10. G8 comedy, don''t you think? Irony is, it wouldn''t be allowed on TV now. Warren Mitchell was a Spurs supporter wasn''t he, played a great part as Alf Garnet. Spurs goal just gone in, feeling better now? Y word has 4 letters beginning with Y and end in S
  11. Should be no problem on that front, he''s bound to be injured or suspended! Hope Sunderland go down, it''s a long way to go, especially when those idiots at Sky put Sunderland V WHU on at 7.45pm on a Monday!!! You must have had similar?
  12. Maybe, when the miserable, (WHU), are no longer miserable and pass on their misery to the newly more miserable, (Norwich), who hopefully by the end of this evening might be less miserable than the misery they were in earlier today. Sorry, what a loada bollocks!
  13. Could do with Phil Boyer and Ted MacDougall upfront at Fulham? 3 points guaranteed? lol
  14. Must have been soon agter the trip to Nottingham Forest in the cup where we lost 5-0! Bet we''ve both had a few trips like that this season. We hate our Manager''s way of playing football but accept it till when we''re in Olympic Stadium where we''ll say, "thanks for getting us up and keeping us in The Premiership, but you don''t understand the traditions of the club or how we''d rather go down than watch this crap every week". Any similarities there with CH? Unfortunately, there''s no room for the family club anymore that doesn''t have huge resources, something that we have both never had. Please beat those people who are called that word beginning with Y that nobody is allowed to say anymore. See you next year
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