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  1. Robbo back as a coach would be ideal so we could mould a new target man if we have one with Lee''s loan ending and Corts contract up. I would hope that Huckerby would have some sort of involvement on the pitch, I think at his age league 1 would suit him and if he is comfortable give him a rolling contract if he want to carry on playing. But who knows..........
  2. N & P lower and I''m sure I''d be the only one chanting! If we were to have an Invasion do you think Delia would notice or would she think the fans look a bit close again, better not drink too much more or I may actually fall asleep. Don''t want to be falling over in the car park again!  
  3. Totally agree Mushroom and I think the hardest part would be getting a new board.
  4. hope your rite, nothing against Gunny but we need someone to dig us out of this mess whatever league we are in. If he is serious about managing Norwich maybe he needs to look to the lower leagues to learn his trade for a while and see how things turns out?
  5. Just wondered if anyone else had picked up on this. When the first few pre season friendlies were announced Gunn said he was looking forward to taking the squad to those games. Now have I got this wrong or between the end of this season and the start of the pre seasons friendlies we should be looking to appoint a new manager or a decision made then about giving gunn an extension. How can he say he is looking forward to something that he may not actually do? Seems to me that decision has already been made from what he said or am I reading too much into this (with this board it wouldn''t suprise me)!!  
  6. Are we wearing the yellow and green or the old yellow and black like we did at the valley?
  7. I think they had enough of Worthy at the Fulham game! I''m not sure if I want rodent out or not yet as I dont see how brining in someone else with no money to spend doing much better. I do hate him playing people out of position!
  8. I''m sure rodent could play someone else out of position to "fix it". Probably Lupoli coz rodent seems to like him!!!*
  9. I''d heard from a Hammers fan he was nearly fit (for Ashton anyway) and they were going to sell him in the transfer window but there was a bit in the paper last week that he has had a set back and may be out until April. Not quite sure if it''s true.
  10. Who are we going to sign with no money in the kitty this also includes loan players. If the bloke that funded Lita''s loan spell here is going to do it for all our targets then great but somehow I dont see it happening.
  11. Marshall Otsemobor Omozusi Docherty Drury Croft Clingan Pattison Bertrand Lupoli Skidierski
  12. The Doc! Done it before and scored in the Prem. Sorry just took my reality pills, no one as were f****d!
  13. 1) Ipswitch 2)Donny 3)Shef Wed 4)Plymouth 5)Forrest 6)Barnsley 7)Southampton 8)Preston 9)Swansea 10)Wolves? 5-2 Just an idea  
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