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  1. [quote user="Joanna Grey"] [quote user="Canaries Utd"]I know it''s been talked about before, but I have just had the Red Ring of death appear on my XBox, recommendations please for new console. I use it for occasional gaming and DVDs.[/quote] Get your Xbox fixed under warranty. [/quote] Definitely the best thing to do, I think that you can still get it fixed for free. And, Xbox''s are far better than PS3''s anyway.
  2. Great Post FramCanary, you voiced my opinions perfectly.[Y]
  3. I would happily take Shane Long, Jimmy Kebe and Matt Mills.
  4. The comments are absolutely horrible! Even if they thought that their microphones were off, they still shouldn''t be saying stuff like that. Also, the lineswoman made the completely correct decision anyway!
  5. [quote user="ryan1992"]Ketchup? If true, I dont see why we need him with Drury, S. Smith and Lappin at the club, surely another right back is more of a priority[/quote] Couldn''t agree more, we actually could do with a right-back, we don''t need a left back at all!
  6. [quote user="colneycanary"]Strong rumours from up north are linking us with a move for the 20 year old free kick specialist striker. Currently plays for Dundee Utd and has 21 goals in 46 matches for them. Would cost 100k so in our price range and his full name is Leigh Grant Holt Griffiths which Is rather strange![/quote] That is awesome! Would happily have him here, would rather him than George Boyd!
  7. I really don''t havehigh hopes for this one, so I am going 2-1 Cardiff, Bellamy and Chopra and C Martin with ours.
  8. Good news that Lappin has signed new contract [Y]
  9. [quote user="kdncfc"]That red card has to be one of the most diabolical things I''ve ever had the misfortune to witness, even a yellow would have been harsh. Surely we have to appeal against that one, yet another bloody clueless ref. [/quote] Couldn''t agree more, most laughable decision I have ever seen. Harte got him sent off because of his bloody diving around on the floor. Holt only brushes Harte''s ankle for christ sake, that referee is way out of his depth. Hopefully we can hold onto our lead. Also that red card has to be recinded surely?
  10. [quote user="DOGGER"]Gotta Laugh at Holt!! LOL!!![/quote] Agreed, he looks hilarious!
  11. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"][quote user="Delia Out"] [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]More to the point... how does Delia Out! know it''s ''spot on'' when he has made it clear on other threads that he''s only 15 years old? He avoided this question last time so maybe I''ll get an answer this time eh? [/quote] For all you know I could have been lying about my age and I''m really 65! [/quote] Well that would certainly put a different slant on you being ''at school''... [/quote] Perhaps ''school'' is work [:$]
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