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  1. Is that where they took the hobbits?
  2. Send the kids, some of them might actually be able to play football!
  3. I would understand if I was a quick pass around the back to draw the defence out a bit but it's not effective when it's so slow
  4. Looked to me like all the kids were bored of the turgid football and found something better to do
  5. At this point he could hold a championship manager competition and give the job to the winner
  6. Only booing was at full time today. And booooooooooooo Boooooo Booooooooooooooooooooooo
  7. No, she doesn't quite get it but I do see her point. The DW snippet doesn't give a good attitude. Why even mention a rematch? Surely we want a win, and only a win.
  8. It was a lovely goal. It would have been better if we had tried to attack and create more chances. We have the two aforementioned players that can create and score so we should go at the opposition hard.
  9. Need 12 points minimum from that lot. I think it'll be 5-8
  10. Maybe Brum would like to take Wagner off our hands?
  11. McCallum is average and Gini is a wing back. I'd keep Gini if we want a bench wing back.
  12. We've got plenty of time between games. We don't need to rest anyone. I'd like to see a full strength starting XI
  13. I'd generally set up with a 5-3-2. Gunn Stacey Batth/Duffy Hanley McLean McCallum Rowe Sara Nunez Sarge Idah/Hwang
  14. I usually have a pints of wine. I find 2 bottles splits nicely into 3 pints with the third pint having enough space at the top for wobbles!
  15. The way Saints are playing they'll be through our midfield like a hot knife through butter.
  16. I agree with all except placeta, he gets a 1 from me. Squandered possession every single time he got the ball.
  17. Wagner logic: let's save our best players for the really difficult game, then waste an opportunity to get 3 points against a poor team. We probably could have wrapped it up in 60mins then rested the key players. Also, placeta is useless
  18. It's a team that could be good enough to beat Millwall. All to save players for a team that will probably lose to Southampton. I hope I am wrong though! OTBC
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