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  1. He will be retired before the Stowmarket 2 decide to leave!
  2. The other nights light show & music before kick off against Watford was well good
  3. I was unlucky enough to be standing beside a few half a shandy lads on Saturday to hear the Borja Sainz song & lyrics.... Here goes! Borja Sainz, Borja Sainz he eats paella & he drinks Stella, he hates F------ Ipswich! Now that's a anthem to take into the play offs
  4. You can be a season ticket holder as its our local club not Wagner's, we will still be here when he is long gone & you don't have to agree with the way the club is run either we've had all that before.
  5. The fans unsettled the player's, not his substitutions yeah right, go a get into bed with Delia you clown
  6. Maybe Delia will come out at half time & tell the 80% . My feeling is the Stow 2 will hang on as long as possible, as said in a earlier post, " No one is asking the question" Nice little Norwich!
  7. Can't remember seeing them when Agent Lambert & Cook were in charge, spotty little picks!
  8. Which included the Grand Prix
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