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  1. Pity the fire alarm did''nt go off before the game started!!
  2. What a surprise we get beaten, & Ryan Bennett is suddenly injured, so Yobo can play, now nobody saw that coming!
  3. Good point, if yobo gets a start you know it will be bennett who loses out! Hughton out, before we reach the championship, "please".
  4. After seeing him shopping in chaperfield saturday afternoon with his missus, he''s curtainly gone up in my estimations!!
  5. He won''t resign, he''d rather take us down, mine you he''s making a good job of it
  6. Don''t know how to take this, do we really need another left winger/back, wonder how much he''ll be on, enough to p-ss off some members of the squad i expect, just a thought
  7. Good job you did''nt hear radio 5''s comments then, much nearer the point then radio norfolk, i think!
  8. Full yes, but not truly happy even you have to admit that, but you''re right, not in bottom three. lets all hope it stays that way.
  9. JG, I don''t really like the bloke, but something needs to happen soon, to get everyone back on side supporting the club
  10. Perhaps that''s where the problem lies, some on big money, some not so big & some getting better contracts, just a thought?
  11. Just the bloke we need, passion, spirit, energy, none of that at carrow road at present, anywhere!
  12. I would''nt care if my granny was manager, as long as she brought back the Norwich style
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