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  1. I’m inclined to agree with Buh. It’s an abject failure to of added sufficient cover both in Defence and in holding midfield. we identified 2 seasons ago we needed a new centre back when we went after Ajer but yet we are still left with the same defence we’ve had for virtually 4 seasons. Andy O is promising but I don’t see him at the stage in his development where he should be first choice in a top 6 championship side. Hanley is great for what he does well but is very limited with his ability with the ball. Gibson less said the better of late. there’s been far far more duds in recent seasons than there has been hits with transfer requirement.
  2. Well what we can both agree on is he hasn’t accepted it. I’d argue not signing is still turning down but hey ho. agree with everything else though to be fair.
  3. Pukki is gone in the summer no matter what so just enjoy him while he’s here. He wanted to go in the summer but we took the option on the extra year because he turned down a contract we offered him. Can’t say I begrudge him one last big pay day in his career before it’s over.
  4. If anything statistically most Norwich fans are more likely to vote blue as Norfolk is a very blue area come election times. A lot of the problems with modern politics is it’s too polarising too many focus on what makes us different rather than what we have in common. I wouldn’t begrudge anyone for having money they have worked for it’s the system that’s a fault. A bank says someone can’t afford a mortgage so that person has to rent somewhere paying more rent than a mortgage costs it’s just bonkers to me. It’s not so much about the rich and the poor, it’s more that the current system is too broken to allow people who work hard and earn a good wage to get on the property ladder. I know people who earn 50k a year but can’t get a mortgage on a place in Norwich so they have to rent a house that’s £1200 a month when the mortgage would be £800 a month. Crazy when you actually think about it.
  5. Won’t be like relegation to league one but there will be a lot of negative financial implications
  6. If we win every game for the rest of the season we’ll go up
  7. The paradox of modern society is the poor having to pay the rich to rent a house they are told they can’t afford even though the rental cost is usually hundreds more than the cost of a mortgage on the same property. Bonkers.
  8. Probably the first things I’ve read you’ve posted that I agree with I think hell just froze over
  9. It’s hard to figure out sometimes as some of the people I talk to at the club you need an enigma machine to work out what they actually mean. A lot of the time they try to tell you things without telling you things if you get what I mean. You’re most likely right now though.
  10. Not had anything confirmed but I did a bit more digging and seems if it’s share related there’s two options, Attanasio is either purchasing more of the club directly from Michael and Delia or they are restructuring the clubs shares to preference shares to enable the Attanasios to purchase more % while Delia and Michael maintain voting power.
  11. Can only really see this happening if we have someone lined up to come in as he’s made all 3 of Wagners match squads.
  12. Will be good for his career to get the minutes under his belt will wish him the best of luck
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