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  1. I was under the impression it was three years but gradually reducing each season. I think they wanted to introduce what you mentioned but not sure that’s come into effect yet as prem clubs voted against it I think.
  2. Deserves the opportunity to see it through till the end of the season given the recent run.
  3. Yeah I think at this point there is no sense in getting rid of Wagner this season. Once we get to the end of the season though I’ve no problems in knapper wanting to change things. Next season is our last of parachute payments so yeah I’m aware of our financial situation. It’s most likely why Rowe and Sara won’t be here if we do not go up this season. whatever happens I’ll just enjoy the ride in the meantime.
  4. Sorry but a million a year is less than what an average player makes in our squad these days. Our average wage on players last season was 30k a week that’s 1.5m a year. It’s all relative in football. A unemployed manager who realistically would have struggled to find a job had we not come knocking due to his previous record, I’d be surprised if it’s as much as a mill. I’d bet between 500k and 750k a year.
  5. People need to be a bit more thick skinned. Booing has been part of football for years. Everyone just needs to get on with it regardless if you agree with it or not.
  6. Wasn’t Will Still about the same age when he got his job with Remmes?
  7. That’s probably the best outcome for everyone to be fair.
  8. Slightly different though as Cuesta has a role at a large club and is highly thought of and respected at that club and Wagner was sat at home on the giro before we gave him a chance.
  9. I don’t think there’s a clause he’s on a rolling 12month deal so it’s not the biggest pay off we’d have to pay regardless and I can’t imagine Wagner is on super high wages given he was unemployed before we gave him a chance
  10. If that’s when he has in his mind he wants to make the change I don’t see the issue. It’s football it’s a cutthroat business and knapper has to run the club the way he thinks is best not how Webber thought was best. It’s harsh on Wagner but he’ll get a good pay off if it happens and worse things have happened at sea than this.
  11. Many clubs keep feelers out for potential managers and players as good business practices should they need to act on them. Perhaps these feelers are all it’s been and it’s just become public. I would be more shocked if knapper didn’t have a list of potential players and managers he was in dialogue with to keep sweet for potential future moves. Just seems like good planning to always be a step ahead should you get caught short.
  12. McKenna (scum) , Corberan (West Brom) and Maresca (Leicester) all were assistant managers before being given their jobs. All 3 are now successful managers.
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