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  1. Our net spend is still only about 10 million after the fee we got for beundia. Estimates are that promotion to the premier league raises 100-120 million more than a season in the championship so there should still be plenty of money in the pot if not serious questions need to be asked.
  2. West London based, will invest if they stay up they have more than double our points this season. The pull of living in London has often meant those clubs can attract players teams like us never could.
  3. I liked that also a majority of the team he built was young British or English based players who know the country and our game needing lass time to adapt
  4. As far as I understand it you have to be missing at least 8 of the 23 man squad selected for the season to be deemed sufficient to cancel fixtures
  5. I have to say i have been very impressed with Smith since his arrival. The team are much more organised and you can clearly see game plans in place to deal with opponents. As others have said if players had taken chances we’d be much higher in the league than our current position. i was surprised at the timing of the Farke dismissal but it seems that faith in Webber to do the right thing for the club is still 100% from me. He clearly recognised the manager was underperforming giving the recourse we had spent in the summer even with the loss of emi. Thus far under smith it seems the right call to of made and should we go down I have 100% confidence he would get us back too.
  6. As stated before the ball simply has to over hang an area of the quadrant to be sufficient. I would of thought a majority of people who played or watched football now would have been aware of this.
  7. International loans don’t count as loans they are classed as signings it’s only British club loans that are restricted to 2.
  8. I think smith is still learning about his players but would of learnt a lot tonight. Mainly we lack real quality on a consistent basis. Really looked like we missed Normann and Rashica. Idah hopefully goes ahead of Sargent in the pecking order as other than run around a lot I’m not sure what Sargent brings to the team.
  9. Throughly devoid of any real quality against the second worst side in the league with 10 men. For the record yes we are the worst team in the league. I’d criticise Farke so I shall smith too what on earth is this formation about second half no width at all against a side with 10 men. Every logical football brain would be making the pitch as big as possible in this situation
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