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  1. indeed but thats 10 players wages on 20k a week so still significant either way
  2. if you come back on this thread Ricardo be grateful if you could respond to my post flagged for your attention
  3. Alan Bowkett said it at the end of season dinner. Said playing budget was 10 million bigger than last season
  4. I have seen you post on multiple threads over the summer that we will only be signing 4 players this summer indicating that was what you have been told by somebody. Care to share who this was? For what its worth I would put my mortgage on there being more new signings before August 31st regardless of what you have or havent been told. We have the biggest transfer budget ever and undoubtedly improved wages/contracts have eaten into that. Nevertheless the club budgeted to finish last and finished 12th which amounts to almost 7 million worth of extra revenue. Thus far we have signed :- Turner (2 million) Butterfield (1.3 million) Snodgrass (3 million) Whittaker (free although obviously a significant signing on fee. We have lost Drury Naughton Whitbread Ayala (100k loan fee our way) Wilbraham. Last summer/season we signed Naughton (loan) De Laet (loan) Vaughan (2 million) Morison (2.8 million) Ayala (800k) Bennett (2 million) Pilkington (2 million) Johnson (signing on fee) Howson (2 million) Bennett (3 million) We clearly have money to spend Hughton has said he wants more signings so why are you so adamant there wont be?? Crofts (300-500k our way_
  5. The chief has already said he won''t be here forever she will take his role
  6. interesting there was a rumour type post a while ago saying Chinese investment was imminent. Delia has reportedly had a Chinese guest at several games. Think this rumour was overheard at BBC. What exactly did the chief say smudge
  7. Perhaps he is aware that Karen Brady is pinching his job in the not too distant future
  8. I guess the key thing is that if a proposal does come forward it will be much harder for delia & michael to bat it off without losing the support of the chairman and the chief executive. Any sudden resignations from either of those two and we will know what is going on
  9. Cheers Butler any news on Doc & Wes seems a waste to not even utilise them on the bench whilst we are paying wages
  10. be most grateful if anyone that went could post a summary re Investment, Player signings etc
  11. He knows more than the rest of us.  Just because he doesnt know about transfers etc he is better conmnected than you or I at least in football circles
  12. http://www.colchester.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=168733
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