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  1. Will be fascinating to see what resources are made available in January. Lots of talk that younger players are expensive but we seem to have got our head round the idea that long term investments are better than quick fix loan recruits.
  2. Thanks for this hadn’t seen the detail on Knapper’s quotes . I wonder how much funding they are looking to provide him with in January ? Seems little point investing in loans if we are now about building value / assets of our own.
  3. Fan chants should be interesting today ! Another rendition of “it’s all our fault “ amongst others.
  4. Having now listened to the interview encourage by the involvement of Attanasio and his group . Which league/country would we explore purchasing a feeder club in . Scandinavia ?
  5. Thanks haven’t had an opportunity to take it in yet. Are you encouraged by what he said it all sounds quite pleasing .
  6. Can anyone put some meat on the bone of what he said. Sourcing 3rd part investment from down under ?
  7. It’s just time for change isn’t it. Refreshing to hear a new voice and every comment Delia and her husband made only served to dampen spirits.
  8. Borderline rude the way Delia responds to the governance question asked by Connor.
  9. Was it mentioned how this would be achieved? I’ve seen some reference to third party funding. Would that be along the lines of that lot down the road ??
  10. https://twitter.com/TalkNorwichCity/status/1730150306460135591?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  11. Shareholders are allowed to email questions in but guess they Cherry pick the easy less confrontational ones to answer
  12. If he sees it then part of the fix will be dismissing Wagner who is on record that his favoured tactical style / formation doesn’t include such a figure.
  13. Expecting a limp defeat followed by another at the weekend.
  14. Wonder if they are still waiting ‘fit and proper owner’ approval.
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