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  1. We weren't ever rulrd by the EU. we were under the European court !
  2. Never did we want to be ruled by the EU We wanted to be independent !
  3. So Boris Johnson's "Oven Ready Deal" wasn't oven ready or a deal? It would have been if the EU didn't attach stings to the deal
  4. Seems to me, everyone on the forum according to you, is liar apart from yourself of course
  5. What's wrong is that students from poorer backgrounds were down graded by a high percentage.
  6. Do you really believe we would have been in recession if there was no virus ?
  7. recession is nothing to do with our Government, it's all about the virus
  8. Well we must have had some thing to go by before 12th AUG
  9. you think we carried on aimlessly, not knowing how we were preforming before 12th Aug ?
  10. The figures were known at the time, lower than the rest of the EU
  11. I knew what the result would be the result as it's in the future, It's bound to get get worse in the present climate. That's why I paid up before the event. At the time I was pointing out that our figures were better than all the other Eu countries, but you changed it to make it the future event and I fell for it. Pleased to help PUP'S though.
  12. Just like all those people who voted for Brexit will get it
  14. So you call me a liar, yet you deny ever saying that ? You are a strange fellow !
  15. about as lying as you saying Brexit would never happen
  16. can you tell me anywhere else I Lied ?
  17. I've told you before I've got Photoshop on my computer so I stow 1,000's of photos on it to work with, I simply selected the wrong photo . it was late at night so then went to bed, as soon as I got up the next morning I put the error right. Now can you tell me anywhere else I Lied ?
  18. I'm not going through this again you were having a go at me last time, have you forgot ?
  19. Oh Dear, we are back to this again, is that all you've got ? IT WAS A MISTAKE
  20. I've explained till I'm blue in the face the fantasy girlfriend as you put it was a mistake NOT A LIE You are aware I served in the Royal Navy who's vocabulary is just as colourful, yet I never use it on this board.
  21. And you are an obnoxious person, please tell me when the lie happened ?
  22. No I've met enough fishermen to know how they talk, it's your attitude on this board.
  23. can't even give a complement without swearing
  24. Sad people you lot are. but it's good to see you putting your crap out on this thread.
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