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  1. I know who my money would be on to create a response - like a poster said on another topic they could mess about for 20 mins and still beat us 4-0
  2. Find it amazing that some fans can slate players after one game although I do agree that we cannot afford a season long bedding in programme like Iwan had if we are to survive this season
  3. Problem is we are not quick enough on the counter most teams are from their own penalty area into the opposing area within 10/15 secs - by the time we have got the ball, stopped it a few times and played a few passes around in midfield then the counter attack has gone
  4. Gil our is like a passenger we could well do without but we have probably guaranteed Chelsea a start every game so have our hands tied - it is like playing with 10 men
  5. Yep that is next weeks defeat guaranteed
  6. Who cares four or five still got 0 points and yes the 5th game is next Sat but not holding my breath - and thanks for the pleasantry
  7. Well it’s all gone to plan - first five games no points - no punch up front
  8. Well at least when we are 2 down got a good choice off the bench
  9. Exactly - these two games are the worst start of any other Premier League team with the next three not a lot better but on paper not as difficult as two of the top 5 teams in Europe - new recruits or not we were always going to struggle in the first 5 games so let’s just see where we go thereafter
  10. About the same size club as us but with more ambition - if we don’t sign another striker we will be in Deep water having to rely on a 31 year old Pukki all season
  11. He’s comin home He’s comin home its Pukki, Pukki’s coming home Felt a bit sorry for him really basically got Finland to the finals yet don’t think he had a shot at goal in all 3 games in what is a very poor Finland team not creating any chances for him
  12. That was awful never looked like scoring and just looked so lethargic - makes you wonder in the big scheme of things whether they are concerned about being champions or whether just getting promoted is enough - on another note slightly worrying that have now lost two games on the trot against top sides - is this a concern for the Prem or is it just a case of taking the foot off the pedal once promoted
  13. Regarding the Bournemouth game it will depend on what the desire is from both teams - Bournemouth going for a play off spot will be full of it whereas Norwich knowing we only need two points from the remaining games may take their foot off the pedal a bit - I am going fora draw on this one but will not be surprised to see a Bournemouth win
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