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  1. Sargent wont be going anywhere - possibly not now fit enough to feature for the USA in the Copa America no club is going to pay 10 mill for someone that has had an ankle injury for the past 6ish months - I think this injury is worse than we believe and we will be lucky to see him come the start of the season
  2. Yeah exactly - another dud post intent on worrying fans
  3. Probably just another made up scenario in order to get fans wound up - I have not seen a link on this on any site so take it with a pinch of salt
  4. The FFP charges will never come to light - they have the best lawyers money can buy who constantly throw legal jargon in the way of any investigation delaying it time after time - plus with 15 charges against them it will take years and years to come to light if they ever do
  5. Whatever will happen to FB if Leeds lose with all the arrogant Leeds fans going on there believing they were the only team turning up today
  6. No thanks - to not have even featured for Luton this season tells us all we need to know
  7. We had Sargent, Rowe and Barnes all not fully fit - this plays on players minds and not saying this was the major factor in our somewhat dire display any team playing with 3 injured players will struggle
  8. Haye to day it but thought the waving of the scarves snd the noise created by the fans was stunning - the reason the Jarrold, City and River End stands dont sing is cos they dont know the words 😂😂
  9. Im up for Cuesta - there is no guarantee that whoever we get in is going to be a success all we can do is steer clear of those who we know will not fit or be a disaster (ie, Rooney, Lampard) although possibly contradicting myself by saying there is no guarantee but you know what I mean
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