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  1. Bomber

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Did not expect a lot when we can’t even be bothered to at least make some sort of attempt to stay in the league instead of putting all the gold coins in the bank but not expecting a lot does not mean that I am actually enjoying this season gettin beat nearly every game - I mean I can’t get my head round why we even strive to get in the Premier league if all and sundry are then just happy to get relegated - never mind Delia and Co will get sell outs next season so why should they worry
  2. Bomber

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Home the hell can we enjoy this season gettin beat every game !!!
  3. Bomber

    Wolves Match Thread.

    We were lucky to have him in the Championship but not in the Premiership - out of his depth - Rupp and Duda done nothing and where is Buendia - on the bench
  4. Bomber

    Wolves Match Thread.

    So much for us having a chance cos Wolves played on Thursday - pathetic and just can’t stand everyone beating us - was streaming it then turned it off wen went 2-0 down just can’t watch that crap
  5. That mountain we had to climb is getting bigger and bigger
  6. Yep like I said not good enough
  7. It’s called not being good enough I’m afraid to be able not to take advantage of another teams poor display
  8. Bomber

    Time to go Delia

    What a pointless post as if any sort of response either way will change anything - we will all be sitting here in 5 years time still discussing the same old dross
  9. Bomber

    Bounce straight back up?

    Even if we get good money for our players we all know that most of it will be put in the bank - I am quickly losing faith in NCFC being ever to win a cup or be a regular in the PL because unless we can shake off what we have always been and that is a non ambitious outfit then I am afraid we are going nowhere - the board treats the fans like mugs but there again there are 27000 turn up for every game so why would they change
  10. Bomber

    BT Sport

    Live Sports TV
  11. That’s the problem tho rock bus it’s no good having the bottle on the odd occasion like Man City and Leicester and then fold so convincingly against all the other teams that we have done this season - the anticipation of getting a win is fading fast and unless we get some sort of run together soon come just after Xmas that 6 point gap will have possibly increased to a level that is just too big a bridge to cross
  12. Good luck to them it’s all about getting the points something we have struggled to do and to be honest cannot really see it improving
  13. We have been second rate most of the season - had a good one off win against Man City and apart from the odd good performance then it’s been nothing to write home about - Ipswich here we come
  14. Start preparing for next season I think because unless we have an amazing transfer window which ain’t gonna happen then we can write this season off