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  1. These line ups that Smith picks totally baffle not just me but most of you it seems - what manager in his right mind would pick one of his main goal scorers to play on the wing - I am at a loss
  2. Neither side playing that boring style of play though playing it across the back for about 10 passes - faster football which we are incapable of doing - now 2-2 as I write
  3. Corbs what a fantastic tune - always loved it but thought I was the only person that remembered it as wen I mention it to others they go ‘what’ - on all my 70s playlists
  4. Once again I listened to Radio Norfolk interviewing Dean Smith last night and was again left flabbergasted as to why they do not put him on the spot and ask him questions that the fans want answering rather than just the drivel they ask him which constantly brings the same replies we hear game after game on how he thought we controlled the game at certain points blah blah blah I would like them to ask him as to why a striker obviously in form is constantly played out on the wing with an obvious misfiring striker still occupying the main berth and as to why Aaron’s who was highly effective previously running down the wing is now scared to pass the half way line This would provide a much more interesting interview rather than the dull drivel we constantly have to put up with
  5. Got to agree with that - beginning to get the feeling that most of our games this season will be dour affairs as have not seen anything yet that we are capable of turning on the style - maybe promotion is not such a good thing after all
  6. Anyone got an issue with watching the City game on the SKY red button but with the Preston v Huddersfield commentary
  7. And me think there a tech issue with SKY tonite
  8. The ones that pi55 me off is when an offside is given because the heel or toe is beyond the defender when it has no bearing whatsoever on that goal being scored - so much for the advantage be given to the attacking side - that seems to have gone out the window since VAR - hate it with a passion
  9. We just seem to find it hard to show our quality as at Sunderland on Sat totally outplayed for 70 mins before the subs came on and changed it - thought we would do well tonight (and we may still do that) but we certainly seem to struggle despite what I see as a very good side with a quality subs bench to boot
  10. He never has been consistent - whereas the whole team have been consistent losers - never mind Delia guaranteed of another 27000 crowd Tuesday - rubbing her hands
  11. Some people just got to keep havin a go don’t they - he scored ffs not missed which would probably have pleasedyou
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