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  1. ‘’Climbing Mount Everest is a challenging and dangerous endeavor, and not everyone who attempts it is successful. According to statistics, about one in five climbers who attempt to climb Mount Everest do not make it to the summit. This means that the failure rate for climbing Mount Everest is around 20%’’ Is that what was meant by the 20% earlier in the season?
  2. Thorup matches MAs ambition to create this player investor model. In Denmark he has the youngest club in Europe and has sold players for huge money. It sounds to me like he is very much the manager that fits what we are trying to do and would therefore encourage more investors to sign up to MA’s plans as he has a proven record of turning academy and low transfer value players into gold.
  3. Funnily enough many clubs purchase the FM data and plug it into their other data sources and allow the AI to tell them who is best to sign per position and for future increases in value, success rate etc. I’m sure MA’s system would probably include this data.
  4. I want our own style. Something unique, a differential. I want our academy to play the same style, so it is seamless when they make the step up. I want each player to know their job, to be drilled down to every scenario of what they should be doing. I want us to make it difficult for the opposition, and to pressure them to make mistakes, I want other teams to go into games afraid of a hammering. I want to see goals, attacking play but be resolute at the back. I want to see flair and for our football to attract top tier players. I want us to be a place the best youngsters come to get a chance and established players want to stay due to the quality of football that we play. I want a lot
  5. I hope those that sold their tickets out of fear are embarrassed at themselves. You fell hook, line and sinker to those Leeds fans trying to create fear so they could take over the atmosphere and support their team. Some of us went into the centre due to tracking on the train and it was no different to Leeds away of the past. We really do have quite a wet fan base. Well at least 80% are I guess.
  6. Really!!? I think almost the whole squad will change for one reason or another
  7. CC you’re not a real fan. Never been to a game. Fact!
  8. The son should be arrested for inciting violence with his continued comments about a knife
  9. Exactly that give it our all. Night games are great and most will have taken off the day and are making their way up on the trains so plenty of boozing. It’s games like this that make the season. Something to fight for, rivalry and noise. Hopefully a good result to get everyone geed up for Wembley
  10. Let’s see more of the Ipswich game. Huge atmosphere and get those lads over the line. Really looking forward to tomorrow, it’s got a tasty feel but tomorrow isn’t time for the blankets.
  11. Looks like from social media the Leeds fan has also been arrested for assault. Looks like Leeds were very much looking for it and got unstuck.
  12. It doesn’t need to be mental. There will be the human element but also a database and some AI I expect thrown in too. Systems can predict the fans who are most engaged with the club through attendance, social media engagement, club shop purchasing, fans that spend most in the bar at half time etc. There should be a proper scoring system based on a range of activities that highlights loyalty.
  13. They create their own purchase history/knowledge of them going to games. Have a pint before games, get to know them on a personal level. So when big games come around like Thursday, they ensure only the most loyal get the tickets, not the bit timer.
  14. I see he’s up to his old tricks and starting to wind up the Rangers fans and coaching team. https://www.rangersnews.uk/match/rangers-team-news-v-dundee-confirmed-ridvan-yilmaz-back-as-midfield-takes-new-look/
  15. In an ideal scenario you get these fans to sign up with a local supporters group and these groups based on membership control the tickets. They nominate each year a chairman and then you ensure those at the top ensure fair distribution based on their knowledge of each member.
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