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  1. I just wonder if his fate has already been sealed . I just can't see him being here next season. If we go up or not.A little dig re, not his decision for a small squad. You have to be with your boss 100% not pull in different directions. I think Napper will go for a new coaching set up.
  2. Just viewed Grants video interview regarding his struggle with his injury. He sounded a bit defeated, with the injury issue. I fear he may have to retire. Just a thought.
  3. The trouble with Webber he was a big mouth and he has personal views on what he really thinks about our players, he had too much power. The Stowmarket 2 gave him a free range to run the club as and how he liked.He will never ever get a club or company to have as his play thing again.He had a multi £ business basically given to him the entire time he was here. Without laying a penny piece to have as a toy do as he liked.Mrs Webber is the same.You going to fall for the old chestnut see does not brief the old man on goings on of the cluds business. He should hold his head in shame .
  4. They won't ,how can they when Mrs Webber is at the top.Get rid of her I say.
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