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  1. Any news how Duncan Forbes health is of late.
  2. The FA are paying up his contract at £45 grand per week for the next 2 years .
  3. Yes selling house in Essex . moving to Heathersett with wife ( norwich girl)into £3.5 million property.
  4. Now will all those people who phone up canary call and say, we must buy this player get delia to put her hand in her pocket etc. The pot is empty, move on .
  5. tWO fERNANNDOOO dERRVELD sorrry iff spelling not up two your standards (bullly) LOL
  6. Did any one listen to sky sports last night (Sunday ) regarding live interview with Gunn . Well , when asked if the board gave him a grilling after the game on Saturday Gunns reply was , no infact Delia and i had a hug . This is the way this toys r us club is run. RIP. By the way doesnt  Gunn look like Eddie Hitler out of the comady programe BOTTOM . LOL . Change those specs please .
  7. Best to behind a gunn and not in front of one .
  8. Talk is cheap croft, hope you keep the better players he says , yes thats why you are jumping ship. man speaks with forked tonge so bog off .
  9. Fotheringham is now working in Morrisons making xmas cakes , so he only has to turn up for two weeks a year .
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