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  1. Vile score.. our day of SH*TE is complete
  2. F*ck off Klose, absolutely useless defending again, time to get shot of him in the summer
  3. Yep agree totally, without him it would of been 3 or 4 today easily. Since his return to full fitness he's been a rock.
  4. We look as lifeless as those godawful grey shirts. Outplayed, outmuscled and being overpowered.
  5. Yep probably when we're 4-0 down.. yawn.
  6. Started well yet again.. groundhog day? I pray it isnt.
  7. And to think that Glenn Hoddle actually defended Le Celso saying "he had nowhere else to put his foot, its the right decision".. no bias to Spurs there Im sure....
  8. Gota be Chippy for me, best passer of the ball ive seen in a City shirt.
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