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  1. Preston happy to sit in for a point and we just arent good enough to do much about it.. at the moment
  2. The Rushcutters, beautifully situated by the water
  3. You couldnt make it up, Hwang suddenly scores 2 quality goals in 2 games and now off injured.. we officially have NO luck at all
  4. Duffy getting booed everytime he touches the ball.. really tough watch this
  5. I said the very same about one of his pathetic little outbursts on another thread, glad im not the only one noticing!
  6. 6 wins in 25 matches as others have said is utterly abysmal, basically relegation form and any of the other 91 clubs would have sacked him long before it got to this mess.. will we?
  7. Why dont u calm the FCK down? All I ever see you do is insult and get all aggressive with people who are just voicing an opinion. Have a day off.
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