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  1. Sorry, but we've been utterly woeful so far, lacklustre, defending has been atrocious. Pukki's lazy penalty sums it up for me. Farke needs to give them a serious boot up the backside!!
  2. EMI BUENDIA... makes the first goal, scores the 2nd.. 6 goals in 1.5 games since he came back. He really is the heartbeat of our team, end of.
  3. Wow.. who'd of predicted that scoreline??
  4. Scrappy, disjointed second half from us, Cov really should be back in it, have we had a shot of any note? Barden's been superb though, MOTM for me
  5. The likes of Aarons, Pukki, Emi, Skipp, Hanley, Sorenson should not be anywhere near that squad tomorrow, wrap them up in cotton wool is stating the obvious Id of thought!
  6. Fair play, I stand corrected. I just heard Sutton co-commentating a few times on BT Sport on our games and he was unbelievably biased against us (Chelsea at home last season was one of them) literally didnt have a good word for us all game and it stuck in my mind.. but maybe I did take it wrongly.
  7. Him and Chris Sutton seem to have major chips on their shoulder regarding us, cant wait to stick the knife in at any given opportunity
  8. Spot on.23 shots tonight, having to rely on a penalty to score..the amount of games this season where we dominate but dont make it count anywhere near enough, our converstion rate is one of the worst in the league for a reason!
  9. Another poor result, in the end lucky not to lose at the end. Have to be beating bang average teams like that at home, not good enough!
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