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  1. Watford have had a tough start, Blades, Baggies n Clarets in the first 3 and despite not playing great havent lost any of them. Would we manage to do that? Im not so sure. Its a weak league I agree, we need to start showing how weak it is, sooner rather than later!
  2. Cardiff, Wigan and Brum.. all teams that were expected to be struggling/lower half teams at best... and looks like we're not beating any of them. Woeful.
  3. He's right though? we have had precisely ONE shot on target all game, Pukki has done nothing, Rashica, Sargent, McClean, Dimi et all totally inept, frustrations spilling over with Hanley off/melee etc. Its a total mess. Yes its one game, but we've seen this show before way too many times.
  4. Didnt even look up when he was in a great position there. Poor.. again.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=150241999340304 There ya go
  6. Absolutely love ol Zimbo, the model professional, a top bloke who genuinely loved the club, a rare thing these days amongst all these mercs stealing a living being paid heaps of money for very little in return. I hope he comes back someday and gets the proper sendoff he deserves. This image with Godfrey, just sums him up perfectly, genuine passion for what he does. All the best big man.
  7. Sounds like Gibbs made the difference in the middle 2nd half, just hope it was an off day for Lungi
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