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  1. Spillay

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    I swear theres an echo in here
  2. Spillay

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    Meanwhile, the Scummers losing to Exeter... happy days
  3. Spillay

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    IDAH AGAIN!.. Good on the lad
  4. Spillay

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    2-0 2-0 up though, not too bad
  5. Spillay

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    Bloody hell IDAH!
  6. Spillay

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    Disappointed Famewo didnt get a chance today in place of Hanley and let Amadou play in his preferred position.
  7. Spillay

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    Spot on Keelan, I thought he was superb throughout the game, also created the goal for Wilbs. He'l be a hell of a player in time to come, I suspect some of the big boys will be sniffing around though.
  8. Because you didnt know what he really meant..
  9. Spillay

    Wycombe Ipswich

    You forgot to put "Listen" Sony
  10. Spillay

    Going Down

    The fan who started this thread is very much a rare example of a decent Palarse fan, the majority of them are arrogant, classless pr*cks whose club have literally won sweet FA in their history yet walk around like their best club in the capital. Sh*thouse club, stadium and fans.
  11. Spillay

    Going Down

    I swear there's an echo in here..
  12. Spillay

    Going Down

    Quality defensive cover for Zimbo and Godfrey for starters most people agreed that Hanley wasnt good enough (even if he has actually done alright recently) and Klose is injury prone,. The fact we ended up playing Tettey and Amadou there was farcical.
  13. Spillay

    Going Down

  14. Spillay

    What you all drinking ?

    4 pack of Guinness Draught sitting in the fridge ready to be supped during the Norwich game later and to celebrate/commiserate with after. Happy New Year
  15. Spillay

    Agent Lambert contract EXTENDED

    1p5wich Town - The gift that keeps on giving