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  1. Spillay

    Match Night Thread -

    Drmic injured again... shock horror!
  2. Spillay

    Match Night Thread -

    Cantwell.. oh dear oh dear
  3. Spillay

    Match Night Thread -

    Not good enough all over the park, simple as that
  4. Spillay

    Match Thread v Brighton

  5. Spillay

    Today's Match Thread

    Sorry for seeming to be downright negative JF, but HOW are we going to do that? We just dont have the personnel defensively, our criminal lack of recruitment in the summer is being laid bare week in, week out. Today was embarassing to watch at times, Amadou limping around the pitch cos we had no one else to come on for him, he shouldnt be back there in the first place. The board just never shows any ambition at all to try and at LEAST give us a punchers chance of staying up.
  6. Spillay

    Today's Match Thread

    United have scored more goals against us today then they did away from home all season prior and could of have had easily 2 or 3 more. Utter crap.
  7. Spillay

    Today's Match Thread

    Krul has been fantastic today, what a shame the rest of the players in front of him look an absolute sh*t show
  8. Spillay

    Today's Match Thread

    Before today United had only scored 2 goals away from home all fckin season. Thats how garbage our defence is.
  9. Spillay

    Today's Match Thread

    2-0 Game over.
  10. Spillay

    Today's Match Thread

    Feel sorry for Krul, two blinding saves and let down by the useless defending around him. Cantwell.. what can u say, dire so far.
  11. On a positive note, gota say the fans have been fantastic today, havent stopped singing all game.
  12. Tettey's been excellent though
  13. Emi's been dire again, he just gives the ball away time and time again
  14. Spillay

    Match thread

    Sorry to say but Emi has been absolute sh*te today, how many times has he given the ball away?!