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  1. Gary Megson deserves an honourable mention and we had double helpings of him.
  2. So, who would you sign in the summer from this list of out of contract players https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12549204/championship-ben-brereton-diaz-fabio-carvalho-among-players-out-of-contract-this-summer Who needs to waste millions.
  3. No semi final should be played at Wembley in my opinion. Unless it's Arsenal v Spurs or similar big London teams They should be neutral venues, similar distances from both teams, also allowing both SFs to be played on the same day. Wembley is for finals
  4. I'd argue the amount we spent on Sargent is silly money
  5. I went to.the John O'Neil testimonial I remembered Gary Lineker but I also vaguely recall Lee Chapman and Lesley Ash being there. Also remember the night Fashanu ruined his knee, I think Robert Fleck may also have made is debut in that match?
  6. ......Is knowing that our prize if we go up next year is to do it all again. In 2023-24 Gilmour Pundits literally laughing at how bad we are Remembering we all said we need a new first choice CB, a CDM and a good alternative to pukki who can also play wide and realising if we has them now we would probably be 10pts better off
  7. Have to say Naismith walks into this current Side!
  8. How many has he Scored? Not sure it's much different to Pukki. The diifference, as it was with sheff utd is that they set up and defend well as a team and often only conceded 1 at most so can pick up draws and wins. Our problem, as it was last time, we can't defend as a team
  9. Leeds are rubbish defensively but still break well,especially with Raphina, and quick so I think we need a very defensive base for protection with pukki and rashica definitely to start up front but I'd also play giannoulis for his pace and attacking threat whilst also offering good cover on the left Krul Aarons hanley kabak Williams P.L.M NORMANN MCCLEAN RASHICA GIANNOULIS PUKKI
  10. It comes with our model. We buy young unproven players or players who have failed elsewhere but had potential earlier in their careers. We do not have players who know success at that level. We are full of lovers. It's why we should try signing ppl like cahil in the summer. Experienced players..winners.
  11. I can't see it happening, the prem never seem overly keen to punish clubs. Weren't Bournemouth in a similar situation a few years ago or was that different because the broke efl rules not prem? Everton being punished may be bad for us short term but who knows, it may start a chain reaction where a few clubs end up punished or close enough to punishment they reconsider their spending going forward So maybe Everton wld stop us getting promoted but maybe that will be ok because if we go up in 3 or 4 years maybe the financial disparity will be less.
  12. He really has. From my admittedly unreliable mind, I don't think we have sold any signing of Webber for a profit. Actually, there was Marley Watkins but I think that's it. Our model was to sign young players like Maddison,aarons, Godfrey etc who were all signed before he arrived.
  13. Not sure we have a scouting team, didnt the head of recruitment leave of Boro?. Webber is the Head -of recruitment.
  14. I have been critical of mcClean for a few seasons, but in his defence I would say he seems to really care. He's the only one I ever see moaning at players, yesterday he had a right go at Gilmour and later Gibson. Obviously that's not enough, and he is prone to errors himself but I don't see any midfielder trying or running as hard... Our best 11 is still 5 or 6 players shy of being consistently competitive at this level,
  15. I'd also argue, when they got balls in our box, we panic, partly why we conceded so many. When we get in the box, along as they surround pukki there is little concern about our other attackers
  16. Pukki wasn't bad today, first have especially .he was much improved. He also scored which is all you can ask Ther
  17. I saw it. Was just after the ref had blown for a free kick elsewhere. A bit like a boxer sneaking in a punch after the bell. It wasn't a bad stamp but definitely deliberate
  18. Seeing how ineffective Placheta has been as an attacking threat,and suspect defensively where he always allows players to cut onside on corner of the box to shoot, I'd be tempted to play Giannoulis instead, offering better defensive cover but also I suspect no loss of attacking threat. I'd also occasionally play him on the right just ahead of Aarons, as being left footed he will be more comfortable blocking players like Zaha cutting in to score
  19. To be fair, they paid alot of money and made a huge effort to go support the team so they can do what the F they want.
  20. More than once Southampton played simple one-twos out wide, and our players stopped and ball watched with no one tracking the runners. That is unforgivable in any pro league. We are weak, mentally and physically, it's like a good lightweight boxer up against an average heavyweight, our best shots are brushed off, and his worst shot knocks us down. For what it's worth I think we have done incredibly well based on our owners and hugely over achieved, there are 20 or 30 similar sized clubs,with owners with100x the wealth we have, who have been no where near the prem in 20+ years.
  21. I think we all thought we were always going to need around 37pts. Nothing changes, other than there's more teams in the fight Win the 5 or 6 games we needed to win after drawing with Palace, and we still have a great chance
  22. Didn't we lose to Burnley after beating man City?
  23. I wouldn't count Newcastle out yet. They have definitely improved but Everton were poor and Villa were embarrassing today.
  24. Didn't pukki miss one at the same end in a similar way,v derby? Although I think he slipped, kicked the ball against his other foot and it looped over
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