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  1. Yeah it's just what I was thinking , I don't think will be fleecing them anymore though sadly..
  2. what about manager for Everton , my choice would be Eddie Howe.
  3. idah was very poor tonight , no where near good enough , doesn't even look championship quality , we can't give him anymore game time.
  4. it was the only reason I was still watching it , won't be watching anymore.
  5. Yeah but the gun is firing blanks , a bit like teemu really.
  6. what an achievement , it was a good final and her opponent played well for a while , but she was just too good for her in the end , it's so nice to have a top class tennis player to cheer on now.
  7. big opportunities for big Andy , tzolis , Dowell , today . shame about rupp starting though.
  8. farkes persistence with rupp will cost him his job , still glad to see tzolis start.
  9. Yeah but I used that when Norwich were last in the prem , so probably not.
  10. It's a shame as I don't have it , maybe there will be a stream or two.
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