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  1. Great post agree with everything you say , it wasn't his game tonite ,had little or no service ,he had the headed chance but it wasn't a clear-cut opportunity,usa
  2. Sorry it says former manager I didn't realise then I'll say Lambert then!
  3. I've always quite liked Warnock I know he's not everyone's cup of tea but get the most from his squads.!
  4. I've had it too it's annoying no problem on any other website.
  5. What a great word ,bet that's not in the Oxford dictionary love Wes happy retirement ,absolut ledge,
  6. Do you honestly think he is premier League , what planet do you live on ?
  7. Talk sport is a joke bruv , O'Hara Cundy Simon Jordan , who cares what they say or think !
  8. He is playing out of his skin of course he should go , but Southgate prefers holding midfielders over creative ones !
  9. Absolutely none , but Gunn was still a s hit manager and hugely over rated player for us, but his lad looks good at the mo , Timmy's got a challenge on his hands to win his place back.
  10. Farke was an amazing ncfc manager,let's not forget he was given no money to spend in our first promotion under webber , and in the second was only allowed to buy one of his targets due to Webber preferring quantity over quality.otbc
  11. I'm sure he was third top goalscorer one season only behind lemandowski and agbamayang
  12. A very interesting read I didn't know any of this as I don't read the athletic , but it shows what a snake Webber is!
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