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  1. At big golf tournaments some fans shout mashed potato,now that's random
  2. Well deserved by Fulham they were the better team.
  3. It's a tough call who wins ,it's gonna be interesting now mitrovic is about to come on.
  4. Still young and improving and certainly an upgrade on trybull.
  5. In truth,it's not been the classic everyone (myself included) thought it would be,yeah I would love to see you cairney ,sounds a bit like canary in a Norwich shirt.
  6. I was watching the boxing Saturday night and there was a fighter called Ted the big cheese cheesman,and it made me think whatever happened to cheeseboard ,would have loved to have met him he sounds a bit of a character.
  7. Yeah i think your right,shame as I really like him.
  8. Good post agree with everything you say,I'm not gonna add anything ,I don't need to you summed it up perfectly.
  9. Drmic lunged and was outta control studs up ,there was no malice or intent by him ,he was just frustrated he'd lost the ball but by the letter of the law ,it's a straight red now.
  10. Yeah good post ,it will be interesting to see the in and outs b4 the season starts .
  11. Yeah that's what I think he looks good on the YouTube highlites I've seen ,but it looks a **** poor league.
  12. Personally I think not as confidence is rock bottom ,but what does everyone else think.
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