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  1. Canary dwarf

    Why doesn't Farke rate Vrancic?

    Yeah same here so good with the ball and so bad without it
  2. Canary dwarf

    Norwich 100/1 for FA Cup

    Yeah don't get to excited bruv
  3. Canary dwarf

    Rupp and Duda

    I agree tetteys not everyones cup of tea but he has been good this season and deserves to play ,but at cdm and not defence .
  4. Canary dwarf

    Why doesn't Farke rate Vrancic?

    Not sure if McLean and vrancic have played together at cdm but it's well worth a try ,it would be harsh on tettey though but we do need creativity otbc
  5. Yeah too right it would be amazing for us .
  6. But one thing I will say about cantwell is not about on the pitch but off it ,he said he's an easy target because he's a Norfolk lad absolute **** ,i personally would love a Norfolk boy to come through and be amazing as would most Norwich fans .otbc
  7. People should get off cantwells back ,he still a baby in football terms ,he did some good things today and some bad things today but he'll learn ,the talent and ability is there .otbc
  8. Canary dwarf

    Liverpool Match Thread

    Thought it was a great defensive performance today,lots of positives the whole back four and gk and the two cdms ,was not impressed with rupp and Duda but they will probably be better against a weaker sides , pukkis lost his mojo ,proud of Lewis today played well got his confidence back .
  9. They had to many flaws to make it too the top and to get 12 million for each was amazing business.
  10. Canary dwarf

    Possible postponement

    Yeah if you like getting pissed up with a load of sad Geordie .
  11. Canary dwarf

    Possible postponement

    Forecasts now are likely to be inaccurate but Tommorow they'll be more accurate then well see.
  12. Canary dwarf


    I think he will be if the 50 million price tag is accurate.otbc
  13. Canary dwarf

    Best Norwich city player and why

    Very surprised no one has said Sutton but some very good names mentioned crook,Bowen,huckerby, Madison,
  14. Canary dwarf


    Yeah agreed and he has had a good season
  15. Canary dwarf

    Best Norwich city player and why

    Yeah great player in probably our greatest team.