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  1. Yeah just wikied him , he's still only 33 it seems like he's been about for years , had more clubs than tiger woods but we're the biggest , good luck to him and kings Lynn .
  2. flawed genius , there's been enough of them gazza , best , cantona , maradona , the list goes on, add emi to list too , but he's different class to anyone in this championship and will be immense in prem next year. otbc
  3. I agree about your thoughts on the no 10 , it's something that needs sorting . as for trybull if farke doesn't think he's good enough for the championship , then why do you think he would bring him back for the prem.
  4. He was my man of the match , great performance , emi and Hanley also great, shame we did not score a second to make it more comfortable , onel was poor tonite he's needs to step it up.
  5. Oh my god was that Fulham game nearly 20 years ago , where's the time gone
  6. You gotta admire them , bought maupay and Watkins on the cheap and sold them for big money and then bought Toney.
  7. I think a 3_3 draw , the gloves will be off both sides going for it , but I'll be happy if that happens as it still gives a cushion , they should not be underrated
  8. It's just been said on sky sports news , that Delia has said that Aarons will be a top top player but not with us , so looks like he's off in the summer , regardless of whether we get promoted or not.
  9. The no 10 is a big issue and not sure quite what the answer is , hope farke knows.
  10. Still think this Danish badge should be starting for us in his preferered position , Skipps undroppable Kenny not , still love Kenny but Jacob offers more .otbc
  11. Yeah completely agree , he was awesome tonite , hope some of our fans lay off him , he was a joy to watch mom
  12. I don't believe you can , I've tried b4 but too no avail.
  13. Vrancic is well worth another contract providing he's not too greedy , regardless of what league we are in , still a real matchwinner on his day although does seem more of a impact player these days .otbc
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