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  1. It will be interesting to see if there any available funds for the jan transfer window!
  2. Glad to see him doing well shame he didn't get more of a chance
  3. I'm sure they'll still be in the shake up come may!
  4. I don't always agree with Chris reeve but he's right Yarmouth is a sh*thole ,but it's ok if your into street drinking!
  5. No omo was poor last season , but most of our players were.
  6. I don't know so much have you seen him play recently!
  7. I just read on another thread why , it seems they wanted to reduce their wage bill , however the fans aren't happy !
  8. I didn't know bath was their player of the season and he was so popular with the fans maybe doesn't seem like such a bad signing after all ,why did he not stay there , was he not offered a new contract ? Did he just want too leave ?
  9. I believe Tomlinson has gone out on loan and Hanley has an ACL injury which is really hard to recover from and he may never get back to what he was so we won't have 6 centre backs!
  10. I feel we should have pushed the boat out to get cannon , I suppose it was always gonna be hard to replace big Andy at such short notice ,so at least we got someone!
  11. We just gotta hope we stay injury free after this transfer window!a big gamble in my opinion!
  12. The letters will have to be small otherwise they'll be coming across the front of shirt
  13. We have left ourselves mega short at centre back , and at centre forward as well, if nothing happens in the next 55 minutes then we can kiss goodbye to promotion.
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