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  1. I used to love asking my Scottish geography teacher, sir what is the capital of Costa Rica? Sir, what is Costa Rica's GDP? etc.
  2. This World Cup is going to be like the infamous Fyre Festival.
  3. Almost happened once in the first half. Overall, I thought we were strangely, simultaneously more solid AND more open yesterday. Thought he was anonymous after he came on, yesterday was not a game situation/ "topic" which played to his strengths. @Parma Ham's gone mouldy any green shoots of weapons/tactital situations which opposition coaches would need to take heed of on display yesterday? (Obviously plenty of watering/fertilizer needed.) I fear that although I approach football from a pessemistic constitution; similar to your good pal @nutty nigel I may, in fact, be a hopeless romantic.
  4. I shan't be watching. Shame on everyone involved. England should stay home and play matches against Ukraine, Palestine and Taiwan.
  5. Great thread thanks @Parma Ham's gone mouldy the question I have is if we somehow do manage to make it up this year (probably through the playoffs, if at all) what happens next? I can't think of a positive scenario even if we do get promoted. Is purgatory the best we can hope for?
  6. I think if we had any conscience England would stay home and play friendlies against Palestine, Ukraine and Taiwan.
  7. It's like when you're seeing a lady (or gent) who is reasonably fit and the sex is (usually/sometimes) good but you just know that they're not a keeper and you are both wasting your time.
  8. Apparently thr club are working on an on demand feature. Good news for us international Canaries!
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