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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000nwrq An amazing documentary. As regards the OP, I guess this was somehow posted without being related to any of our current squad members? My advice would be go for it and milk the millions of marketing and advertising pounds that would instantly become available...
  2. The game yesterday was made for Todd, I'm sure he would have created more than PLM.
  3. There was a similar incident involving Lloris vs Switzerland during the Euros. I think it comes under the endangering an opponent bracket and that we got away with one there (Burnley are probably the only club that the powers that be want in the premier league less than us).
  4. Certain posters on here are better suited to that club than ours. I'm proud that we're giving Farke the time and respect he has earned.
  5. Following deeper thought about the OP @Parma Ham's gone mouldy what do you make to the the claims that last season we still didn't perform againt the "prem" teams, Watford, Bournemouth and Brentford. An anonomly or a useful predictor, that might have been better heeded by the recruitment team? Maybe there is some blame to be apportioned here?
  6. especially driving all the way up the A140. Big Binner is what I like to call him.
  7. Great post as always Parma. Thanks. The juxtaposition to all this is that Norwich have done phenomenally well in recent seasons with respect to the wealth of our owners. I don't see how things could be any better, or different except with a fundamental paradigm shift. To use your health and safety metaphor, there have been a few injuries (including my pride) but there have, and never will be any deaths and for that I am grateful.
  8. If it whiffs of bin and acts like bin, it's probably bin.
  9. I paid 30 NTdollars to watch the game on now live. Official stream and perfect quality. What is really ****e is the decisions we get given against us.
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