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  1. I'm a huge fan, player of the season so far by a country mile for me. I thought that he didn't have his best game yesterday, though. Some of his decision making was a bit off. I really hope we can persuade Spurs to give us another season of him whether we get promoted or not!
  2. Did you read my original post? I was comparing 2 seasons ago, not last season. However, even compared with last season, I feel that we might perform better in the prem with our current personnel, cdm set up than we did last year.
  3. I nearly added the 4th option that our opponents are simply not as good but I don't think that if this is a factor (which is quite likely) it is as significant as the others I mentioned. I would love the hear other (Parma?) opinions on this..
  4. Yes, hence my question how much? I guess the tactics and discipline at CDM (Skipp in particular) account for a larger percentage than anything else. In any case, it's good to see!
  5. I wonder how much our improved defensive performance this season (as opposed to last promotion season) is down to a tweak in tactics, changed personnel, or just better performances. We certainly seem to be more solid this year.
  6. Is it correct to surmise that you feel Tetty was the prime culprit in failing to adhere to our principles or was Skipp at fault, too? I think Skipp has been excellent but it would be understandable that the drilling is not as deep with him as he has been with us for less time. it will be interesting to see how/if Farke reacts to the shortcomings you outlined in terms of team selection.
  7. I thought there was a good shout for handball just before we won our penalty.
  8. The only club on that list I'm even the slightest bit jealous of is Luton...
  9. This book sums it all up rather well: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Can-Have-Our-Football-Back/dp/0993381790
  10. No cup games for international ifollow users. Same price though!
  11. I gave that rare kit to a random Thai bloke in Koh Phangang whilst i was travelling, I've always simultaneously loved the idea of a random Thai bloke falling in love with us whilst regretting giving such a special shirt away.
  12. We owe West Ham one today. It's arguable that the game at their place and the ”tackle” on Zimmerman was the turning point in our season.
  13. Fascinating....As you surmised a return to the 6/10 paradigm. Has the dice now been rolled in terms of personnel rather than shape?
  14. Thanks for the response, Parma. I wonder how significant the ”bullet in the shoulder” is; has he taken one before as Norwich boss?
  15. Thanks for the insight, Parma. I always appreciate it when you take the time to post. Pure speculation, of course, but could the original planned system have been 5-3-2 and due to the defensive injuries Farke's hand was forced? It will certainly be interesting to see if we persist with the new system against Everton.
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