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  1. Excellent response. I was going to reply to him but I couldn't be bothered. The lies spread by the police and The Sun perpetuate to this day; the institutional contempt for football supporters (and scousers in particular) was disgusting. I highly recommend the BBC documentary on this for any of those who still think that Liverpool supporters were even partially to blame. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07bgnkn
  2. I wasn't feeling good about this game all week but now I've seen the teams I think we can do something; we've got to start with pure intensity, though. COYY!
  3. Does anyone have any information on which territories are showing the game? The link to the EFL website has no fixtures on it. Does anyone know if my season pass includes the play-offs? Have emailed and checked but can't find any information.
  4. So as you get promoted to the PL, you still sing about Norwich and how you haven't beaten us in 15 years? I think you do give one! We really do live rent free in your heads.
  5. I think this result is actually good for us. It keeps us focused on the Swansea game knowing that we have to give it our all. It keeps Hull up for it vs the scum and, in addition, the goal difference means we should be fine. It also means Coventry will have zero pressure on them and their fans will want to give them a hero's send off against the scum.
  6. I'm going to wear this next time we play Ipswich, and I'll still bag a hatrick!
  7. Thanks for sharing this. It's interesting insight like this that makes me love the pinkun. Hope we can buck the trend!
  8. Ian Crook is the best player that has ever played for our club.
  9. @Parma Ham's gone mouldy Things are looking up and we now look like a team that other teams don't want to play. Do we have any weapons or is it the "collective' threat that causes oppositions to scratch their heads? Big gane today, I hope we are able to drop some bombs!
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