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    LOL Hard fought point Unbeaten away since August Start of another unbeaten run Only Sheff Utd really gained The Sheff Utd game will be another big one at Carrow Road What a season we are having I think that just about covers the entire post. Now which bit was in the African river?
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    I think you are suffering from a simple case of pedantry. Happy, relieved, grateful, glad etc we didn't lose, and got something out of a tough game.
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    We could play till Christmas and still not score.
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    Given our current injuries it would be useful for one team or other to get through to the 4th Round, so it is postponed.
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    I think there’s been quite a bit of Joy generated so far this season by Norwich.
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    JF, as the board's best known pedant, could I implore you to put the "c" in "exciting". I hate to read of you exiting all the time when there's so much else to agree with in your posts!
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    No wonder your team loses when you say this! Not an endorsement. 10 off 4th from bottom. Hope we add to their misery but most of all to Lambert. I still recall his fist pumping gestures to the city stand when villa scored against us. There is some karma to come.
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    Thats definitely a point gained rather than two lost. Very poor display so great to come away unbeaten. We desperately need to get some players back from injury soon
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    Decent point considering how poorly we played. Krul made a couple of excellent saves. Injuries now a major concern. Play the U23s against Portsmouth.
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    And Krul made some very important saves today.
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    Hard fought point at end of hectic xmas schedule. Not ideal but il take it giben injuries and other results. In other news, radio suffolk went down for over a minute because their commentator punched the table so hard when millwall's 3rd went in WBA and Leeds both had a straight red today too.
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    Yes we can! (Apologies to A Tribe Called Quest!)
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    We need a lucky break. Anything. How about a floodlight failure
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    He should have already made five or six by now
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    Not surprisingly a mixed reaction on the Walsall forum. Their manager says Jarvis "will hit the ground running". He got the running bit wrong.
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    There is no chance they will escape relegation. I suspect we may have to wait a while until we meet them again after may.
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