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  1. Well, my prediction is based on the logic they've just gone through their 'flux' period, and have a settled side with two decent managers. Stoke in particular finished strongly last season - so yeah, I see them hitting the ground running. I don't quite understand your statement that its a converse idea? Despite our structure, it is very realistic to expect that an overhaul of playing staff will require a period of transition, which easily could lead to a season of indifferent results. Of course our overhaul may not be that severe. You seem to be amazed quite often.. I think you have a very (delusional) defined set of parameters to be a 'Norwich fan.' If you accept fellow fans can judge their own side both positively and negatively, whilst praising other clubs where praise is due, and generally just comment on football with out permanently wearing yellow and green glasses, then these 'amazing' moments would come around less often.
  2. Palace kits look great... That Lincoln kit looks like a Sunday league shirt from the 90's! Awful!
  3. If Pukki is with us for next season, I'll happily accept no new striker additions. Pukki can, and I think will, replicate his last championship season. It's all about the supply...
  4. Can't see these two being back up. Certainly not Mclean. I can't imagine Farke plans to put two new players straight into centre midfield ahead of them. Could be wrong, but I'd be shocked if Mclean isn't in the starting eleven come season start.
  5. Good for you FTW. A great cause, and hopefully you might just find a new hobby! Cycling and Running is a great escape for me from the trials and tribulations of life. It's a powerful remedy to mental health issues too, and that's coming from experience. If you'd like any advice on gear, nutrition, etc... then just ask! I find a bottle of Timothy Taylor, Landlord, the perfect recovery ale after an evening ride
  6. I did mention we had a go in 2005, but yeah I've undersold it. It was a fantastic end to the season - but that Fulham result was so bad it overshadows it. But you have rekindled some joyous memories there! Norwich have provided some fantastic promotion seasons - and I can't recall one Leeds style bottle job. We always seem to get over the line and finish the job off. But relegation battles, we're the opposite. Heading towards Easter in a relegation battle, there's only one outcome!
  7. To add, put our set of 'run in' results from our last three EPL relegations together; Played 22 Won 1 Drawn 1 Lost 20 Scored - very few Conceded - a boat load
  8. 'relegation fights' Have we ever fought relegation? 95 - Fell like a stone from a healthy Christmas position. 2004 - had a go, then when it really mattered got thumped 6-0 at Fulham. 2009 - Awful football, and two good hammerings at Ipswich and Charlton when we needed a result. 2014 - Lost 6 of last 7. 2016 Lost 6 of the last 7. 2020 Lost the 10 in a row, scoring 1 goal. We've never shown the stomach for it. Certainly has never been anything to get behind. I get the point regarding promotion, and to counter the abysmal stats above, we do seem to cope with the pressure of getting over the line in a promotion race. But I don't get all the anti-premier league stuff. Seems like sour grapes, or empty words to try and comfort. I want to see Norwich in the EPL every season, regardless of final position. Hopefully one day we can get there and be in a position to make ourselves competitive.
  9. Its impossible to predict, it's the Championship after all. But a decent point is made regarding Idah & Placheta, they are completely unproven. New signing syndrome appears to be a condition that results in irrationally high expectations. Fancy named, new signing, foreigner = Straight in the side, we're going to win the League. I think a large dose of reality is needed. No way we can 'expect' to do well with Idah, Plancheta, Sorenson, Mcallum, Siti, Sinani… we can hope and support, but for now if those players are being thrust into the first eleven we can't have any expectations. They are totally unproven and the majority of fans have no idea of their ability. Webber's track record of transfers is also indifferent. On paper, they look like exciting prospects. But lets not put them under unnecessary pressure. These signings look like the start of a big squad overhaul this summer, so a season of flux might well be a more realistic expectation. If pushed for a prediction, I would say teams like Middlesbrough and Stoke could well be better equipped than us this season. Especially early on. They've blooded some youngsters and got some structured sorted during the last season, despite struggles. I expect them to hit the ground running this season and be much improved.
  10. Twist.. Barnsley have to win, which will give Brentford more openings. Brentford will win.
  11. Ivan Toney from Peterborough.. But I imagine they'll be a bidding war for him and one we'll avoid.
  12. Wouldn't mind a different style of striker to add a bit of versatility like Rhodes did. Probably unlikely, but Sam Vokes from Stoke maybe. Or on the right kind of loan deal, Che Adams from Southampton?
  13. Godfrey and Maquire at centre back for United next season would be a recipe for disaster IMO. Too big of a step up for Godfrey currently.
  14. I hope Leitner can be re-introduced. If his relationship is ok with Farke he could be like a new signing for us. His touch and quick passing is a joy to watch, and critical to Farke's preferred style. He's very talented, be a shame not to see him play for us again.
  15. Brentford have had big success bringing players in from Scandinavia, mainly due to the links with FC Midtylland. Marcus Forss (Finnish) the next one to look out for.
  16. Wait till Farke gets hold of him in training... Loves a defensive midfielder at centre back does our gaffer.
  17. Funny how VAR asked the ref to decide.. He was never going to give anything other... top 4 club it VAR sweeps it under the rug.
  18. Some good intricate passing there.. but Tettey gets caught because he's just too slow to operate in tight spaces Buendia.. Naughty boy
  19. I think the size of our players going into aerial challenges make it look worse than it is!
  20. This is where Cantwell flatters to deceive. He should be taking the ball off Tettey and Mclean, finding space between the Burnley back four and midfield, and feeding balls inside full backs and to Drmic… He hasn't done any of this so far.
  21. Cantwell and Drmic non-existent.. Lewis poor going forward. The rest doing ok.. Klose hates people running at him!
  22. I mean, just for the song, Pukki has to stay!
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