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  1. Not bad given the circumstances, but Rupp is the weak link and shouldn't be starting.
  2. I believe a major factor in the decision will have been the location of the Amex Stadium (4.5 miles from the centre of Brighton). Not having a couple or so thousand fans congregating in a city centre and also less risk of fans without tickets potentially gathering around the stadium.
  3. They could do a lot worse than poaching Jermaine Jenas.
  4. Looks like Trybull's departure is going to be announced any time soon - https://mobile.twitter.com/anitajbyrne/status/1298689107980214272
  5. I'll let you lot all carry on arguing, but I just wanted to say that I was very surprised to see that Wiki have Kevin Davies listed as being 6ft tall. I had never considered that he was that tall. He just didn't appear that tall to me. It may also be because he has always reminded me a bit of Michael Owen so maybe I have just assumed he was more around that height? Anyway, carry on ...
  6. According to Wiki he did play for Arezzo last season in Serie C and was loaned to Giana (who were also in Serie C last season) on 31 January 2020. Giana got relegated via the playoffs at the end of the season so will be in Serie D for the new season, but were a Serie C side last season. The loan came to an end at the end of July and he is now back at Arezzo.
  7. Here's a good little piece on Nolan, when he left Inter for Arezzo. He almost moved to Leeds and Inter insisted on a 50% sell on clause of any future transfer fee. The only slight puzzlement if he does have the potential that it seems Leeds and Inter thought he had, is why Arezzo loaned him to a fellow Serie C club after having made a only a handful of appearances for Arezzo last season? https://www.balls.ie/football/irish-defender-ryan-nolan-drops-italian-leagues-permanent-move-416551
  8. Not enthused about the Hugill rumour. £5m on a striker to hopefully help us get promoted is a bit of a gamble. However, get promoted and he could be sold or be 3rd or 4th choice possibly behind Idah. Don't get promoted and we still have a player who can be a bit of a handful and hopefully score some goals. I don't see him being good enough for the Prem if indeed we do get promoted. We also saw how Pukki struggled second half of the season. If we do get promoted it could be an expensive summer coming up, because we could be looking at having to sign 2 decent strikers if we want to hve any hope of staying up.
  9. If only 3 of 'the 5' go, I can see the other 2 being a bit fed up seeing their former teammates get big money moves. It wouldn't surprise me if the other 2 followed in January.
  10. I would be surprised if we weren't in for Rhian Brewster. Perhaps something can be done there.
  11. Without hesitation, I'd rather have Wes at 38 than Rupp.
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Drinks-All-Round-Kevin-Drinkell-1st-SiGNED-2010-HB-DJ-VGC-/273801202384 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DRINKS-ALL-ROUND-by-Kevin-Drinkell-HB-1st-Ed-Signed-2010/223467459064?epid=92912079&hash=item3407b2d1f8:g:vfIAAOSw4~1coemZ
  13. The statement from Leeds United says that the reason they did it, was to encourage fans to go home safely! https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/football/leeds-united/leeds-united-release-statement-addressing-open-top-bus-celebration-elland-road-2921542?fbclid=IwAR1O7aEJbKkX6SQxL38xpjBTAh-0m2v4182Wfy_JN6V1WK7JcxA7GYpPZPE
  14. So Leeds United had an open top bus planned all along. Will they be sanctioned? They have actively encouraged mass gatherings by their actions -
  15. All 3 teams that were relegated scored 50 or more goals. It was a very competitive season in the Championship this year.
  16. Without Wigan's points deduction, only teams on 50 points and above would have been safe.
  17. Poor, very poor attempt at trolling. Not even worthy of a 1/10.....
  18. Don't make me laugh. It's a very real concern. The utter shambles of this season and the effect it will have on the whole club isn't going to be turned around in a few magical weeks. Blink and the new season will be starting. If there are indeed lots of comings and goings that is another factor in addition to the impact of this season that will make it very difficult to have a good season next season. The manner in which we have been relegated coupled with lots of comings and goings is about as far from an ideal foundation to start a season you are hoping to mount a promotion challenge in as you could get. There is something wrong at the club. Something beyond just a lack of confidence. Since lockdown something clearly isn't right. I'm not prophesying anything. Anyway, even if I was, I was 100% spot on with my prediction for this season.
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